Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes for Men in 2020


Looking for the best hiking shoes for men? In this post, we have compiled the best choices out there with ratings and reviews.

Looking for the best hiking shoes for men? Read on and learn more about our top picks!

If you are preparing for a backpacking or hiking trip, you will need footwear that will keep your feet safe. Strained muscles, blisters, and scrunched toes can easily spoil your backpacking tour. Lightweight hiking shoes can help you in backpacking on your summer, spring, and fall trips.

They can keep your feet safe from blisters and dry them instantly. They have great traction and won’t exhaust your legs on long days of hiking trips. Footwear is a very personal option, and you need to find the one which works well for you.

Are you in a hurry? Here are our top picks and answers to your questions!

The Best Hiking Shoes for Men Comparison Chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Hiking Shoes for Men and What to Consider

Why you should get a hiking shoe for men?

A lot of hikers prefer waterproof hiking shoes. The problem with these types of shoes is that they should be less airy so they can resist water. They should keep your feet warmer, and they must be antiperspirant. If shoes are lower cut, water will come in above the top.

Do you need a hiking shoe for men?

No matter what season it is, courageous hikers across the nation were going out and enjoying the passes, peaks, and trails that are common in public lands. So, it is better to look for a hiking shoe, which is both supportive and robust for heavy backpacking and long-distance traveling.

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How to choose the best hiking shoe for men?


Comfort is a very vital and obvious factor when looking for the best hiking shoe for backpacking if you don’t want to spoil your experience. In addition, hiking can often be hard, especially on special trips, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can be dangerous in rocking paths and steep inclines.


One pound added on your feet is similar to five pounds added on your back. Pressure on your feet is more exhausting than weight on your torso. When you are under motion, your backpack, chest, and body will be on motion during normal conditions. Your feet should accelerate well when walking and stop with every step.


Waterproof shoes will be less breathable. There is no other way because the way they are waterproof can make them less airy. Some shoes work well as compared to others at some level.

If your feet may get sweaty and hot, you will be served well with combination or mesh or leather or mesh upper. They are not just lightweight but also airy. This is also one of the factors that you have to consider when choosing the best hiking shoes for men.

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A lot of us look for ankle support for high cuff shoes. These shoes come up over the ankle, and they can be laced well to help cover the ankle snugly with boot material. It is more likely to be helpful to avoid scraping ankles on rock or stick than supporting the ankle.


The grip of your shoes on the ground is known as traction. When climbing rough terrain and hills, your shoes should have proper traction to keep you safe. Tread patterns can provide an excellent grip to keep you from injury and slips and falls. It is very vital to consider this feature in any hiking shoe as it improves performance and makes backing easier and safer.


Being able to go with the flow is essential for versatility, and it is very vital for hiking as you don’t know what to expect. Look for trail running shoes that can also work as hiking shoes if you jog every morning. Different trails produce different hikes so look for a shoe which can walk you through anything vital for hikers who want to try everything and always desire to be safe and ready for everything that comes on your way.

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Lacing setup of a shoe is probably one of the most underestimated parts of your hiking boots. Cheaper shoes have inadequate lacing systems which are not just difficult to adjust for best fit, but they also don’t stay adjusted and are often loosen up when you hike in them. Laces are the main consideration in shoes.

Toe security

On the front toe box of your shoe, a cap will offer superior protection for the toes when you hit a boulder or rock accidentally. Thick rubber will save your toes against clash.

Different types of hiking shoes for men

Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes

Before you start your hiking trip, one of the most essential and first decisions will be whether you choose hiking shoes or boots. Both of them come with their weaknesses and strengths. Height is the biggest difference between a boot and a shoe.

Hiking boots for men cover the ankle and provide more stability when you roll an ankle accidentally. It is also higher for superior protection from water which comes in from the top and seeps into the boot. You need to choose the best hiking boots for men when carrying a heavy load on rough terrain as it provides added arch support.

On the other side, you can go with hiking shoes for men if you need to carry the light load for day hikes.

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Best Hiking Shoes for Men reviews and product descriptions

It is very confusing to choose the best hiking shoes for men as there are different styles and constructions available to choose from. So, how would you choose the right pair without spending much? Even if you go with expensive shoes, do they worth the investment? We will try to tackle these questions in this review.

Columbia Men’s Redmond Waterproof Hiking Shoe

This waterproof hiking shoe for men from Columbia Redmond is loaded with lightweight Techlite midsole, suede leather mesh, Omnigrip non-marking traction rubber and webbing upper for comfortable and safe hiking.

Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Men’s Trail

Altra Lone Peak 3.5 is the best selling trail shoe for men as it has been improved and updated with drainage holes for complete dryness and 4-point gaiter to keep rocks and dirt away, along with enhanced mesh upper for excellent durability. With the improved quality and features of this shoe, may consider as one of the best hiking shoes for men. This shoe can efficiently deal with any trail.

Merrell Men’s Moab Edge Hiking Shoe

The Moab Edge Hiking shoe for men from Merrell is the best choice for those who need instant comfort as it has an athletic and airy mesh upper. There is no other way which makes you feel better when hiking than Merrell.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

This waterproof hiking shoe from KEEN provides superior acceleration on your feet. It is engineered to be airy all the time and aggressive outsole for providing great traction on rough terrain. It provides great ankle support with mid-cut height.

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

This hiking shoe from Salomon is known for a great and ultra-sleek look. It gives the speed you will always need to conquer the trail. The technology of this running shoe is mated to a protective and lightweight upper as well as a waterproof Gore-TEX membrane to move fast.

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

This Moab ventilator hiking shoe is the best hiking boot for summer holidays. This Moab Ventilator is an airy hiking shoe, which is ideal for biking or hiking trails and is lightweight. It enhances venting of a breathable mesh upper in open window in these men’s athletic shoes.

Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

These waterproof hiking boots from Hi-Tec Bandera are protective and ideal go-getters to flaunt your style. It is an innovative shoe for outdoor adventures to discover the exciting outdoors and provide comfort for fantastic outings.

Vasque Men’s Mantra 2.0 Hiking Shoe

Mantra 2.0 hiking shoe from Vasque is a hiking shoe for modern-day hikers. With these shoes, form meets functionality, with Vibram midsoles which provide stability, along with mesh uppers and durable nubuck. It comes with Gore-TEX liner to get you ready for walks in the wild or the park.

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Newton Ridge Plus Ii is made of luxurious all-over leather for a premium feel. It is ultimately a waterproof hiking boot which locks out wet weather and is breathable and has shank under the arch to deliver added support and stability.

The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 Gtx

This Ultra 109 Gtx hiking shoe from North Face provides utmost protection and traction and stability when it comes to blazing down the rough trail. GORETEX Extended Comfort is the breathable membrane used in making uppers of these shoes.

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Best hiking boots for men | Looking for waterproof, stylish, and stylish hiking shoes for your next adventure? Read this post to know more about it or pin it for later read! #hiking #hikingboots #hikingtrails #hikingtips #hikinggear #trekking #adventuretravel #naturelovers #traveltips


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