I’ll do it tomorrow. I say that all the time. Tomorrow always passes by a little too quickly and before I know it, doing something other than work gets pushed to another day. I’m a Web Design and Interactive Media major and run my own design company so sitting at the computer is far from foreign to me. Adventure is not a word that quickly comes out of my mouth because my life is anything but an adventure.

When Evan and I connected (all you readers know what you’re doing because Evan has an incredible blog!) and asked me to write something over travel or cooking I was a little perplexed. I blog about fashion, style, and design. Evan pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone. To go on an adventure is to stop hiding behind my computer screen and the pile of work that sits on my desk. I wish that adventure to me was getting to travel Italy or Greece because these are definitely some of my goals for life. But for now, while I am saving up money, adventure to me is trying something new.

New. Out of the box. A little bit scary, but worth it in the end.

3 reasons you should go an adventure now

1. Better late than never doesn’t apply here. Don’t wait until “late” because that is too late. Go on an adventure now because life should be full of moments that you look back on and think “wow, I did that and I rock.”

Holding a kangaroo was definitely something that I will always look back on and think “yeah, I’m really glad I did that” because it’s not every day you can see a kangaroo and rock one to sleep. He was such a cutie and surprisingly cuddly.

2. See a part of the world that you have never seen before. If you don’t make the time then you may regret it later.

The ocean is a place that most people go on family vacations. It is not abnormal to be an individual who has seen the ocean 5+ times. For me, family vacations were not a thing. We never went anywhere because we simply did not have the money. Going to the ocean on my honeymoon was such a neat experience and definitely the most adventurous thing I have done (if you pity me right now, I understand, I would too if I were you).

A common reason people give for not traveling is money. While that’s understandable, there are a lot of ways to cut costs, such as traveling in a group and getting a vacation rental instead of a hotel, buying plane tickets far in advance, or going to countries that are known for being affordable. Don’t miss out on adventures of a lifetime out of fear of the price.

3 reasons you should go an adventure now

3. There isn’t an age limit to going on an adventure which is a pretty good reason.

My grandma is the spunkiest 70+ year old you will ever meet. She lives in an RV and travels the United States year-round. I am always in awe of how she can simply pick up and go whenever she pleases and the next day she can travel across three states to catch up to her next adventure. What an inspiration. Mark Twain once said

In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do.
so basically Mr. Twain is telling me to get off my butt and stop working so much. There is this huge world out there that can all start with a trip to the ocean or holding a kangaroo even when it may be a little scary.


3 reasons you should go an adventure nowI run a fashion blog called Stylish Muse and tend to like girly things. I have as many shades of lipstick as I do HTML videos saved on YouTube. My passion for Web Design stemmed from all the late nights devoted to learning code for my blog. I plan to inspire young minds by teaching coding + web design at a college in the near future. My God is as important as oxygen, I do believe. I married a computer nerd and am lovin’ every second. Lemon water is my drug of choice and I can be kind of high maintenance about it. A part of me will always believe that I am half Italian because of my over-the-top love for pasta. Fashion to me is finding little treasures in thrift stores that your eyeballs can’t stop looking at. I thrive off of adventure and nice people. I’m an advocate for raising awareness about abusive relationships and I like weird music that no one knows about.