Top 5 Best Loire Valley Castles and Tours (France)


Looking for things to do in Loire Valley? Heres a list of the best tours and ideas for you to enjoy this lovely destination in France.

When you mention Loire Valley castles and tours, you get visions of French royalty and Renaissance ideals reflected in those famous châteaux. If you still have not seen any of those castles and the legendary halls of French royalty, you certainly don’t know what you are missing out on. Get ready for picturesque drives and interesting experience as you for one of those tours.

Loire Valley in France and its castles and chateaux are listed on the World Heritage list. And there are hundreds of châteaux and beautiful castles that date back to the Renaissance era. French Kings and royalty always preferred the Loire region for their residences, and they knew how to recognize the very best nature had to offer and enjoy life or experience what the French call “Joie de vie.”

It is time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some quiet and lovely moments among the lovely castles of the Loire Valley that boasts of many beautiful Renaissance castles. Take a tour to the Loire Valley and go ahead and pick from any of the following tours. You can surf for different itineraries to explore the beautiful countryside and visit the wonderful castles and admire their architecture.

Châteaux of Loire Valley France

Here are some ideas on how you can enjoy the Loire Valley

Loire Valley Castles Tour

Take a grand tour of Chenonceau, Chambord, and Amboise castles and spend some time admiring the beautiful and grandiloquent Renaissance architecture. You are about to discover some of the most beautiful castles of the Valley and get a better understanding of the French royalty and how they lived. Château de Chenonceau, also known as the “The Ladies’ Castle,” is one of the most visited castles.

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Cabaret Sauvignon France

Loire Valley Wine tour

Explore the beautiful region and its organic vineyards in the different parts of Vouvray. Vouvray wines are made from Chenin Blanc grapes that produce tasty fruity wines. Bourgueil, Restigné, Ingrandes de Touraine, and Benais are the main region that boasts of large vineyards. Enjoy picturesque views as well as amazing viewpoints overlooking the Valley as you take sips of those silky and full-bodied wines.

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A tour of Jacques Coeur Palace

Well famous as one of the most beautiful buildings, the Jacques Coeur Palace is renowned for its 15th-century Gothic architecture. Admire the grand façade as well as the fascinating history of the legendary Jacques Coeur as you visit the private rooms and the exhibitions. Jacques Coeur was indeed an impressive personality and a remarkable character who worked under King Charles VII and was a great merchant and adventurer.

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medieval towns in europe mont saint michel france

Mont Saint-Michel tour

Take a special tour to explore Mont Saint-Michel abbey and the Landing Beaches of Normandy and get the chance to learn about the rich history of France. Immerse yourself in the French countryside and its history as you take a fascinating tour of Mont Saint-Michel that is famous for its Gothic and Romanesque architecture. After exploring the abbey, explore the surrounding village and get to know more about the life and history of the people who lived.

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A tour of the Da Vinci château

Learn about the legendary artist and scientist, Da Vinci as you explore the charismatic grounds and workshops of Da Vinci château. Learn more about his life and legacy and here and how he worked and created those masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci served as the painter, engineer, and architect to the King and worked tirelessly on numerous projects. Learn about his major inventions and the artistic creations in these unique grounds. Visit Saint Hubert Chapel, where Da Vinci remains buried.

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Top Places to Visit in France Chateaux of Loire Valley


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