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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Oslo (Norway)

Here is a comprehensive list of the must-try restaurants in Oslo, Norway.

Norway is considered one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the world. It’s stunning fjords, towering waterfalls, and entrancing lakes are just among the features that make up this northern paradise.

Although the country is more popularly known as a hiking and camping spot, it’s capital city Oslo, has become famous for its cuisines. Tourists from all over Europe and many countries troop to the capital and experience a fusion and explosion of culinary experiences.

Oslo is an attraction in itself, owing to its numerous historical and cultural attractions. A stroll in the city proper can lead one into fascinating public and green spaces, fit for nature lovers and soul seekers amidst the sprawling metropolis. Oslo is also one of the cleanest cities in Europe, and the local culture will surely amaze anyone.

What better way to make the most out of Oslo than trying some of its iconic restaurants? Here are some of them.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Oslo (Norway)

1. Alex Sushi

Alex Sushi is dubbed as one of the best sushi restaurants in Oslo, offering premium servings that will keep guests coming back. Expect the freshest fish served most delightfully.

Visitors have four sets of menus to choose from that are inclusive of dishes like maki, crab, tempura, lobster, sashimi, and nigiri-sushi. Each list comes with a different price tag.

There is also a set of innovative dishes aside from the main menu for guests who want to try something unique. Diners can likewise watch chefs preparing sushi when they sit at the boat-shaped counter. But for a more serene setting, they can settle outside to catch rustic views of the fjord while eating.

2. Hos Thea

Hos Thea started as a classic restaurant in 1987 and has become a popular option for those looking for intimate and high-caliber restaurants. The owner himself serves as the cook, so expect highly-personalized servings.

There are a few menu options to choose from, but that only means the chef invests in every meal’s quality.

The menu comes with a choice of two slices of meat, two fish mains, and three starters. Among the bestselling dishes are Swedish fallow deer tenderloin and vichyssoise with rare truffle and lobster. Don’t also miss their blend of sautéed golden chanterelles and cherry sauce. Hos Thea also showcases the owner’s favorite artworks to level up the experience of guests.

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3. Ruffino Ristorante Italiano

Where can tourists find the best Italian cuisines in Oslo? Locals would readily recommend Ruffino Ristorante Italiano. It does not only carry its value by the name but in the authenticity and quality of its Italian dishes.

They have a very hospitable and welcoming staff who would readily assist and recommend guests the best and exquisite meal options and wines that suit their palate.

Before tucking into their iconic pasta course, start with an antipasto. Add to that tiramisu and the main meat course. It is one of the most frequented places to eat in Oslo.

4. Dinner Bar and Restaurant

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Who would resist trying out sumptuous Szechuan and Cantonese meals in a cold city like Oslo? These Chinese dishes certainly bring east to west, and the restaurant has been serving its specialties since 1989.

It consists of two private chambers, the main dining room, and a cozy downstairs dining room. Because of its popularity, it is recommended to book in advance before coming.

The management encourages customers to order various dishes and share their fellows for a more intimate dining experience. Among their signature dishes or add-ons here are wagyu beef, Asian-style lamb, tiger prawns, black cod, king crab, and the iconic dessert of the day. This is an ideal spot for those with families and friends since the management encourages bonding.

5. Ekebergrestauranten

Ekebergrestauranten offers guests breathtaking views of the famous fjords of Norway. The natural setting of the restaurant is a compelling reason alone to visit. Visitors will surely have a magical experience as they indulge in unique cuisines while relishing the views. It’s, therefore, an ideal spot for a romantic evening or a special occasion meal.

Enjoy sitting one of the vantage points while feasting on their seasonal and most exquisite quality dishes such as cured reindeer loin, entrecote of veal, and olive-poached halibut. The restaurant features a high-end indoor dining room and private chambers with excellent views as well.

6. Engebret Café

Considered as one of the oldest restaurants in Oslo, Engerbret Café offers seasonal and locally grown produce in its servings. It does not accept ingredients that are preserved out of season in freezers or those which have been imported. That is why the restaurant often changes its traditional menu depending on the season.

Expect quality and authentic servings. The café features candlelit tables, draped curtains, and old-worldly décor of wood paneling.

Although the menu constantly changes, one add-on that is always available is the reindeer. During spring, the main menu is seafood and fresh cod in January. The cafe offers one of the relatively cheap eats in Oslo.

7. Restaurant Fjord


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Another option with a constantly changing menu is the Restaurant Fjord. Its menu changes every week so that visitors can have new culinary experiences whenever they visit.

The chef starts with three to six-course set menus for diners while using only the best and premium ingredients. Wine lovers will also love the place with its three to five-course wine menu.

Typical menus start with Hitra crab and end with various Norwegian cheeses. Most tourists prefer to come here after a cultural tour around the city. It’s just a walking distance from The National Gallery.

8. Hanami


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For visitors who crave Asian specialties, Hanami is a must-try. It is the only Japanese restaurant in Oslo that grills fish and meat via the robata technique.

The process does away with flames as it only involves cooking meat and fish over simmering embers of white oak coal. Guests can also try their mouthwatering sushi and raw fish servings. Many locals troop here for sushi and many consider it as the unofficial dish of Norway.

9. Kolonihagen

Kolonihagen is an ideal option for guests who promote organic farming, healthy living, and sustainability. Their menus include ingredients that are organic and locally-sourced. Servings change depending on the season, and these are mostly a fusion of Norwegian and French specialties.

Among the top-rated meals are wild mushroom soup with rare black truffles and fire-grilled reindeer. The restaurant nestles in one of Oslo’s chicest neighborhoods. As part of the restaurant’s advocacy, they also do sustainable and natural cooking. They don’t even use a microwave here.

10. Maaemo

Maaemo offers slightly-daunting and innovative dishes for a dining experience that both locals and tourists will remember for a lifetime. Because of its staggering menu options, some guests often spend an entire evening here.

Among its iconic servings are spruce juice, reindeer heart, and fried rye-bread cream. Maaemo is now one of the most visited restaurants in Oslo.

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