Solo Hiking the Beautiful Mostnica Gorge – An Adventurous Experience

Solo Hiking the Beautiful Mostnica Gorge – An Adventurous Experience

solo hiking the beautiful mostnica gorge

Mostnica Gorge is what I picture the home of fairies to be. The clear turquoise water, the white limestone rocks, and mini waterfalls are all picture perfect.

➳ Photographer: Nam Cheah

➳ Location: Mostnica Gorge, Slovenia

➳ Website: Laugh Travel Eat, Cycling in Bohinj – Chasing waterfalls

➳ Solo hiking the beautiful Mostnica Gorge – an adventurous experience

I put my phone on top of the rock, making sure that it was laying horizontally before setting my camera on top of it on self-timer mode. I quickly got into place, turned around and smiled at the camera. This was the second take, and the photo is definitely better.

Having no one to help you take a photo is definitely one of the top drawbacks of traveling solo, but at least when you are solo hiking, you can rest your camera anywhere without fear that someone will snatch it from you out of nowhere.

And having the Slovenian countryside all by myself is great, too.

Mostnica Gorge is what I picture the home of fairies to be. The clear turquoise water, the white limestone rocks, and mini waterfalls are all picture perfect. I had rented a bike from the main town in Bohinj region, Bohinjska Bistrica and cycled my way to the parking lot of Mostnica Gorge, then making my way up. I have planned to make it all the way to the waterfall, but I have been so sidetracked at the sceneries that I barely made it one-fifth of the way in the last hour.

I didn’t purposefully intend on going on a solo hike, but it all started when I made a booking error that left a week’s gap between my friends parting ways with me in Bled till I have to be in Verona. So after a thorough visit of Bled, I moved onto the Bohinj region and the nature is absolutely stunning. I did some research, found a list of waterfalls, rented my bike, got my offline map in order and never looked back.

Hiking by myself is a new experience, though not an unwelcome one. It’ strange to not have someone to share it with, but the lack of a companion gave me more time to admire the surroundings. Mostnica Gorge is only the lower park of the Mostnica River, and as I hike up, the vegetation quickly change from gorgeous to a running river to the most beautiful meadow I have ever seen.

While the waterfall at the end is small and anti-climactic, hiking by myself was a wonderful experience, and that gave me the confidence to go up Mount Vogel by myself the next day. Having said that, I can’t stress the importance of a GPS and offline map enough; without them, it’ll be difficult, and I have let my family and friends know where I was going and checked in with them.

solo hiking the beautiful mostnica gorge


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  • Have you been to Mostnica Gorge in Slovenia?
  • What do you think about Nam’s brave move of hiking on her own?

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  1. Wow, an amazing experience, to have nature all to yourself must be brilliant. And very brave, not sure I'd want to hike too much alone, and I'm a 40 year old man :)

  2. I'll add that to my list! It's super close to my home so I'll check that out soon!

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to visit and you would never know she took the pic on a self timer. I travel solo and so do a lot of solo hiking, I love it except in countries where I could encounter dangerous animals!!

  4. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone and going it alone! It sounds lovely, even if the waterfall was a bit small ;)

  5. Great capture! The water looks so inviting... Were you able to swim in the waterfalls?

    1. Thanks Sab!

  6. Oh man I can't wait to visit this place... You just got me so much more excited too :D :D

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  7. Wow, solo hike ! To unknown! Respect :) I like to walk alone but only to places I've been before. Or at least where I am sure I'll find other people at some point. It must have been a great adventure! And Slovenia is beautiful, what a shame when we were hitchhiking there it was raining all the time!! ;)

  8. Wow-- that's gorgeous! I would love to do this hike sometime. It seems amazing.

  9. lovely looks like a place I need to visit. what level was the hike?I realized I can just about do moderate levels lately whilst enjoying the place.

  10. Great shot! Mostnica looks so lovely. I can't wait to visit Slovenia


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