Top 10 BEST Pubs and Bars in Stockholm to Check Out


Sweden boasts some of best bars in Stockholm where you find everyone from locals, tourists, backpackers experiencing the impressive Swedish nightlife that everyone talks about.

It’s no secret that Sweden has a lot of things to offer as one of the best tourist locations in Europe. From snow-clad mountains to frosted lakes to its indubitably smashing food scene, there is indeed something for everyone. Similarly, Sweden has an impressive nightlife as well.

Being the capital city, it boasts a huge array of pubs from quaint to really hip ones and some of Europe’s best bars in Stockholm.

Come sunset, and you see this culturally rich and stunning city transform into a dazzling disco ball of sorts. The city is dotted with many bars and pubs that are frequented by different strata of people.

For instance, Södermalm is known to be the main meeting point for most locals, while Östermalm has some really amazing bars and best pubs in Stockholm that serve out-of-this-world seafood to accompany your sparkling glass of champagne.

If you visit a particular bar and end up not liking its a vibe for some reason, you can simply go bar-hopping till you find the one you like. Being a compact and well-connected city, it gets very easy to navigate through its suburbs and other areas in general through public transports and even ferries.

Stockholm’s nightlife is something that you should not pass up on, especially if you want your visit to be a memorable one. Below are some of Stockholm‘s most famous and regularly frequented bars/pubs. Let’s look at what each of these has in store for us.

Top 10 BEST Pubs and Bars in Stockholm to Check Out

Indie Rock Bar & Concert Venue Pet Sounds Bar

A great place to jam at for indie-pop artists in the ’90s, this popular bar is located in Skaanegatan 80 and is one of Stockholm’s most famous bar/restaurant and live music venues.

The bar still plays great rock n’ roll music from the yesteryears and has a great relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. As soon as you enter, you see a live music area where they host frequent live shows by some popular local artists.

For the bar/restaurant, you will have to climb a few flights of stairs. The bar has some fantastic beer and cocktail selections, and you can also grab a bite or two while you are there.

The restaurant serves the most amazing mussels with french fries that will get you hooked instantly. The bar gets crowded fairly quickly, especially if you happen to visit it on the weekends.

The main bar and restaurant area at the ground level, while the basement has a place where the bands can play. Although it is known as a concert venue, the basement as a location means limited seating. Nevertheless, a buzzing place to stop by for a refreshing beer or two and, of course, good food and music to set the vibes high.

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Mosebacke Terrace

What if along with a great drink, you also get a great view. At Mosebacke Terrace, that is exactly what you get. Perched atop a small hill sits this fine terraced bar /restaurant in Mosebacke Torg 1-3. The bar features a long communal-style sitting area with a long table and chairs alongside it.

During the summer months, when it gets a little toasty and days to become longer, locals turn up here after work to enjoy good food, drinks, and, of course, a great view to boot.

Its great tasting wines, cider, and fresh beer have the locals and tourists alike flocking this place even during the weekdays. Mosebacke Terrace is the place to be, especially after a long day for when you want to recharge your batteries. There are also live music concerts here, which is certainly the cherry on top.

The home to Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Terrace, is a giant beer garden that has seating for 1000 people. The outdoor terrace is quite a popular watering hole and offers amazing views of the city of Stockholm.

The open space is great for summer evenings when one can relax and sit back with a beer. The food menu is limited as there is a restaurant nearby if you want to eat.

Here you can get meatballs, salmon, and salads. wine goes at SEK 72, so you can estimate what the prices are like. This is more like a communal space to enjoy drinks during summertime.

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Fasching Jazzklubb
Johan Fredriksson / CC BY-SA

Fasching Jazzklubb

Located in Kungsgatan 63, this club is fairly small but has a very cozy atmosphere. Much renowned for its live concerts that include everything from jazz, R&B, funk, and even great jams from Slavic artists.

The place offers great food and, of course, great drinks, including their famous fresh beer. The drinks are not that costly as the cheapest beer that you get here costs just 50 SEK.   

The staff is welcoming while the bartender speaks English so that you do not have to struggle while ordering. Tipping the staff is encouraged. All in all, a great place for you to enjoy a Nice evening out with friends or on your own.

The restaurant opens two hours before any concerts are due to start and also offers dinner seating. The timings are from 6 pm to 12 am from Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and 6 pm to 4 am on Friday and Saturday.

This place has been around since the 70s and is very different from a regular club scene. There is an entry fee of 120 Krona here. You can attend some awesome jazz evenings on Saturdays.

There is an age limit of 20 or above for the nightclub and 18 and above for the musical concerts. They also take requests for place cards and arrangements for specially-abled guests.

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Folk & Friends

Folk & Friends is a small restaurant cum bar which is located in Kungsholmen. Along with its delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a chilled-out atmosphere, there is one more thing that makes it one of the best bars in Stockholm, and that is, it is dog-friendly.

So you can take your pooch along with you and treat him/her for a tasty treat. Meaning you will not only meet great locals but also get to pet their dogs.

If you are someone that would love to try a good serving of craft beer and are a dog loves coming here sounds like a no brainer. What’s more, the bar also specializes in curating drinks for your dog! Additionally, the bar also serves folköl or low-alcohol content Swedish beer for those of you who have a low alcohol tolerance.

Folk & Friends is a cozy place by the waterfront in Kungsholmen with a cool selection of craft beers with a whopping 70 different types of beers. The staff is friendly, and you can do a takeaway for beer, which is unique.

While you visit the bar, you can try your taste buds for Nordic or Swedish beer or beer with odd flavors. There are free games and delicious New Zealand pies available. The menu is mostly vegan or vegetarian.

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Nada Bar

Undoubtedly one of the most visited bars in Södermalm, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to drop in for a pint or two. The atmosphere is very laid back with lowlights and great music playing in the background. The bar also features a larger room in the back for organizing bigger events.

The Nada Bar is a homely place in Södermalm where the drinks are fairly priced, and the food includes tapas and great burgers.

A very hip place indeed, to catch up with your friends or to meet friendly locals. Since the word “NADA” means zilch in Spanish, just make sure you check for this bar by its only sign that says “BAR” without the nada added to it. Pretty innovative indeed.

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Best bars in Stockholm: Akkurat Restaurant & Bar
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Just a block or two away from Slussen, Akkurat is literally a heaven for whiskey and beer lovers alike. The bar started in 1995 to develop the local beer culture while supporting craft breweries.

It has numerous selections of draft beer on tap from Sweden as well as other parts of the world. Seeing bottles and bottles of beer in front of you, it really gets very hard to choose a drink.

They have close to 400 varieties of whiskey, and some of them are quite rare. From newly launched classics, bottles from Japanese to Scottish distilleries, and even some discontinued lines are still offered.

The pub itself has a very casual setting, and so it’s a great place for an evening out with friends or your colleagues. Not only do they serve great beer and drinks in general, but they also whip up some great tasting food—especially their mussels, which melts in your mouth like butter. On certain days they also hold music events and concerts. If you want variety in your drinks, you know where to park.

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Tak is located in the heart of Stockholm in Brunkebergstorg 4. On the 13th floor of the building where Tak is located, you have its indoor restaurant that serves great Swedish food inspired by Japanese cooking styles. And on the 14th floor, you have a bar and lounge area.

The bar has a great selection of beer, and signature cocktails along with great Asian food to pair them along with. Tak translates to “roof” in English, which explains its rooftop terrace-style restaurant and bar. From here, you get a 360-degree view of the entire Stockholm city.

A great place to have refreshing cocktails and munch on Asian delicacies along with a spectacular panoramic view of the town.

Tak offers famous South Korean drink’s sake that is imported by Akebono and organic as well as biodynamic wines that are supplied by Savino, Kvalitetsvinet, and Enjoy Wine.

They make their own beer in collaboration with a brewery in Japan and their own sake as well. The music in Tak is a mix of afro, funk, soul, house, and disco, making it hip and best of the party pubs in Stockholm.

The opening hours for the bar is between 4 pm to 12 am on Monday to Wednesday, and 3 pm to 1 am on Thursday through Saturday.

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Morfar Ginko

If you like bars with great interiors along with great drinks, then Morfar Ginko is the right place to be. The bar is located in Swedenborgsgatan 13 and is one of the most popular bars in Stockholm frequented by both the locals as well as the tourists.

The bar has a live DJ that operates from a loft-type setting, so you get more room on the dance floor to display your skills. During the weekdays, this bar becomes the perfect place to let your hair loose and play some ping pong with your friends, while on weekends, the place gets transformed into this hip and cool place where you see some serious dancing going on on the dance floor.

The place is open from 5 pm onwards to 1 am. Cocktails start at SEK 145 and have the usual offerings. They also have karaoke in their basement and have special group packages, which include food and drink. Being so popular, it is not surprising to see a long line of people standing outside in hopes of getting a table here.

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Pharmarium is a bar-restaurant that is located in Stortorget, of Gamla Stan or Stockholm’s old town area. As the name suggests, the bar is heavily inspired by pharmacies.

It is even located on the site of Stockholm’s first pharmacy opened in the year 1575. To honor that legacy, they have their interiors decorated, relying on the theme of an apothecary.

What is unique about this bar is that it works on the concept of pairing your food with a particular cocktail. Your choice of a particular cocktail will decide what type of food combination you are going to get here.

The bar has an amazing selection of cocktails that come with strange names like Cloud Nine, Raven’s Nest, and Delirium, etc. As for their food, they use the freshest of ingredients and herbs that are grown in their own garden.

The drinks, as well as the food, are all made with their exotic herbs and fresh ingredient combinations. While they are great on their own, when food and drink are paired together, true magic happens.

A truly magical place to get the best of drink and food combinations in the old town of Stockholm, making it one of the best bars in Stockholm.

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10. Ugglan

If you like to pair your drink with not just good food, but a good round of table tennis, Ugglan bar is the right place for you. The bar is located in Närkesgatan 6 in an underground basement that opens up to a huge room with an array of games from simple board ones to pool to ping pong and to the all-time favorite Shuffleboard. You name it, and they have got it all. It has 3 bars in total with a highly impressive selection of drinks to choose from.

The bar has a great concept and is a huge hit among locals and tourists alike. The bar gets crowded pretty fast, so be sure to turn up early.

With great interiors, food, drinks, and games, there won’t be a single dull moment the entire time that you are there. An apt place to hit and bond with your friends over a round of Shuffleboard and some beer.

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Fasching Jazzklubb


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