Top 10 Best Carry On Luggage with Wheels (2020)


Looking for the best carry on luggage with wheels? Read our reviews about the top suitcases on the market perfect for you!

Packing less is just part of your plans. Choosing the best carry on luggage is the key. Make sure your carryon luggage complies with the airline restrictions and go along with you. Know the carryon allowances and restrictions for the airline. Also, choose comfortable luggage which can meet your traveling needs.

The Best Carry On Luggage with WheelsComparison Chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Carry On Luggage with Wheels and What to Consider

Why You Should Get a Carry On Luggage?

Gone are the days of typical black canvas bags that were unrecognizable. Even if you ‘don’t travel frequently, rolling carry on luggage ‘isn’t something that must be compromised on.

These days, you can find a lot of practical and stylish wheeled backpacks that can come handy when you travel thousands of miles. Whether you stay outdoors for fun or business purpose, you will love using the best-wheeled backpack for travel for maximum space, value for money, security, and durability.

Do You Need a Carry On Luggage?

Airlines keep on charging for checked baggage. So it is important to travel light. This way, carryon luggage can easily meet your needs. But wheeled luggage can make it a lot easier to navigate through terminals.

‘Today’s carryon luggage is made by considering the needs of travels with features, including pockets to store small items, gripped handles, in-built toiletry bags, and charging stations.

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How to Choose the Best Carry On Luggage?

These days, air travel has become a very terrible headache full of baggage and security checks than a much-needed experience. As a frequent traveler, you may want to avoid extra charges and the painful wait at the baggage section by using carryon luggage instead of a full-sized suitcase. Here are the tips on how to choose the best carry on luggage with wheels for best traveling experience.


You should ensure that your carryon backpack has enough capacity. Desk agents can easily catch you with larger bags than their airline restrictions. Small carry on luggage is allowed on most airlines. According to the FAA, your luggage ‘shouldn’t be larger than 45 inches in height, width, and length.

Make sure not to exceed this size limit, or you will end up checking your bag and bear a hectic fee. Always stay up to date with the latest guidelines set by your airline.

Exterior Pockets

For your added convenience, ‘today’s luggage has exterior pockets to access your tablet, toiletries, or anything without messing up with the whole bag. The exterior compartments are an excellent convenience for you.

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Number of Handles

Keep in mind all carryon bags ‘don’t have the same number of handles. Usually, two durable handles are enough in carryon bags, i.e., one on the side and another one at the top. You can easily lift your bag with these dual handles in the overhead compartment or your car trunk.

Even better, choose a bag with at least four rolling wheels that can move 360 degrees. Also, have a retractable handle to pull the bag. It should also lock and extend well. Some bags also have handles with one-touch extend or with different lengths.

Flexible Packing

If you are going to use it for different trips, pick the one with flexible packing. It should be able to expand to have more room for clothes. Duffle carryon bags usually have added flexibility for packing. But it ‘doesn’t mean ending up with a suitcase. Most carry-ons have a zipper to expand their bodies up to a few inches to add an extra pair of clothes or shoes.


Rainstorms can come in your way anytime, and so do unwanted puddles, spills, and a sudden bout of slush. So, it is always wise to choose waterproof luggage if you ‘won’t want it with all of your wet clothes.


Some carryon bags add more bulk to your biceps. This way, you should choose only lightweight carry on luggage.

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Different Types of Travel Luggage


Most people try to fit everything into the luggage and end up exceeding the airline requirements. So, it is best to use carryon bags that can land to your destination with you. They have all the features, such as durable wheels, retractable handles, and multiple compartments. They are compact bags that are super easy to carry, light, and are designed well to fit in the bin overhead.

Rolling Luggage

These full-size rolling bags are the best companions for seasoned travelers. You no longer have to lug around a huge suitcase by one handle. You can choose from different rolling luggage to carry your heavy items with ease.

Wheeled Travel Backpacks

These bags are ideal for carrying a lot while keeping your hands free. It can be more convenient and comfortable according to where you are traveling. You may buy a convertible backpack to turn it into a rolling bag.

Travel Packs

It is an excellent substitute for a traditional suitcase or luggage. Unlike other bags, it is very versatile. They are a great choice for people who travel a lot and face the challenge of dirt streets

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Best Carry On Luggage with Wheels reviews and product descriptions

With the strict compliance at the airport when it comes to Carry on Luggage, Some travelers are confused about what was the exact size or kind of luggage they will carry at the airport when traveling. We provide a list for you of some of the best Carry on luggage with wheels, as your guide in choosing your perfect travel companion on your next travel adventure.

US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry On Luggage Set

With US Traveler RIO 2-Piece Expandable Carry On Luggage Set, you can travel anywhere without any worries. It is the best carry on luggage for business travel as it is made of 1200D premium polyester. Some of the unique features include its retractable, deluxe self-locking/push-button handle and skate wheels that have corner protectors.

Rockland Luggage 2-Piece Expandable Spinner Set

This 2-piece expandable spinner set by Rockland is made of ABS, which is very durable, lightweight material, and it secures everything in your luggage. It has a 360-degree rotation in 8 multi-directional spinner wheels, making it easy to maneuver. With this carry on luggage with wheels, you can pack more and skip excess surcharges on luggage from airlines.

Kenneth Cole Reaction 20″ Out of Bounds 4-Wheel Upright

The best part about the Kenneth Cole Reaction carry on bag is its coil zippers to use it for longer. It can hold all your contents and clothes in place with the fully-lined main compartment. You can easily maneuver and lift it with its flexible and convenient top.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28″ Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside luggage is both stylish and handy to move all your travel goodies without any weight. This durable spinner is made of 100% pure polycarbonate built with sharp details.

It is made to resist shock by flexing and popping back to its shape. Hence, it avoids dings and dents and keeps all your belongings safe. It hides and scuffs and scratches with its brushed pattern. For added security, it has a TSA-friendly combination lock.

Genius Pack G3 22″ Carry On Spinner Luggage

Genius Pack G3 is a carry on luggage made for utmost convenience and to keep things organized well. It is made with 360-degree spinner wheels, internal compartments, and official Laundry Compression Technology to keep every journey safe and fun.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20″ One Size Spinner

Omni PC range from Samsonite is engineered to withstand the extreme elements that come on your way. This Hardside bag is made with 100% polycarbonate material which is lightest and most beautiful, whether ‘it’s your first time or 100th.

Travelpro Crew 11 21″ Expandable Spinner Carryon Suitcase

Travelpro Crew 11 is designed by considering the same innovations of carryon luggage that most flight crews use. Recharge your smartphone on the go with its external USB port from the dedicated charger. Even better, it is made of state-of-the-art ballistic nylon body which is scratch- and stain-resistant with SUPRA zipper heads and DuraGuard coating for added durability.

Samsonite Wheeled Underseater

It is a superior carryon under seater from Samsonite to make your journey hassle-free. It has a lot of compartments to meet all your needs.

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage

A great quality suitcase, lightweight and water-resistant, very durable and flexible. It comes with spacious compartments. It has an interior organizer for your small items. Complete with TSA approved locks guaranteed that your belongings are safe. This is one of the best carryon luggage with wheels. This luggage is designed to last a lifetime.

Olympia Luggage 22″ 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

For added flexibility and convenience, Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag has eight convenient pockets. It is very durable as it is made of 1200D Polyester for excellent protection of your valuables.

Best Carry On Luggage with Wheels


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