Bangkok, Thailand – Capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand. An urban place where locals meet and foreign come for a cultural experience, here’s my attempt at telling a story about my Bangkok Street Food experience.

Three years ago to be exact around this time of the year I was planning my first backpacking trip starting from Paris, France and ending my journey in Manila, Philippines. In between those two countries, I’ve set my mind up and I thought it would be great to also take a side trip while in South East Asia since I anyways have three months to kill before I start a new season at work so I’m like why not.

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I contacted one of my friend in the Philippines and told him about my plans to visit and we both got so excited and head on to plan our trip as we check our schedules and as well the cheapest flight tickets to somewhere. It has always been quite cheap to go to Thailand from Manila so we decided to take a little peek at what is the hype towards Bangkok over the years and booked our tickets and as well planned on a side trip to Cambodia to see the ever so famous Angkor Wat.

bangkok street food experience

So far so good and everything was planned ahead and excitement starts to fill me as I start my journey from Paris to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to UAE, UAE to Manila, and Manila to Bangkok. Three months of non-stop traveling was such a dream and it felt like I was doing something I truly enjoyed and the experience was more than I can ever imagine. I learned so much in those three months and I can only imagine what else I could learn if ever I continued traveling hmm… Let’s say, non-stop? One day I always tell myself.

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Anyway, Bangkok was amazing from the moment we landed. We are very much interested in cultures, therefore, we paved our way from one temple to another, taking lots and lots of photos and just simply enjoyed our time inhaling the experience and all the learning it can offer. However, for some reason before this trip, I had this major idea about testing all sorts of street food in every place I visit and while in Thailand and specifically in Khao San Road in Bangkok; where you’ll see mostly Caucasians than Thai’s just to say the least.

bangkok street food experienceDelicious Pad Thai, a serious eat.

Upon arriving in Bangkok, I had many things in mind and one of it is to eat street food as much as I can because I love Thai food! Seriously, who doesn’t? It is full of flavor made from the freshest ingredients, my kind of cuisine. On our second night in Bangkok, we head on to Khao San Road where there are a lot of street food vendors who sell all sorts of Thai delicacies.

Of course, we know it is a very popular place amongst tourist and the prices sure are more than a regular Thai person could handle, but we went nevertheless and stuffed our faces with all sorts of Bangkok street food. I ate grilled mushrooms, Pad Thai and swallowed it down with a little help from a local Thai beer called Tiger. Well, it was everything I wish for you know. Thai food, beer what else? I was a happy little Asian girl having everything: culture, experience, food, and beer. My friends also had a little something extreme and those nasty buggers are also called bugs. I didn’t try it, like what I said, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to street food. I’m a chef, but I’ve set up my limit that when it comes to food that moves, I’ll only have those that have four legs and not more. Thank you very much. Thank god I have friends who are adventurous enough to eat bugs so I can take photos of their disgusted faces. It was awesome.

bangkok street food experienceMy heart still stops whenever I see this, just ugh. No.

As we head on to drink the night out and just simply wander around and enjoying, what supposed to be, the most awesome night ever comes to a halt when my stomach starts to rumble like never before. It ached with pain like I could ever imagine. I know I always had a weak spot when it comes to my food choices, but I never thought I’d have this on this specific trip. I thought because I grew up in Asia I’d have a strong system against street food because I’m so used to germs and all. Stupid thinking I know but well, whatever, I didn’t have a strong digestive system and I had the D thing which most travelers try to avoid whilst traveling. Why it has to be while in the place where the local food could cater my food lust. It just needs to be, right?

bangkok street food experienceThis is not the best photo of myself but I love how happy I was. The smile didn’t last long.

I had a feeling though that it didn’t exactly came from the food itself. When we were buying beers from the street vendor he stored it in a cooler filled with ice (most probably made from tap water, it is not safe to drink!) and when he opened it some of the water went inside the bottle. I didn’t bother much about that because you know, I thought I had a strong digestive system (whoops), so I just kept on and drank from the bottle. But then again this is just a theory because I just couldn’t accept the fact that I had the D thing from the street food of Bangkok. That is a lame story. The ice water, however, is something else.

Much to my luck, the D thing lasted about two days but I still managed to roam around Bangkok with my friends feeding myself with cup noodles and food from the mall, which was advised to us because it is supposed to be clean. I didn’t like the idea of eating in a mall’s food court (I love street food) but whatever, I only had a few choices: cup noodles, burger king or Thai food from the mall’s food court. I ate at Burger King though and if only I didn’t start this article honestly talking about the D thing I would not admit I ate at Burger King. I am not a big fan of food chains and it breaks my heart to eat in any of them and to be in one of Asia’s top culinary destination I was so heartbroken for not taking a good advantage of that. Damn stomach, I hate you!

bangkok street food experienceI could live with this all day, every day.

Lesson learned: Always bring meds and supplements for stomach ache and that cursed thing. You’ll never know when you’ll be a victim. Heck, I have it here at home with me all the time. Only God knows how many times I got bad indigestion from the simplest things. Or maybe I’ll just follow the old tip given to me, a shot of Jagermeister before heading off. I heard it is medicinal.

In conclusion, I sure did had a great time in Bangkok and I will for sure go back just for the food but on the next journey I will come there with a medical kit filled with medicines I need in case, you know.

bangkok street food experience

On to you, have you been to Thailand?