Top 10 Best Razor for Travel (2020)


Looking for the best razor for travel? Here are our top picks you can bring with you during your travels!

Traveling is a beautiful thing. Even if you take a short trip, it helps you to rekindle and rejuvenate. It sounds fascinating, but you have to remember to pack all the right things on your journey. If you are out on a long or international trip, then you have to be more careful about packing things.

One of the items that men need is a razor. You might want to keep it with you in a safe side. However, if you are traveling internationally, then you might want to carry disposable razors. Electric razors will be difficult because of the plug points and adaptors. Besides, the straight razors will consume less space in the luggage.

Many people fail to find the best razor for travel. Also, there are different types of men. Some prefer to keep grooming at the backseat while traveling. However, people who are not used to a beard might find it difficult to even go without shaving for a day.


Best razor for travel Comparison chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best razor for travel – and What to Consider

Why should you get the best razor for travel?

You should get a razor because it will be more convenient. If you have a portable travel razor, then carry it for sure. This is because it will help you with your grooming. You want to look great while you travel as well.

Apart from that, if you are on a long international trip, then buying it locally will not be the best idea. It might be expensive, or you are not used to the brand. Hence, carrying the best disposable razor for travel is a good idea.

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Do you need a travel razor?

This entirely depends on you. If you are comfortable with a beard, then you might not need one. However, it is a good idea to carry an electric one to groom your beard as well. You do not want to spend your money on unnecessary things like salon during traveling. Thus, always carry the best razor for air travel.

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How to choose the best razor for travel?

Blade Type

Well, there are two types of razors available. One is the foil type, and the other one is a rotary type shaver. Choosing either one is just a matter of preference. Foil blades give you a closer shave with full and multiple blade shavers. On the other hand, rotary blades follow the contours of the face. Rotating blades are suitable for sensitive skin people as the movement of the blades is less irritating ad compared to the foil one.

Power Source

This is an important aspect to consider while traveling. It is wise to go for disposable razors. However, if you are looking for a razor with various blades then, check the power source before buying. Going for battery operated ones is much better than going for electric ones.

Although, the motor of the battery-operated ones is not as powerful as the electric ones. However, your purpose will be solved while traveling.

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Added Features

Since we are looking at the razors with the travel aspect, you might want to consider some other features. A secure travel cap with an excellent travel pouch is a good add on. Opt for brands that are offering you that. This will help you if you want to dump things in your bag.

Easy to clean

When you are traveling, the easier, the better. You do not want to take the blades out and clean them with a tiny brush while you are traveling. So, look for a simpler model.

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Best razor for travel – Reviews & Buying Guide reviews and product descriptions

With this travel razor review, you will learn to choose the best razor for your next long or international trip. We have listed some of the best men’s electric razor for travel in this review as well. Read on to find out.

Gillette Sensor Razors

It comes with an advanced shaving technology. The blades are spaced closer together to help reduce the pressure per blade. This will lead to a comfortable shave. It is the best safety razor for travel as it comes with micro fin comfort guard.

It also sets up the beard properly to help you get a close as well as a comfortable shave. It comes with an ergonomic handle, which gives proper control in each shave.

Kanzy Shaving Razors for Men Double Edge Safety Razor Stainless Steel

It is the best safety razor for travel. The blade replacement is easy and quick. The razor is exceptionally comfortable to use and lasts long. It is also made out of durable material.

It can be used straight on mustache and beard. It gives a very comfortable shave. The shaving process is extremely easy with this razor.

Apart from that, it is ideal for all body hair. The razor fits all double edge razor blades, and thus, it is cost-effective as well.

Safety Razor Double Edge, Butterfly Open Razor

It is a complete razor kit that will fit all your needs perfectly. It will fit in your pocket as well. Thus, if you are out on a hiking trip, you can have it with you at all times.

It is convenient while traveling. It gives the closest shave without irritating or harming your skin. It is the best safety razor travel kit. It is also effortless to use.

Gillette Venus | Waterless Razor-Shave Anytime Without Water

It is the perfect razor to carry when on the go. The best part about this razor is that you can shave anytime and anywhere. You do not need any basin or water.

It comes with aloe gel, applicator, and clean-up pads. Your skin stays moisturized and also smells great because of the aloe gel. It is the best de razor for travel.

BAILI Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shaving Kit

This is not just a razor but a work of art. It provides the perfect wet shave to men. If you know a friend who travels frequently, you can probably gift this one to him.

It is a safety razor, and so it will just eliminate all the irritation on your face. These razors are lifetime durable, and thus, they are safe for the environment as well.

MERKUR Classic 2 Double Edge Safety Razor

The razor comes with an elegant chrome finish. It comes with a closed comb head and ultra-compact design. The razor is compatible with all the double-edged designs.

It is the best razor for air travel because it uses inexpensive double edge blades.

Parker A1R

It is a genuine Parker safety razor. It is made out of top-notch material and is very durable. The best part about these razors is that they can be imitated by other brands, but they cannot be duplicated. It consists of a 4 piece design.

The screws hold it together. It is small and portable. Although, one good part about this razor is that it can be used daily as well. It is made out of a genuine brass frame. The razor comes with a brown leather kit.

Gillette Fusion5

It comes with flex ball technology. This razor is top-notch as it responds to contours and practically gets each hair. It comes with 5 precision blades. Hence, it is a shave that you will barely feel.

One razor blade refill will equal one month of a shave, and thus, you are sorted while traveling.

Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor

The pack comes with one handle and two 5 blade razor cartridges. It comes with a multi-axis, which follows the contours of your face. You can also trim your beard with one of the blades.

It is the best razor for travel as it comes with hypoallergenic lubricating strips with vitamin E oil.


Razors are necessary while traveling. You do not want to look shabby in your travel pictures. Hence, grooming cannot take a back seat while traveling. They will be handy during long international trips, and thus, you should invest in the best electric razors for travel.

Best razor for travel


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