Top 10 Best Lightweight Luggage and Suitcase for Air Travel (2020)


When a lot of airlines are charging their specified heavy fees for overloading on bags, it is very important or travelers to travel as light as they can to save more. A lot of companies are offering the best lightweight luggage for international travel, which is durable and can easily withstand wear and tear. For you not to get confused which luggage is the best, we have researched and handpicked some of the best lightweight luggage reviews for you. Read this post now and find out more about it!

When a lot of airlines are charging their specified heavy fees for overloading on bags, it is very important or travelers to travel as light as they can to save more. Even empty luggage weighs over 10 pounds.

So, you can either limit your items to carry or choose lightweight luggage.

We guess you will go for the second option, right? A lot of companies are offering the best lightweight luggage for international travel, which is durable and can easily withstand wear and tear.

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Top 10 Best Lightweight Luggage for Air Travel Comparison Chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Lightweight Luggage for Air Travel and What to Consider

Why you should get lightweight luggage?

You need to start with choosing the lightest Luggage as possible when it comes to saving unnecessary luggage charges at the airport. It is because lightweight suitcases will allow you to carry more items without adding up extra charges.

Do you need lightweight luggage?

Airlines have specific rules for luggage sizes and weights. So, you need to consider your needs. Choose the best lightweight Luggage as possible to meet your specific needs to make your next trip as stress-free as you can.

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How to choose the best lightweight Luggage?

Size and weight

It is essential to consider the weight and size of lightweight cabin luggage. You need to choose the Luggage that can fit into the overhead bin or under the seat, i.e., around 22″ tall. A lot of suitcases weigh below 10 pounds.

Spinner Luggage

You can go for a lightweight bag with wheels that is easy to maneuver and cover a lot of ground at the airport. They also have 360o spinning wheels which rotate well and silently.

Expandable Luggage

These types of bags can easily expand in-depth for a few inches for added flexibility. It can help you save more on luggage fees if you don’t want to check another suitcase.

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You can get added protection with hard-side suitcases for your belongings. You can get complete durability; comfort with suitcases made with polycarbonate material and has aluminum shells.


You can flaunt your unique style and make your Luggage stand out with great designs and colors. It can also add convenience because you don’t have to wait and differentiate your bag from others. A 1960s vintage-themed bag or a bright, flashy colored bag can stand out from boring dark-colored ones that look the same.

Made of Nylon

You need to go with lightweight and durable materials like polyester and nylon, which also resist fraying and have double-stitching. Usually, they also have reinforced seams, which can prevent tearing and avoid abrasions.

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Keep your belongings safe against spillage or theft by choosing bags with TSA-compliant locks. They are unlocked only by the owner and TSA agents who have special keys to scan your luggage contents. Choosing these locks can help you control who can open your suitcase.

Telescoping Handle

Choose a suitcase that comes with a telescoping handle that is built well and can hold the full weight of your essentials. If you need a handle to work well with your height, you need to look for light suitcases that are well equipped with handles to lock at different levels.

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Different Types of Lightweight Luggage

Duffel Bags

The sides of the duffel bags don’t have a lot of support and are unstructured. So, they don’t weigh much. These bags are made of a lightweight fabric to cut down on weight significantly. You can easily pack a lot of items in this type of bag, and it is built to have a lot of space inside.

Travel packs

These are oversized backpacks and are made of light materials. They can also let you carry a lot of items, but you cannot keep your belongings organized in it. This luggage is ideal for activities like trekking and backpacking.

Ultra Lightweight Suitcase

You can use travel packs and duffel bags, but they are not for lightweight travel. Though they can carry a lot of things, there are certain limitations. They can limit the items to carry. Another problem with such bags is that they don’t look that beautiful.

So, you can go with a super lightweight suitcase which has a soft-shelled case or hard shell. They also look great, are durable, and provide a lot more room to carry your essentials.

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Top 10 Best Lightweight Luggage for Air Travel reviews and product descriptions

If you are looking for the best lightweight Luggage, and have no time to settle with anything. For you not to get confused about which luggage is the best, we have researched and handpicked some of the best lightweight luggage reviews for you.

DELSEY Paris Luggage Comete 2.0 Limited Edition Carry On

One of the most long-lasting and the lightest Luggage out there, Delsey carryon luggage can easily fit in the overhead compartment of a lot of domestic airlines, this luggage is made of pure polycarbonate lightweight materials, it is scratch-resistant, easy to grip and comfortable to use in its size.

Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite Spinner

Samsonite Black Label cosmolite spinner is built to be the lightest and strongest case thanks to its Curv technology. The Curv is a reinforced material that is made up of woven polypropylene thread. It has shell-like, well-molded ridges to add unique flair and style.

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 21.9 Inch Carry On

IT Luggage is the world leader in producing the best lightweight luggage for travel, with different color options to match your style. It has a lightweight and revolutionary design that has a soft handle, built for flat packing without leading to any crease. There are two calm and smooth wheels in each case, and it has a wide soft grip with a non-locking handle.

Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry On

This wheeled Luggage from Osprey is best for travelers who are looking for Luggage for air travel. It features a light aluminum frame with ABS plastic backplate to ride on seal-bearing wheels. It adds more stability with compression straps when it comes to carrying heavy loads.

LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 24″ Exp Spinner

Get a luxurious traveling experience with a collection of ultra-lightweight bags from Lucas. This Exp Spinner has aircraft-grade aluminum handles which are very light. It maintains excellent strength and durability and huge shock absorption.

Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable 21 Inch Spinner Suitcase

Maxlite 4 from Travelpro is designed to make your travel ultra-comfortable. It has durable and lightweight Rollaboards and Spinners with the quality and the look of premium luggage. It has a water-resistant coating and 360-degree spinners that roll well in any direction you are going to move.

Genius Pack G3 22″ Carry On Spinner Luggage

This carryon Luggage from Genius Pack designed for great convenience and organization. It features patented laundry compression technology, internal compartments, and 360-Degree spinner wheels with frame. It is engineered to make every step stress-free for you.

Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch

This Superlight 4-wheel premium carryon bag has been designed with great care, and it is made with premium and high-quality materials and components. It provides ample mobility with spinner wheels. It has integrated elastic shoe compartments to keep things organized.

Samsonite 68311-1041 Omni Hardside Nested Spinner Set

The Omni PC hard wide spinner from Samsonite is built to deal with even the harshest elements. It combines micro-diamond; scratch-resistant textured with the lightest polycarbonate built to make your Luggage look exciting all the time. It has heavy-duty protection with TSA locks.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

This Hardside spinner luggage from AmazonBasics provides excellent protection to your essentials, and it is spacious enough to accommodate long trips and vacations. It has 28″ spinner has a heavy-duty zipper for the ultimate closure.

Best lightweight Luggage


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