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Pretty Wild World is a Travel and Lifestyle Journal that chronicles inspiring travel stories, awesome eats and as well life as it is. Be reminded that our style is along those lines but with certain flexibility as the site grows.

➳ Pretty Wild World services:

  • Press Trips
    – I accept press trips that are related to this website’s content
    – I’ll do full coverage of the trip
  • Hotel, Brand or Establishment Reviews
    – A full hotel, hostel or establishment coverage (opinions will depend on the experience)
  • Restaurant Reviews
    – I pay for my meals and then write a review, but if you’re interested in inviting me to test out your restaurant, that’s cool of you; However, the overall review will solely depend on the experience.
  • Product Reviews
    – I only recommend products to my readers which I have tried and tested myself. The overall review will solely rely on the experience.
    –If you’re interested in sending me a product, please email me.
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Partnership
  • Social Media Campaigns

Note: If you don’t find the service you need, please email me at [email protected] and let’s see what I can do about your concerns.


Statistics are extracted from Google Analytics and other Social Media.




AVG. SESSION: 1.30 minutes

DEMOGRAPHICS: 23.2% Female, 76.8% Male

AGE: 25 – 35 years of age

*Numbers are increasing monthly.




TWITTER: 4,000


*In total of: 20.8k Social Media followers.

Overall social media reach from the month of October: 120,000 impressions

Note: If you need a more detailed media kit of my analytics or my rates please email me and I’ll send it to you.


I, Evan Kristine (founder and creator of this website), is also offering several services that your brand or company might need. I am a self-taught graphic and web designer, a content writer for this website and as well for other publications. Other than this, you can see the list of services I could provide to you, your brand or company.

 Evan Kristine’s services:

  • Graphic design
    – I am a self-taught graphic designer, and you can witness my work throughout this website alone. Otherwise, you can check out my Pinterest to see some of the graphics I’ve done.
  • Website design
    – If you’re interested in revamping your website or is interested in having one designed just for you, please message me for more details in regards to my availability.
    Pretty Wild World is an example of my web design skills
  • Logo and branding design
    – I’m a skilled artist (both traditional and digital) and although I am self-taught, I can help you find the right brand design for your company
    – I’ve made a fair share of logo design, I can create original and amazing logo for your brand/company
  • Photography
    – Product photo branding
    – Hotel or hostel establishment professional photo’s
    – Depending on your location, awesome travel memorabilia
    – Food photography
  • Content writing
    – Travel and Food related topics
    – Quality content for your website
  • Visual Assistant
    – I am capable of using all social media platforms
    – I can help you grow your brand or company’s social media reach
  • Travel and Food Blogging Consultant
    – If you’re not sure how it works, let me help you
    – I can help you get your blog started from scratch
    – I can help you find you niche and provide you some tips and tricks to get your blog/website going
  • Dinner/Food Consultant
    – I’m a chef by profession, and I can help you create an impressive dinner party
    – Don’t you know what to cook for your family? I can help you do a full week healthy and easy meal plan.


Website Design
Cooking (depends on who you ask, hehe)


Depending on how much work I have, or whatever other businesses I have to attend to. My availability highly depends on what and how much job/projects I currently have. I always only take enough work each time; therefore, I can concentrate and give my utmost attention to each project so I can deliver you the quality you and your company deserves.

However, please do not hesitate to message me if you have any proposal in mind. I’d give my best response as fast as I can!

– Evan Kristine of Pretty Wild World


Lets Talk!

If you’re interested in working either with this website or with me personally (or both), please use the contact form to the left and email me with whatever proposal you have in mind.

If you don’t find any from the services listed above that caters your need you can also always shoot me an email over at [email protected] for further details of anything you wish to discuss.

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