Top 10 Best Backpacking Backpacks for Travel (2020)


We have compiled the best backpacking backpacks for travel that are sturdy and trustworthy to keep your belongings organized and safe. Learn about it now!

Best backpacking backpacks for travel are the ones that can help you in every step of your outdoor excursions. They are designed to take care of your survival and comfort in any environment nature throws on your way. We hope this guide has helped you choose top backpacking packs. Read this post now and find out more about it

Are you in a hurry? Here are our top picks and answers to your questions!

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The Best Backpacking Backpacks Comparison Chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Backpacking Backpacks for Travel and What to Consider

Why you should get a backpacking backpack for travel?

Main Compartment

The backpacking packs have one top-load main compartment which can store most of your gear. Additional zippers and compartments make the bag even bulkier and more complex. You can pack items that are required only in a camp like a sleeping bag, stove, tent, etc. in the bottom and most necessary items on the top.

Front mesh

A backpacking pack usually has wire mesh on the front, which is very helpful in trekking. You can carry the gear you need to stow instantly like a water purifier or rain jacket.

hip belt

It is an essential feature in the best travel pack. It can hold most of the weight of the backpack on the hips to avoid stress on your shoulders. Make sure hip belts are cozy and can transfer weight without having to slip.

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Shoulder straps

These straps in your backpack can hold a lot of weight. They have comfortable padding and are spaced well to avoid odd pressure points.


You may not want to depend completely on a backpack for waterproofing. But there are suitable backpacking backpacks for travel that can keep your contents dry even in heavy showers.

Hydration ports

If you drink from water bladder when hiking, you can get a pack with a hydration port. Backpacks usually have hydration ports and sleeves.

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Do you need a backpacking backpack?

A backpack an essential and fundamental part of your backpacking accessories. You should choose the best budget backpacking pack for your adventure trip because you might be carrying a heavy load when hitting treks for several days. We recommend you to rely on the best backpacking bags because your whole trip will depend too much on them.

How to choose the best backpacking packs?


Backpacking backpacks for travel usually come with internal frames to transfer weight efficiently from shoulders to hips. It is vital as bigger muscles than your shoulders support hips, and it is less stressful to carry a load in a backpack with frame.


Your backpack should match torso length so it can sit well on the back. Some packs come in different sizes. You need to adjust the travel backpack accordingly with shoulder straps, hip belt, etc.


Modern backpacks have ergonomically designed back panels. Some backpacks have suspended mesh panels which add distance between the backpack and your pack and allow proper flow of air in between. These packs provide excellent ventilation.

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Backpacking is a tiring activity. Hence, you should go with backpacking backpacks that are lightweight so you can cover extra miles faster.

Attachment points and pockets

Along with the main compartment, a backpacking backpack must have easy access pockets so you can easily organize your gear. It must have attachment points for ice axes, hiking poles, and other heavy gears.

Hydration system

You should choose the best backpack for backpacking Europe that has pocket/sleeve to store water. Usually, those compartments have water bladders that can store up to 3 liters of water. They are convenient for trekking and other activities where you need to drink water on the go.

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Different types of backpacks?


The daypacks are an excellent choice for single-day climbs, hikes, bike rides, or runs. They are frameless and soft backed. They are designed for up to 15 pounds of loads, but they are lightweight. They also have hip belts to keep the load steady on the back.

Internal Frame Backpacks

These backpacks come handy to load heavy and large items. They can have plastic frame sheets, aluminum stays, curved rods, or all of these frames combined in the backpack, instead of external frames. They hug the curves of your back when they fit well.

External frame packs

They are also used for heavy loads, and they are ideal for trekking (instead of climbing, skiing, or bushwhacking) because it is hung off an exterior frame and load is placed far away from the back. It is suitable for those who go on trails as they have to load heavy gear.

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Best Backpacking Backpacks reviews and product descriptions

You may find hundreds of hiking and camping packs. It is very easy to confuse these varieties. Don’t worry! You will learn to choose from a handful of best backpacking backpacks for travel listed here. All of the backpacks listed here provide superior value and are durable, versatile and high quality. You can’t go wrong when choosing these packs for your next hiking adventure.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

This Osprey backpacking backpack is your best companion for a perfect gets around in the town in urban style. Whether you have planned for a weekend getaway across the city or a trek into the woods, this backpack is made to meet most airline standards for carry-on packs.

It features LightWire frame suspension for even load transfer across the hip belt and harness. It provides ample ventilation and keeps things organized with a zippered front panel and sewn attachment joints.

Osprey Porter 46 Backpack

Are you looking for a handy and flexible travel companion? You will love Porter 46 backpack from Osprey. This durable duffel backpack comes with integrated technical pack suspension. Unzip the back panel and deploy the mesh shoulder harness as well as hip belt suspension to cover some ground and carry it well on the pack.

Bago Carry on Traveling Backpack Duffle Bag – 3 Way Duffel Backpack for Travel & Sports

Looking for a special duffle bag that can fit all situations no matter what? Bago Field Duffel Bag is your handy tactical travel duffle bag and backpack for your army camping. It is a durable and versatile pack that can last years and save you from buying a back for each purpose.

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Kelty Redwing is engineered for a perfect organization to make your overnight journey and trekking smoother. You can use this pack both as panel loader and top loader thanks to U-zipper for added comfort in any trip.

When it comes to organization, no other bag can beat Redwing as it has a zippered stash pocket, side pockets, wide front pocket, and large pocket over the top of the backpack.

Osprey Aether Pro 70 Backpacking

Aether Pro 70 is a streamlined backpack made for long adventures that last several days or months, thru-hikes to push the boundaries, climbing through remote base camps on the alpine or other tours where you can make the only trail. This pack offers stress-free performance.

High Sierra Titan Backpack

High Sierra Titan backpack is the best combination of lightweight hardware and fabrics with advanced mesh back in-stretched design. It provides the right blend of technology, comfort for serious outdoor adventure.

Arc’teryx Alpha FL 45 Backpack

This ultralight backpack is one the best backpacking backpack, and it is high weather-resistant, waterproof, and designed for fast and light travel on rocks, ice or alpine. It has the main Kangaroo pocket compartment with snap closure and compression strap for added protection to your stuff. It has zippered access on the sides to the main compartment so you can take out what you need.

Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG Backpacks

The Anti-Gravity suspension is the key highlight of Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG backpacks, which provides ample ventilation and comfort. This award-winning backpack has earned an excellent reputation on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The torso length is easy to adjust, and hip belt can easily fit on your body to provide great comfort on the trail. You can access the gear via a zippered front panel or top of the pack.

Mountaintop 60L Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

Since 1986, Mountaintop has been offering world-class backpacks and hiking gear. This 60L hiking backpack is your best companion on the trail, and it keeps your stuff dry with rain cover. It is designed for your next hiking, trekking, camping, or traveling.

Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover for Outdoor Camping

This 40L hiking backpack from Mountaintop is your best choice for outdoor camping, and you don’t have to worry about heavy rainfall en route because it comes with rain cover. It also features a laptop compartment that is large enough to carry a 17″ laptop. You can also use a compartment for a bladder and hold a tube.

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Best backpacking backpack for travel | Are you looking for the best backpack you can travel around Europe? Or perhaps backpack with good organization for your gears and essentials? Check this post out or pin it for later read! #backpacking #backpacks #backpackingtips #backpackbags #traveltips #backpackingtips #backpacking #travel


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