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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest in Hungary

I don’t know about you, but from time to time, I do enjoy a little bit of luxury when I can. Fortunately, on my last trip to Budapest, I had the opportunity to stay over at Aria Hotel Budapest in Hungary for one beautiful night. Since I liked my stay so much, I thought of introducing to you this awesome luxury hotel!

Aria Hotel Budapest is a luxury boutique hotel with an exquisite design inspired by music. Zoltan Varro is the principal designer of the hotel, and I must confess my admiration for his works because the hotel is an absolute beauty!

Music is visible from everywhere you look, from top to bottom, but exclusively from each room in the hotel.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest in Hungary


A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Classical Music Wing

The room has a neo-baroque style furnishing where the beauty of classical music is expressed. I stayed in one of their Classical music wing room, and I was in awe, the room is beautiful. I did not want to leave!

The pop of turquoise and the beautiful Murano glass chandeliers from Venice in Italy give you that extra classical feel. Plus, they played classical music in the room! Some songs are from Chopin, Bach, or Beethoven! It was a relaxing room.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Jazz Wing

Inspired by the ambiance of the 1920’s Jazz vibes, this room is all about the spotlights and edgy feels. The Jazz Room has Art Nouveau room decorations that add to that extra jazzy vibes.

I love the color combinations in this room, as well; it does give you the Jazz era feeling when you look at it. I think the designer was successful at choosing the proper combinations balancing the 1920’s with a touch of modernity.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Opera Wing

I’m sure you’re aware how Opera usually looks like, correct? It is all about elegance and luxury! I love how they used Murano glass chandeliers again in this room, like in the Classical room, and I think the Murano glasses represent so much class in them. Plus, the shade of pink used in the room just gives you that extra luxury feeling. Doesn’t it? At least I do.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Contemporary Wing

Ah! The 70’s vibes! Can you feel just from looking at the photo? It looks amazing! I love how the designer used several pop colors to fill the room because it just really gives you that amazing positive vibes all throughout. The eccentric and funky design keep up with the contemporary theme; that’s for sure.

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Now that you’re all tucked in your room, exactly like what I did, what else is there to see in Aria Hotel Budapest? I’m sure you have the basics in mind what to expect from a luxury hotel, which is, you know, the basic spas and all. Well, you’re right! However, they also have other offers you might enjoy!

You might be surprised at some, but I’ll list down what they have, and you tell me if you’re already considering to book this hotel and visit Budapest. Because I’d do that again on any given a chance! So, I’ll start with the basics and read on, my friend.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Breakfast

Serious, who doesn’t enjoy waking up to the smell of fresh scrambled egg and freshly baked croissant? Well, I freaking love it. So, the breakfast at Aria Hotel Budapest ranges from the basic continental breakfast you see from every hotel around the world – but they serve you your eggs freshly cooked and however the hell you want it done.

Plus, of course, they have some typical Hungarian breakfast food and some other fancy pansy (and delicious) cheeses, artisan hams, and so on. They even had cured salmon when I was there, and I’ve lived in Finland for a good decade, and I love cured salmon for breakfast. It was an absolute treat, I must say!

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Complimentary Stuff in the Room You’ll Love

  • Superfast Wifi – a big thing for me. I need to constantly update you all with what’s happening, so yes, I approve the Wifi speed.
  • Complimentary bottled spring water
  • Upon check-in, you’ll be served a plate of fruit selections
  • Complimentary selection of coffee, tea and herbal teas in the comfort of your room
  • Great music selection you can change in the room
  • Collection of free movies you can watch anytime you wish during your stay

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

The Relaxation Menu for a finer stay

Aria Hotel Budapest offers Spa services within the venue, which you can book ahead of time. They want their guests to leave the premises relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed, and that’s why they offer amazing perks in their harmony spa. Some of the complimentary stuff you could enjoy during your stay are as follows:

  • Free use of Spa with heated pool
  • Free use of the steam, infrared, Finnish and aromatic steam saunas
  • Free use of the jacuzzi
  • Fully equipped fitness room

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

Where else can you see a better view of the famous St. Stephen’s Basilica?

Well, at the Aria Hotel Budapest’s rooftop, of course! A little high up, you can see a beautiful 360° view of the surrounding area plus a splendid view of St. Stephen’s Basilica from down up. If you’re feeling a little fancy, they also have a bar up there so you can sip some cocktail while watching the sunset.

If you’re not feeling the alcohol, well, then eat at their excellent rooftop restaurant overlooking the same view while enjoying dinner. So many choices to enjoy this place, huh? I did wish I had more than one night in there, but unfortunately, I had to head back home the next day.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

Complimentary wine and cheese with live music!

One thing I enjoyed during my stay is the fact that they indeed live up to the essence of the hotel. Every afternoon they have an artist playing live music while you enjoy their complimentary wine and cheese, and while I was there, talented acoustic guitar music was playing as I sip through my fine red wine.

It was relaxing and enjoyable, something I love – wine, cheese, and classical music. So, what else could you ask for? I was in my sort of place during my stay there. There’s something about this hotel that tackled the old inner vibes in me.

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I was here for only one night, but I had all the pleasure in the world to enjoy pretty much everything this hotel can offer. Apart from all these, there’s more to the hotel than what it has; you’re in Budapest after all! In general, Budapest has the overall classical feel in it, and there’s so much to see outside the hotel.

However, there’s nothing to compare if you head back to your luxury accommodation and continue the pleasure while you’re on holiday. Nothing beats a dip in the jacuzzi after walking all day! Or even enjoy a good glass of wine with cheese while there’s live music playing in the background before heading out for dinner. I must say I truly enjoyed my stay.

Aria Hotel Budapest is a luxury hotel that offers amazing perks while you’re on holiday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a music lover or not, and this Budapest hotel can meet your luxury expectations without a doubt. I can’t recommend it enough!

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NOTE: Thanks to Aria Hotel Budapest for hosting me over to experience a whole new way to describe a fulfilled holiday. All opinions stated are all mine and written with honesty, as always.

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