Are You Hungry for Adventure and Exotic Food? Here Are Some of the Top Choices!


Everyone loves to travel and to try out new and exciting foods. Sometimes people purposely take a trip to awaken their taste buds; here are some great choices to review.

Are you a huge fan of adventure and exotic food? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll tackle some of the oddest food in the world, which you can add to your adventure list!

One thing for sure, though, you need to keep an open mind and a strong stomach to get through some of these foods that are considered a delicacy in their respective countries so it is absolutely crucial to be in your adventurous state while hovering around this page.

That said, here’s the list of exotic foods and where to find them!

Are You Hungry for Adventure and Exotic Food? Here Are Some of the Top Choices!

adventure and exotic food White Pizza in America

White Pizza in America

Originally from New York, the white pizza is smothered with ricotta instead of tomato sauce. It’s forever being compared to the traditional red pizza, so a lot of food critics disagree with this concept.

Yet, if you’re venturing into the unknown and find yourself in the middle of the USA, then what’s stopping you from trying it? Just as we were taught at school, you should never judge a book by its cover. Therefore, you should never judge a pizza by its color!

adventure and exotic food Salted Cherry Blossoms In <a class=Japan” width=”795″ height=”447″>

Salted Cherry Blossoms In Japan

The sacred Japanese flower is now edible! In Japan, they pickle and dry the flower buds with salt so that they transform into a delectable snack. You can also get Sakura jellies which are sparking a lot of attention in the realm of food.

They contain the iconic flower and contain a whole cherry blossom locked inside a transparent jelly bubble. There’s a hint of cherry liqueur to add flavor and they’re very appealing to the eye. Your Japanese adventure is waiting for you…

adventure and exotic food schema photo

Dolsot Bibimbap in South Korea

Bibimbap is served in a sizzling bowl, which is super hot. The word itself translates to ‘mixed rice’ and it was created in Korea. It will certainly warm you up in cold weather and it comes in a variety of mixtures. You can opt for vegetables, fried egg and beef if you like. Or in some restaurants, you can actually choose your own flavors.

South Korea has many interesting places to eat and quirky little side roads with hidden cafes. Plus, Koreans believe that this dish heals the body and protects you from illness, it’s a win-win situation!

adventure and exotic food Haggis in Scotland

Haggis in Scotland

A very traditional dish from the Scottish Highlands, if you’re planning a trip to Scotland then are you brave enough to dive into a plate of haggis? This savory pudding is made up of a Sheep’s lungs, liver and heart. That’s why this famous recipe is not for the faint-hearted!

A few Scottish places to eat are open to offering a vegetarian alternative for this meal. So if you’re looking to try it but without the meat, then there are other options available…

adventure and exotic food Durian in Malaysia

Durian in Malaysia

Did you know that durian smells so bad that it is actually BANNED from some public places? If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, you’ll notice the ‘no durian’ signs dotted around cities and various modes of transport. Many of the locals find the fruit to be an absolute delicacy.

However, many find its taste to be incredibly sour, and it reminds them of a mashed-up potato. Nevertheless, you should dare to taste the durian at least once in your lifetime.

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adventure and exotic food Baozi in China

Baozi in China

These steamed meat buns are named Baozi. China is an amazing place to travel to with such a diverse culture. In fact, this is often classed as a favorite dish for many who travel to China.

The buns may contain a wide array of fillings. For instance, there are the ginger pork buns to try or the very tasty vegetarian Baozi buns. This dumpling based recipe is best when fresh and their scent will definitely tempt your taste buds.

adventure and exotic food Muktuk in Greenland

Muktuk in Greenland

Greenland is a go-to destination for whale sightings and a beautiful selection of wildlife. What it’s also a go-to place for is its Muktuk. As a traditional Inuit meal, Muktuk is the frozen blubber and skin of a whale.

Often described as ‘rich and chewy’, the blubber is best served with salt and with a splash of hot sauce. Hunting is part of the Inuit’s heritage, despite the public dismay of killing whales; it has always been a food source to support the local’s survival.

adventure and exotic food Aguachilein Mexico

Aguachilein Mexico

Seasoned with spicy peppers, a bowl of Aguachile will leave you yearning for more. A classic Mexican take on this recipe will contain shrimp that has submerged into a pool of cilantro and cucumber. You can get a good taste of this extraordinary food around the area of Excellence El Carmen.

If you’re confused about what type of Aguachile you should opt for, you really can’t go wrong with Mexican food so try as many bowls as you can!

adventure and exotic food Mahberawi in Ethiopia

Mahberawi in Ethiopia

Ever thought of visiting Ethiopia? Well, if you match the scenery there with the exotic food, then you’re in for a superb experience. Mahberawi is made of six, or sometimes five, Ethiopian traditional dishes.

If you’re going behind the scenes of Ethiopia, a lot of roadside markets and cafes will have this on offer as a tasty distraction. One of the six samples is named ‘Doro Wot’.

This is basically hard-boiled eggs with chicken and melts in the mouth like butter. Be warned, it may taste very spicy so make sure to bring water with you.

adventure and exotic Fried Tarantula in Cambodia

Fried Tarantula in Cambodia

When you’ve been to Asia, you’ll know all about the finger food of fried insects. As a matter of fact, the deep-fried tarantula is extremely common to see in Cambodia. If you want your adventure to be truly adventurous, then trying a tarantula could be an interesting option.

The spiders are sourced from the Cambodian countryside and they help villagers generate a healthy income every month. A scrumptious serving of these will be covered in oil, sugar and crushed garlic.

adventure and exotic food Aguaje in the Amazon

Aguaje in the Amazon

The Amazon is one of the wildest and most striking landscapes you could ever venture into. Within the deep jungle, a fruit named Aguaje is grown. It’s labeled by Peruvians as a ‘miracle fruit for women’ due to the high consistency of phytohormones. You can get a bite of this fresh fruit on your walk through the rainforest; it will be a super refreshing treat and full of vitamins!

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#ADVENTURE #TRAVEL #EXOTIC FOOD Everyone loves to travel and to try out new and exciting foods. Sometimes people purposely take a trip to awaken their taste buds; here are some great choices to review.

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