Top 8 Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel (2020)


Looking for sturdy backpacks with wheels for travel you can take with you on the plane? Here are the top 8 bags to check out!

By choosing the best backpacks with wheels for travel, you can carry your baggage on your back or even pull it smoothly. In short, you get the best of both worlds.

Bags are the solutions for both business travelers and backpackers to one of the most common problems when it comes to travel – the pain of finding baggage that can meet our daily changing needs on the go. It is not easy to use a wheeled suitcase all the time. Sometimes, you may want to get that pack off your shoulders and roll it behind.

Having a backpack with wheels for travel adds a lot of convenience to the emerging needs for a trip. Rolling backpacks are a true blessing. But which one suits you the most? We have rounded up the list to help you choose the best backpacks with wheels.

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Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel Comparison chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel – and What to Consider

Why Should You Get a Backpack with Wheels?

Admit it; wheeled backpacks don’t actually look flashy, according to a lot of travel bloggers. When you are looking for the best backpack with wheels you need to consider one thing – comfort. Of course, things like space and style matter the most. First of all, you need to move from one destination to another in the most comfortable manner. This is why you need to look for the best backpack with wheels.

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Do you need a Backpack with Wheels?

Traveling is not always comfortable. Long days on your feet, crowded buses and congested airplane seats are enough to make your body aching without walking down several kilometers, but with extra weight on your spine.

By choosing the backpack with big wheels, you can save some pain on your back and move smoothly with less friction. Even better, wheeled backpacks look even more professional. (Of course, you may not want to check into a 4-star or 5-star hotel with a torn pack to your back).

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How to Choose the Best Backpack with Wheels?

Choosing a backpack with wheels carry on size is more comfortable than choosing a regular rolled suitcase or torn rucksack. It is the combo of both. A wheeled backpack closely resembles a rolling carryon. They can be used as rolled luggage, and their organizational capabilities and suspension are different than a typical backpack. All in all, you need to consider the following things:


Wheeled backpacks can be made of sturdier fabrics as compared to everyday backpacks. Rucksacks are known to be lighter on the back as they use dense materials to lose weight. On the other side, backpacks with wheels on it are a bit thicker.


Along with fabric, the rest of the pack should be able to hold up your items well. There has always been a trade-off between weight and quality of materials. You need to choose a backpack with wheels for adults with top quality molded chassis, light aluminum frame, and durable wheels with robust bearings.

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Like any other luggage, backpack with wheels and handle are available in different sizes and shapes. If you are going for short trips, you can quickly get away with a carryon backpack with around 30L Capacity. For long trips, you can go for 75L Capacity.


You may definitely want to decide whether the rolling backpack is right for you. If you are planning for a thrilling hill climbing in the Andes, you may not want to choose it. These backpacks are better for city hopping.

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It is another essential concern when plopping any backpack on the bag. Even though you are not putting it for a long time on the back, the wheeled backpack must have padded harness. A hip belt can equally distribute the weight if you are wearing it more often.

You may want to look for bells and whistles like compression straps. Along with tightly packing the bags, these features can get the load closer to the center of gravity for added comfort.

Also, consider the construction of suspension. To stay more relaxed in summers, find a backpack with hip belts having mesh ventilation and shoulder harness.


Well, it is one of the least important features when choosing a rolling backpack. But you may definitely want to choose a bag which doesn’t look bad. Though these backpacks are not that fashionable, we have listed the rolling backpacks which look quite sleek and professional.

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Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel – Reviews & Buying Guide reviews and product descriptions

In this guide, you will be able to choose the best backpack with wheels to carry on, which are built to deal with wear and tear that most travelers throw at. From cobblestoned streets in Europe to bruises and bumps on airplanes, the luggage can definitely deal with the beating. Don’t risk it with the cheap stuff. All in all, you will get what you pay for in most cases.

OIWAS Rolling Backpack with Wheels for Women Men School College Laptop Carry on

OIWAS Rolling Backpack comes with great flexibility to take it to your work, travel, or school with freewheel. It features a laptop compartment that can hold up to 15.6 inches of laptop. It has contoured Vepel padded mesh shoulder straps.

  • Dimensions: 13 x 7.1 x 19.3 inches
  • Other colors available? (No)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

The Driver 8 wheeled backpack from JanSport can quickly turn into a roller with its tuck-away shoulder straps for life on the move. It also comes with a water bottle side pocket, 15″ laptop sleeve, and front organizer pockets.

  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.8 x 20.9 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.2/5


Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack

Rockland rolling backpack with dual skate wheels includes 2 zippered pockets on the front and in-built organizer for added convenience. It has a large storage main compartment and two mesh side pockets. It features a telescoping metal handle and hard plastic stand on the bottom and is made of top-class polyester.

  • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 17 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 3.6/5


High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Make your full-load traveling even smoother by choosing the High Sierra Freewheel laptop backpack. It has 2 inline wheels as well as a telescoping handle. With this backpack, you can smoothly cruise along from one place to another. It has cushioned computer sleeve to hold up to 17 inches of laptops.

  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 15 x 2.3 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


Meetbelify Kids Rolling Backpacks Luggage Six Or Two Wheels Unisex Trolley School Bags

Your kids are fun-loving, and so is this backpack. This backpack can handle different types of abuse on its own. It has 3 wheels on both sides. It prevents unexpected shocks with a bottom mold. It also provides easy access to all the travel essentials to your kids.

  • Dimensions: 18.9X12.6X6.3inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 3.5/5


Racini Nylon Waterproof Rolling Backpack

Racini waterproof rolling backpack is the best carry on suitcase with an aluminum handle, airy back straps, and it can be turned into a laptop backpack. You can easily lift with its top handle when it comes to climbing stairs.

  • Dimensions: 13 x 20.9 x 8.7 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 3.5/5


High Sierra Rev Wheeled Backpack

Made of top quality 1680D Ballistic nylon material, High Sierra Rev Wheeled Backpack is both durable and heavy-duty. It can also resist slashes and cuts with its sturdy material.

  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 15 x 5.7 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 3.6/5


High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack

The High Sierra Freewheel laptop backpack is made with a waffle weave and 600D Duralite Ripstop to become water-resistant. This way, it provides excellent wear resistance and water resistance thanks to its lightweight material. It has several organizer pockets with zippered mesh pocket, lidded media pocket, pen pockets, and key hook to keep all your essentials secure.

  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 15 x 2.3 inches
  • Other colors available? (Yes)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1/5


Bottom Line

When there are so many options for choosing the backpack with wheels and detachable daypack, it is not easy to choose the best one for you. So, take your time and consider what you expect from your wheeled backpack to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel


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