Pretty Wild World started as a thought after a wild night in Paris en route to Ghent on the beautiful New Years eve of 2013. It was I, Evan Kristine, the founder of this website’s first grand backpacking trip around Europe and Southeast Asia. Excitement and adventure filled my heart at the time.

On the quiet first morning of 2014, I woke up on sunny, crisp winter weather still in awe how my friend and I got to Ghent with no recollection as to how it happened. My dearest friend just reminded me that the journey went smooth, and I needn’t need to worry about the how but rather ask the “where.”

Still confused what he meant by that sentence when it hits me so suddenly – both in the head and in the stomach that he was right. We are both famished, and the question of where to eat surely is a mandatory question at that moment.

We started to walk, and not far from the hostel, something caught my attention, and as I looked to my left then and there I witnessed a beautiful sunrise overlooking Ghent’s canal. At that moment, I realized what I want to do for the rest of my life… I want to explore this pretty, wild world.


Once I came back home in Finland to resume my work in the kitchen honing my skills and widening my palette I had a mission in mind, and that is to find a way how to build something to sustain my lust for travel.

For a few months, I learned about website design and all the shenanigans that went with it, and in the Autumn of 2014, was born out of a passion for sharing travel ideas and travel tips.

I learned all the hoops and loops on how to grow a website, earn a passive living, and marketing.

In 2018 I realized that after almost four years of hard work and dedication – I created a job for myself so I can finally explore this beautiful world of ours.

THE PRESENT was a peanut once but is nowadays receiving over 250,000 monthly visitors from around the world who are seeking the same thing I was looking years before – a moment to be fulfilled with excitement and adventure and passion all at once.

Now, is a business that sustains a staff of three who continuously gives their best to keep all editorials fresh and updated.

So, the only thing I can really tell you is that it was a journey for me to create this platform, but it sure was fun!


The goal for this website is simple – I want to inspire you by giving you travel ideas as to where to go on your next adventure, introducing new destinations, and publishing about the top tips in each place.

On top of it all, we’re also writing about the top travel tips so you’ll feel safe and confident during your travels!

Feel free to explore our destinations page and maybe you’ll soon find the best travel idea for your next holiday.

Much love,

Evan Kristine

Founder and Editor-in-chief