Top 10 Best Sleep Mask for Travel for a Good Sleep (2020)


Are you looking for the best sleep mask for travel on the market? We created this useful guide that will walk you through getting the best travel eye mask for your next holiday! Have a wonderful and undisturbed sleep during flights, layovers, or aid your jet-lag with these top-rated eye masks for travel!

Do you know that eye masks are excellent for avoiding dark circles? Is that the reason why you are looking for the best sleep mask for travel? Do you also have the problem of loose skin on your face? Well, the best eye masks can also remedy this in just a couple of minutes.

Are you in a hurry? This is our top recommended and top-rated sleep mask for travel!

If you are suffering from jetlag, then you can also pack the best mask for airplane travel to eliminate your redness. If you use them, no one will know that you have just had a long flight. Eye masks also moisturize the eyes.

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The Best Travel Sleep Eye Mask Comparison Chart

JERSEY SLUMBER 100% SILK SLEEPSilk with elastic strapNO4.6/5CHECK PRICE


100% Polyester and 100% Polyurethane inner foamYES4.1/5CHECK PRICE
KIMKOO SILK SLEEP MASKNatural mulberry silk, with breathable fiberYES4.5/5CHECK PRICE

Breathable and smooth fiber fabricNO4.5/5CHECK PRICE

Velcro and Memory FoamYES4.3/5CHECK PRICE
TEMPUR-SLEEP MASK80% Polyester and 20% PropyleneNO4.0/5CHECK PRICE

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Eye Mask and What to Consider

Why a sleep mask is needed

Eye masks tend to be among the best and the most effective solutions for dark circles, puffiness, and redness of the eyes.

The science behind eye masks is thus: when your brain finds out the darkness, it produces melatonin, the chemical of sleep.

To facilitate this state, you can also use earplugs. When you block out noise and light, your chances of sleeping are increased. Thus, an eye mask is needed to induce sleep for you so that you can take rest after a hard day’s work. Masks may be used either in the cold condition or in the hot condition.
Cold masks relieve puffy eyes and those wicked headaches.

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Things to consider when choosing a travel eye mask

Buying an eye mask may seem like a simple errand. However, it is not so simple. Some things have to be kept in mind before buying one. When you go buying an eye mask, you will discover that you are spoilt for choice, and you may begin to wonder which one to take.

That said, this article will try to make buying or choose an eye mask easy. It will tell you about the things to be considered when selecting the best eye mask. These points need to be kept in mind whenever you are choosing an eye mask.

The Shape

The shape and the size of the eye mask is a significant factor when you choose an eye mask. People who sleep on the side tend to move around a lot while sleeping.

There are chances that a snugly fitting eye mask may not come off when this happens, however, if the eye mask is not of the right shape and size, it may come off during these movements, and it may result in the mask coming off and not fulfilling its objective.

This will defeat the very purpose of using an eye mask. Thus, the shape and size are the most important features when buying an eye mask.

The Materials

Varieties of materials are used to make eye masks. Silk, satin, and cotton are the three standard materials used to make eye masks.

Your selection of the preferred material for your eye mask should be based on the fabrics available. When choosing a suitable material, please keep in mind that you should pick a material that goes well with your skin.

In other words, pick something that does not irritate your skin when you wear your eye mask. Additionally, it should not make you feel hot or cold when worn for a prolonged time. There are masks, which are made from a combination of materials.

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The Style

When talking about the style of the mask, you should choose a mask based on the effectiveness of the material. You may want to go for dark-colored masks, as they do not reflect the light that shines on them.

At this time, if you are into fashion, you can go for a mask that reflects your personality regarding colors and style. You should keep in mind that some prints and colors are not capable enough to block out the light coming on it because of inherent defects in them. Avoid choosing such materials.

The Price

Price is a governing factor for people who are cost-conscious. An adage says that you get what you pay for. Masks made from specific materials like silk may be expensive, while those made from polyester will be relatively cheap.

Therefore, if you are cost-conscious, you should choose a mask that will be cheap. But, as the adage above says, if you pay peanuts, you will get cheap material that may not be suitable for high end uses.

You should get a mask that performs the basic job of blocking the light out of your eyes when worn. Therefore, you should always avoid such eye masks.

However, here, it is pertinent to mention that you should always choose a mask that fulfills your requirements.

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Travel eye mask reviews and product descriptions

There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to buying a sleep mask for travel. The important thing is the fact that it does its job blocking most of the light so you can have a peaceful sleep during your long journey. Other than this, if you’re extremely specific when it comes to what type of travel eye mask you need, i.e., the material should be something that won’t irritate you, this review will tackle each product so it will be easy for you to make the right choice.

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Bedford 

The Alaska Bear natural silk eye cover for sleeping is made of natural and 100% 19 momme mulberry silk and thus is ideal for sleeping comfortably and relaxing your eyes.

The headband is very easy to adjust and can be made as small as 15.8 inches and as big as 27.6 inches, make it ideal for all head sizes.

You will have no trouble using it with earplugs and will never find it tangled in your hair. Since the silk used to make this travel eye mask is pure, it will never absorb the moisturizers that you use before sleeping.

If we talk about the comfortable sleep with this travel eye mask, you will get a complete blackout in all any bright place.

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Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep

No matter what place you are in and what time of the day it is, if you need a comfy slumber, then the Jersey Slumber travel sleep mask is handy.

The silk used to make this travel eye mask is 100% pure and thus does not prevent the covered skin from getting dry because of lack of air. The special design makes the rubbing of the mask minimum. Even the strap of the mask is comfortable and gives you no discomfort if used for a long time. No matter what position you like to sleep, this mask will conform accordingly.

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YIVIEW Sleep Mask

The Yiview travel sleep mask is both durable and flexible and thus the best eye mask for travel. You need not worry about the tangling of hair with the strap as it has a good quality elastic.

The unique feature is the design of this eye mask. It has a 3D contoured design which prevents the travel mask from touching your eyes.

The materials used to make this eye mask is skin-friendly and allows breathing. You need not even worry about the durability of this eye mask.

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Sleep Mask By Bedtime Bliss®

If you have trouble sleeping in light, then the Bedtime Bliss eye mask is the ideal one for you. You also get earplugs with this eye mask, which makes sleep more sound. This mask can be used by any gender and age group as the strap is adjustable.

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Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

The Kimkoo travel sleep mask is soft and breathable as it is made with pure mulberry silk. This mask is capable of giving you a comfortable sleep and preventing any light from interrupting your sleep.

The eye mask has three straps made of plastic which prevent the mask from coming in contact with the eyelids. It is suitable for all genders and does not become an obstruction in using the earphones. Along with masks, you also get a pair of comfortable earplugs.

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Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

The Mavogel eye mask is made of cotton and is available in different sizes for the nose bridge.

There is arbitrary bending cartilage that can give you an excellent environment for sleep. You will feel no pressure on your eyelids while the mask is on. It also allows breathing, which is healthy for your skin.

The Mavogel eye mask is durable, comfortable, and comes with a strap that will never tangle with your hair.

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PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask

This pretty care eye mask is light in weight and very thin, too, and thus ideal to make your sleep comfortable without letting you feel that you are wearing an eye mask.

The mask is made of memory foam that is high in density and is opaque. The 3d design of the mask apart from keeping your eyes comfortable also prevents the makeup from smudging from getting smudged.

The fit of the mask is perfect. It has a velcro closure, which can easily extend to 20 cms.

The material of the mask is anti-mite and anti-bacterial, too, which makes sure that you can use it for a long time without worrying about hygiene.

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IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

The IMAK eye mask is ideal for the people who have regular pain in the eyes. This mask can give a soothing effect to your puffy and tired eyelids.

You will feel a cool feeling in your eyes when you are wearing this mask.

Whether you are sleeping in daylight or a lit-up room, the light will be blocked entirely. The mask is also washable and is easy to maintain.

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Dream Sleeper

If light irritates you while you are asleep, then you must use the Dream Sleeper eye travel mask. The simple velcro makes it perfect to fit any individual.

People who are allergic should try this hypoallergenic travel mask to get the most comfortable sleep. The brand also gives you a unique scheme.

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TEMPUR-Sleep Mask

To get a perfect sleep in total darkness, you will need the TEMPUR’s best sleep mask for travel. The signature materials used by the brand will make sure that you are comfortable while wearing this best eye mask for travel.

The fit of this travel mask will give you a tranquilized feeling and thus give you a pleasant slumber. The strap has both elastic and velcro, which makes the Tempur eye mask perfect for every size.

The eye mask is light in weight due to which you feel no pressure while wearing it. No matter wherever you go, you can easily carry the Tempur eye mask to get the most comfortable sleep.

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