Backpacking Hammocks: Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Travel (2019)

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A lot of best backpacking hammocks come with a rain fly, mosquito net, and straps and will cost and weigh far less than a lot of tents.

A camping hammock looks cool, and it gives you complete freedom to spend a night. These days, camping and traveling with a hammock is a trend if you are on a tight budget.

If you are traveling in a warm and humid country, you may definitely like sleeping in a portable hammock instead of a tent. Just have to spot two poles or trees, and you can easily set it up.

Are you in a hurry? Here are our top picks and answers to your questions!

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The Best Travel Hammocks Comparison Chart

Active Roots Camping Hammock900g / 2lb118 x 78 x 0.1 inches NO5.0/5CHECK PRICES
Hennessy Expedition Hammock1.2kg / 2lb 21oz23 x 10 x 17 cm NO5.0/5CHECK PRICES
Grand Trunk Double450g / 1lb20.3 x 15.2 x 7.6 cmYES5.0/5CHECK PRICES
Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest545g / 1.2lb108 x 72 x 0.2 inchesYES4.7/5CHECK PRICES
Kammok Roo Hammock635g / 1.4lb13.3 x 17.3 x 14 cmYESNACHECK PRICES
Covacure Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net780g / 1.7lb290 x 140 cmNO4.7/5CHECK PRICES
Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock450g / 1lb20.3 x 12.7 x 10.2 cm NO5.0/5CHECK PRICES
Clark NX-2701.3kg / 2lbs 15oz13 X 7.5 X 5.5 inchesNO4.1/5CHECK PRICES

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Travel Hammocks and What to Consider

Why should you get a travel hammock?

Travel hammock is a best friend for a backpacker when it comes to travel. They are very easy to install, comfortable, and a lot lighter than a tent. Even better, they are the best bet if you are on a tight, backpacking budget.

Do you need a backpacking hammock?

If you hate carrying a heavy tent when hiking, a lightweight hammock can save you from the trouble of filling your pack and loading kilos of weight on your shoulders. A hammock that comes with rainfly can let you sleep in almost any condition.

How to choose the best travel hammock?


According to the accessories added and fabric used, the weight of a travel hammock is subject to change. A jungle hammock weighs little more as it comes with mosquito net and hammock tarp and it is intended for prolonged use. You will need a light hammock to weigh down your pack if you are climbing, hiking or trekking.


Usually, wider and longer hammocks are more comfortable. However, keep in mind your height and be sure to have extra space at either end when picking the length of a camping hammock.

Even though only you will be sleeping on it, it is strongly recommended to choosing a double hammock. You can choose the width according to your comfort. You may have added room on both sides so you can wrap yourself.


Generally, the suspension for backpacking hammock usually includes carabiners and straps. A lot of hammocks have suspension. Look for longer straps for added flexibility. You should have more options with attachments and to stretch to reach the ideal spot.


Consider your weight and the maximum capacity of the hammock to determine the strength of the hammock bed. Consider the capacity before calling someone for snuggles. It should be made of quality materials if you need long-lasting, durable camping hammock.


If you are looking for a weather-resistant, waterproof hammock, be sure to have rain fly and mosquito net. A lot of jungle hammocks have several bells and whistles. So, they are expensive. Consider the extra cost of these accessories if you want to buy those separately.

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Different types of camping hammocks

Parachute Hammocks

These hammocks are shaped like a boat and can hold up to 2 people. Some hammocks claim to fit only two people. Some hammocks claim to fit only two people, but they are often uncomfortable.

You may want to sleep diagonally, which may be difficult for both. Double hammocks are wider and longer than standard hammocks.

They are much likely to be durable, cheap, and lightweight. But they may lack a mosquito net. Consider the extra cost of parachute hammock with mosquito net.

Ultra-Light Hammocks

The ultralight hammock is the best choice for hiking, backpacking, trekking, and climbing as they don’t add extra bulk to your pack. They are feather-light, but they are usually less comfortable and durable than jungle or parachute hammocks.

If you are running low of weight and space in your pack and have to sleep for a night, you can buy this ultra-light hiking hammock.

Jungle Hammocks

These hammocks will accompany you no matter what happens in the jungle. They are built to last throughout your expeditions and even when you love to live in the woods. They are very tough and comfortable and can deal with different conditions.

They have a lot of extras like rain fly, guy-lines, bug nets, etc. You can sleep multiple nights in it. However, they are a lot more expensive and heavier than their parachute counterparts. But it is the best hammock if you plan to spend up to 300 nights a year into the woods. Parachute hammock is best for those who camp less frequently.

Backpacking Hammock Tent

If your budget allows going a little further, this hammock tent is designed for you. It looks so amazing and provides the best night’s sleep. The only drawback is that it costs and weighs more than parachute hammocks.

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Best Travel Hammocks reviews and product descriptions

Camping hammocks are very versatile, and you can hand out in with rain cover. Also, you can use it as a picnic blanket and as a cozy bed to sleep. Different types of camping hammocks are out there.

In this review, we will help you choose the best backpacking hammocks for lounging around inside, camping, and surviving in the wilderness.

Active Roots Camping Hammock


This portable hammock from Active Roots is designed to be your best companion. It can fit two people with ease. So, it is the best hammock for camping, backpacking or star-gazing with someone special.

This hammock is portable and light and is made of heavy-duty nylon fabric. It also has top quality carabiners and tree straps.

This compact folding hammock is the best choice to chill out indoors, at the beach, outdoors, on the mountain, and forest.

Active Roots Double Camping Hammock with Tree Straps - Portable Hammock, Parachute Nylon Lightweight Hammock for Backpacking, Travel, Indoor, Outdoor (Green/Grey)
  • AS DURABLE AS THEY COME - our double camping hammock supports up to 500 pounds, meaning you can spaciously lounge alone, with that special someone, or with dozens of puppies. Think about it: you, puppies, a hammock. Life doesn't get any better.
  • SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE - our portable hammock folds into an attached sack that weighs less than 2 pounds in total. The full setup will take you less than three minutes, even if you struggle with handy things like setting up Ikea furniture (don't worry, this is easier and MUCH more enjoyable..)
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GEAR - our camping hammocks come with the best accessories, including the highest quality carabiners and hammock tree straps. We're giving you the Ferrari of hammock equipment. Trust us, it makes a difference.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - want to know how confident we are? Consider this a trial. If you don't like this parachute hammock, send it back and receive your money back. Your support is what makes us keep going, so we want you to be completely satisfied with your hammock. If you aren't, neither are we.
  • SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE: 5% of each sale is donated to the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos. This incredible organization is dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating the endangered Asian elephant population through various programs. By purchasing a camping hammock and supporting us, you support them us save the elephants!


Hennessy Expedition Hammock

Hennessy is a household name when buying camping gears of top quality. This expedition hammock comes with all exciting features like ridgeline mesh pocket and web straps for added protection.

It is a built-in asymmetrical body, and it has large catenary cut 70D rainfly to reduce wrinkles and weight.

This hammock is best for expeditions, family camping, backpacking, kayaking, expeditions, biking, and other adventure activities.

Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Classic
  • EXPEDITION CLASSIC This is the Hennessy that started the hammock camping revolution, our most popular bottom entry camping hammock designed for anyone up to 6ft and 250lbs (183cm /114kg); Snaps closed under the weight of your body and seals with velcro.
  • COMPLETE system includes: tightly woven 70d high density nylon bottom; 30D no-see-um mosquito mesh; Gear loft slides on ridgeline; 70d polyester ripstop rain tarp; 1500lb (680kg) test polyester ropes; Complimentary webbing straps included.
  • DESIGN: This legendary camping shelter is uncompromising in materials and workmanship. There are countless tiny improvements that only 40 years of effort could achieve but you can feel as soon as you stretch out in this hammock and close your eyes.
  • PATENTED asymmetrical shape provides exceptional comfort when lying on the diagonal (US Patent # US6865757B2); Structural ridgeline guarantees the exact same bed every night and a perfect setup every time (US patent # US20090165205A1)
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: One year on materials and workmanship; Weight: 2lb 12oz (1247g); Compact size: 4"x 7"x 9" (10cm x 18cm x 23cm); Color: Hunter Green with black trim; See Enhanced product info at bottom of this page


Grand Trunk Double

Grand Trunk Double Hammock is made of high-quality parachute nylon which stands out of the rest of hammocks out there.

Once you hang up this double hammock, you will fall for it. It has the largest bed space on a portable hammock, and it weighs just 20 Oz.

Grand Trunk Trunk Tech Double Hammock, Teal/Turquoise: Strong, Light, and Portable - Perfect for Outdoor Adventures, Backpacking, and Festivals
  • Stronger, lighter and more compact than any other 11' hammock
  • Weather-proof fabric for any adventure. Ultra-soft, breathable and fast drying for maximum comfort
  • Built-in stuff sack for stress-free travel
  • Reflective end-loops for added style & visibility
  • 2 lightweight aluminum carabiners included


Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest

The DoubleNest stands out from the rest, and Eagles Nest is the leading brand making it an access pass to comfort and relaxation. It is large enough so you can relax and unwind.

It stuff into your compression sack with ease. You can carry it anywhere you like, set it up in seconds, and lay back. This high-strength hammock can hold up to 400 pounds.

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Print Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Blue Mantra
  • MADE FOR TWO: Share your adventure! The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and super portable, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or just chilling! Now in fun prints!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 19 ounces, the DoubleNest stuffs easily into the attached storage bag; Packed Dimensions: (L x W) 5" x 5"; Unfolded Dimensions: (L x W) 9' 4" x 6' 2"
  • DURABLE: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. Made from 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, this breathable, quick-drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds (hammock straps not included)
  • SETS UP ANYWHERE: Includes aluminum wiregate carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless steel snap links, allowing you to secure the DoubleNest to trees, poles, boat masts, or even walls
  • PLEASE NOTE: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color and stitching of your hammock might vary from what is pictured


Kammok Roo Hammock

Built for the hardcore adventurer, Kammok Roo Hammock is made of tear-resistant, lightweight, and airy LunarWave fabric. It is easy to set up most efficiently and quickly, thanks to Python Straps.

It is packed in its water-resistant pouch, and it shrinks down to blowfish size when it is compressed.

It has several attachment points to hang on the backpack and save a lot of valuable space.

It has a health guide to fight malaria and a mosquito net.

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock (Roo Red) - The World's Best Camping Hammock
  • Comfortable Size: The Roo unfurls to 10'L x 5'7"W, about the size of a queen size bed and comfortably fits two people.
  • Durable & Strong: The Roo has a weight capacity of 500lbs and is made of Kammok's proprietary LunarWave fabric that is stronger, lighter, and softer than other parachute fabrics. It also comes with two climbing rated carabiners (22 kN) and two Dyneema slings for suspension.
  • Portable & Lightweight: The Roo weighs just 23oz (with carabiners packed) and compresses down into its stuff sack at 5.5"L x 6.5"H x 4.5"W, making it ultra portable and an excellent companion for any adventure.
  • Socially Conscious: With every Roo purchased, a portion of your purchase goes toward providing resources to create sustainable change in Kenyan communities through CTC International.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We proudly stand behind everything we make. The Roo carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner against material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and requires proof of purchase or warranty registration on the Kammok website.


Covacure Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

This is a lightweight double hammock. A high-quality portable hammock with strings that you can easily remove. Made of lightweight, breathable woven 210T nylon, durable with tripled stitched.

It has a side pouch where you can put your keys and other stuff.

This hammock is so easy to set up, comes with excellent quality ropes and traps for your safety. This is one of the best backpacking hammocks that you will probably like to buy. It also has a mosquito net that will make your sleep more comfortable and may free you from any insect bite.

Covacure Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net - Lightweight Double Hammock,Hold Up to 772lbs,Portable Hammocks for Indoor,Outdoor, Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Travel, Backyard, Beach
  • DIMENSIONS - Hammock 9.5ft/290cm (Long) x 4.6ft/140cm (Wide) Unfolded Size: 114.2 x 55 inch Excluding Nautical Rope & Carabiner Length. Straps 8.2ft/2.5m (Length) x 1.5in/3.8cm (Wide). Weight -Hammock 27.5oz/780g, Straps 2.1oz/60g Carabiner 1.4oz/40g Weight Capacity: Max.772 lbs.
  • UPGRATE HAMMOCK -You can remove the string and turn hammock over when you don't need it. Which will be a new hammock. Try it you'll like it. The pouch can be used to hold your keys, sunglasses, bottle, etc. Comes with high quality ropes, straps and carabiners. Also, the hammock comes with a mosquito net which keeps you away from all kinds of things.
  • COMFORTABLE & RELIABLE - Professional Strong & Lightweight Breathable Woven 210T Nylon.,Triple-Stitching, and a quality pattern provides reliable support to reduce pressure points. Comes with 2 aluminum sand pegs to extend hammock space with double.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EXTREMELY EASY SETUP - Outdoors double parachute hammock is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, travel, emergency survival and any adventures! Takes a few minutes to set up and packs away into a conveniently small integrated stuff sack for anyone.
  • 100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY - So you don't have to wonder if you am risking your hard-earned money. If you don t love it just let us know. We'll make sure you get full REFUND, NO QUESTIONS asked! We take great pride at taking care of our awesome customers. It's also the best choice as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday or any festivals.


Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Made of 100% polyester material, Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is an ideal alternative to a sleeping pad and tent for cost-effective and lightweight travel.

If you are backpacking or traveling in a destination with colder nights, look for Grand Trunk ultralight hammock, it is one of the best travel hammocks which features S-shaped, sturdy hanging hooks, triple-stitched seams, and durable polyester to boost the strength.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock: Portable Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel Hammock: Perfect Starter Hammock, Forest Green
  • Perfect alternative to a tent and sleeping pad for the light and cost-conscious traveler
  • If you are traveling or backpacking in a place where nights are colder, you can still tote this hammock along to use for relaxing around your campsite
  • Sturdy S-shaped hanging hooks, durable polyester, and triple-stitched seams boost the hammockʼs strength
  • Mildew-resistant, machine-washable fabric will stay strong and clean for years
  • Use For: Travel, camping, backpacking, beach & lake, home


Clark NX-270

Clark NX-270 is the four-season traveling hammock, which is a very versatile hammock tent. Are you traveling on tropical conditions or expecting snow of up to 6 feet? Clark NX-270 will keep you warm and dry always.

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock (Mountain Green)
  • Full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket
  • Breathable WeatherShield zips over netting to create water-repellent layer
  • Interior access to six storage pockets which hang under hammock beds and create insulation against the cold
  • Flexible poles for roomy interior; Quality Sil-nylon Rain Fly XL comes with hammock


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