Top 10 Best Socks for Travel (2020)


Looking for the best socks for travel that have good compression, grip, and quality? Here are our top picks that are currently hot on the market!

Socks are an essential clothing item. Although they are not given enough credit. They are useful in various ways, especially while traveling. If you are going on a hiking trip or visiting your parents, one thing that you must consider carrying is the best socks for travel.

There is nothing more disappointing than being trapped in a rainy city with wet and smelly feet. Socks come to your rescue at that time. Apart from that, good socks keep your feet warm, healthy, and safe. Just remember to invest in the best socks for travel because actually, it is your feet that take you from one place to another.


Best socks for travel Comparison chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best socks for travel – and What to Consider

Why buy the best socks for travel?

The best socks can help with various things. If you are traveling by air, then good socks can keep your feet warm and can fight with blood clots as well. Apart from that, travel involves a lot of walking. Thus, good socks can come in handy as they can keep your feet dry and cool at the same time. Even good walking or travel shoes need a good pair of socks to feel comfortable.

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Do you need the best socks for travel walking?

Well, yes, you do. It will also help you avoid shoe bites and blisters while walking. Sometimes, the fabric of the shoes creates friction with our feet, which creates scratch marks and blisters. A good quality sock can help you avoid that altogether.

Also, if you are in a place, which requires a lot of walking, then you might want to invest in a good pair of socks. You do not want to stay at the hotel just because of a silly blister or shoe bite. Also, if you are going to colder regions, then you must carry a good pair of socks. It will keep your feet warm, and thus, there are lesser chances of catching a cold.

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How to choose the best socks to travel with?

It does not matter if you are heading out for the slope or trails or the plane and bus. Your mind, body, and feet are surely going to accompany you everywhere. Best socks to travel with are a blessing as they will be keeping your feet happy, although there are certain things that you must consider before buying a good pair of socks.
The socks should have a fabric, which dries quickly as you might have limited access to laundry facilities.

  • The fabric should not be itchy and hard, or else they will not be comfortable.
  • It should contain extra padding for proper support and warmth.
  • The socks should contain a built-in insect repellent feature.
  • Choose the ones that are known to be the best compression socks for travel.
  • Choose a fabric that lets your skin breathe.
  • Opting for an anti-stink sock pair is a must.
  • Make sure to look for socks that are anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

Apart from all of these, you must all consider the activities that you are going to indulge in while you are traveling. Check the kinds of adventures you will satisfy in and the climate of the place you are traveling to. Based on that, you can make an informed choice on the kinds of socks you want to buy.

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Different types of travel socks

Socks are not made from only cotton fabrics anymore. Manufacturers have started experimenting, and thus, it is possible to find synthetic, woolen, and even silk socks in the market. Some of the best socks for travel walking include:

Hikers and Backpackers

There are special kinds of travel socks for them. This is because the socks need to be durable, anti-bacterial, and also anti-fungi. Apart from that, they need to be able to dry overnight.

Casual Walkers

Well, if you are going to explore the urban city area, then you must opt for these type of socks. The socks usually need to be odorless as walkers might wear it for the whole day. Apart from that, laundry is not an issue for such travelers.

Air Travellers

Choosing the best socks for air travel needs some experience. It is best to choose compression socks as they help in increasing the blood circulation of the feet. They also limit the swelling of the feet.

Best socks for travel– Reviews & Buying Guide reviews and product descriptions

With this, it is best to choose the fabric of the socks based on the climate of the place you are visiting. With this article, you will learn to choose the best travel socks based on the kind of trip you are opting for.

Travel Compression Socks for Women & Men for Flight Travel

These are innovative travel socks that are very lightweight and durable. The fabric is of good quality, and the socks are reinforced from the heel to toe in such a way that it provides the perfect fit, ventilation, cushioning, and comfort. They are undoubtedly the best support socks for travel.

Compression Socks – Best for Running, Travel, and Cycling

They are the best women’s compression socks for air travel. Even men can wear them. They will provide complete comfort to people who sit for a very long time. Hence, opt for these for your next long air travel.

They are made out of long-lasting and durable fabric. Therefore, you can wash them in the machine as well. The excellent material also maintains a proper temperature, which provides maximum comfort to the person wearing them.

Women and Men Cotton Compression Socks for Travel, Pregnancy, Nurse, Medical

The socks are very stylish and will go with most of the outfits. They provide the utmost comfort and compression. They are also considered to be one of the best men’s compression socks for air travel.

These socks are known to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the feet. They are surely a must-try while traveling and walking.

RUNMI Classic Men’s Solid Color Cotton Socks, Sweat-absorbent, Breathable, and Wearable, Suitable for Sports, Travel, Work

The socks are great, and the best part of it is that they come in a pack of 5. They are made out of 85% cotton fabric and 15% spandex. The socks are elastic and, thus, provide exceptional comfort.

Apart from that, they prevent slippage and promote heel reinforcement. They are the best no show socks for travel as they keep the feet dry and odorless.

Pomeat 10 Pairs Black Disposable Socks Travel Portable Disposable Replacing Stretchy Socks for Sport Business Travel

They are disposable socks and, thus, are best for hiking and mountaineering. The socks are easy to carry, as they are compact and portable.

The fabric of the socks is soft and comfortable as they are made of cotton blends and polyester. They are the best socks to travel with.

Compression Socks, Best Athletic & Medical Socks for Men & Women

They are the best travel socks for long flights. These socks can also be worn while walking long distances. They provide the perfect compression and support needed. The socks will also help you avoid discomfort and pain in your feet.

The socks are constructed with targeted compression zones, which help with fatigue, cramps, and swelling in the feet.

Compression Socks Women & Men – Best Medical, Nursing, Hiking, Travel & Flight Socks-Running & Fitness

They are premium quality circulation socks. They are made out of 85% nylon fabric, 10% polyester fabric, and 5% of elastane fabric. They are comfortable yet have a great grip.

The fabric is very durable, and thus, these socks can be washed in the machine as well. They are the best quick-dry socks for travel because if its fabric composition. They come in a pack of 3.

PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock for Men and Women

They are the best socks for travel walking. The socks provide proper compression by improving the blood flow of the feet. They provide compression in the ankle, and thus, it is possible to walk longer distances wearing them. They improve the oxygen flow by preventing swelling, fatigue, and cramps in the feet.

Copper Compression Socks for Men & Women

The manufacturers have used the benefits of copper in constructing these socks. Copper is known as a great conductor of electricity. The same way its natural properties are used in these socks to promote good blood circulation. The socks are constructed with the help of copper fibers. They are the best support socks for travel.

Bluemaple Compression Socks for Women and Men

They are fashionable ankle compression socks. They provide varying levels of comfort and relief. These socks are known to heal muscle strains by improving blood circulation. Hence, they can be legitimately called the best socks for travel walking. You can carry them for a trekking trip or an exploration trip to an urban city.


Travel socks are a must-have accessory for both moving out and regular use. These high travel socks are made to give added comfort and support to your feet while traveling.

They improve blood circulation and keep your feet happy so that you can explore different places without fatigue and swelling. So, make sure to invest in one of these travel products.


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