Sauna Arla – A Public Sauna in Helsinki (Finland)

A famous public sauna in Helsinki, Sauna Arla is the favorite hub of most locals where they can relax and chill with their friends.

Arla Sauna continues a long-standing legacy of Finnish public sauna culture. Having served guests continually since 1929, Arla is the second-oldest sauna in Helsinki—and it’s also one of the three public saunas remaining in the city.

It’s something of a mainstay in the Kallio district, which represents a youthful, vibrant collision between the Helsinki’s historic and future-forward aspects. Accordingly, Arla has a reputation as a “down-to-earth,” “authentic” Finnish sauna.

It’s rugged cast-iron front gate announces the establishment’s look and feel right away: though clean and comfortable, it offers visitors an experience that’s more about the steam and conversation, and less about a posh atmosphere or fancy amenities.

And unlike many newer saunas, Arla’s provides separate steam rooms for male and female visitors. Of course there’s plenty of sweat and swim to be had at Arla (which powers its saunas with a combination of wood and natural gas); however, you won’t want to miss out on the sauna’s other options for relaxation.

Complement your sauna time with a massage – or, if you’re in the mood for something slightly more intense, cupping therapy is also available. The sauna also offers some light refreshments. Arla also boasts artwork produced by residents of this hip neighborhood. Not a bad spread, especially when you consider Arla’s modest 14.25USD (€12) entry fee.

Arla is adjacent to a number of trendy cafes, boutiques, and bookshops, and can easily be reached via tram number 9 (which runs directly to and from the city’s central railway station).

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Address: Kaarlenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +3589719218

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