Best Stylish Camera Bag for Travel 2019: Capture the World with Style!

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Buying a new professional camera and a new lens is such a massive investment. To keep your valuables and photography equipment safe in one place, you may want to also invest in a bag meant for it. A stylish camera bag for travel can protect all your camera accessories while on the road and serve as a haven for all your photography gears when they are not in use.

Gone are the days when we use a simple shoulder bag to carry all our gears. These days, there is no lack of choices, such as shoulder bags, backpacks, belt packs, roller bags, messenger bags, etc. In this guide, we will help you decide the best camera bag for you.

The Best Stylish Camera Bag Comparison Chart

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Best Camera Bag for Travel and What to Consider

Reasons why should you get a camera bag

  • Your camera costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, a camera bag protects your valuable investment, as simple as that. You won’t have to buy a new camera when you can store it safely.
  • The straps and inside of bag have padding. As a result, you can ensure peace of mind when carrying the bag without worrying about your equipment. Plus, the paddings also help you carry your heavy photography equipment comfortably.
  • Most camera bags are made to be waterproof outside. So, there no worry working on rainy days. These bags also dry quickly and avoid moisture.
  • You can choose from wide range of camera bags according to your budget and your type of equipment.
  • You do not need to lug your expensive camera on your hand while traveling, you can keep it in the bag if you’re not using it!

Do you need a camera bag

If you own a camera and couple other photography related tools such as a tripod or extra lenses and loves taking photos while traveling, then in short, yes.

Without a camera bag, you would carry your camera either in whatever bag you’re using or with your hands. When some cameras are cheap, there are still some models like DSLRs which are quite expensive. So, there is no point spending that much on a digital camera if you will risk it to damage without carrying it in a proper camera bag. Camera bags are meant to protect your valuable investment, so there is less risk of damage, whether you hit it over something or drop it.

Not to mention, if you’re traveling often with your equipment, it is always good to have them in one place so there’s no need to fumble around different bags to find everything. Also, a good camera bag has tons of pockets and as well padded dividers that will help you organize your tools plus extra compartments for such things as a water bottle, your wallet, your passport, etc.

Plus, if you’re wondering if there are such things are stylish camera bags and don’t like those typical black bags that most photographers use then don’t fret! There are more companies nowadays who produces pretty bags that can blend in with yout outfit, if that’s the case why you need one.

How to choose the best camera bag for you


Consider how many accessories do you carry? Are you going to bring everything or some of them? This way, you can decide the size of bag to look for. Are you going to add flash or extra lenses?

The more kit you are carrying, the heavier the bag is going to be. So, find out if gripped or pro-sized DSLRs are suitable for your bag.


When traveling, most people don’t exactly bother with what style of bags they have. However, there are still many people who care about this and hopes to find a stylish camera bag that doesn’t look like your ordinary bag camera bags most have accustomed to. There are a wide variety of styles available nowadays for you to choose from.

Also, you might consider how much you’re carrying around and base the style out of that. Typically, the more you carry the more space you need and the heavier the bag will be, therefore, it is more comfortable to buy a backpack for this. However, if you’re only carrying a body and a couple of other lenses (travel kit), then it is best to buy a shoulder bag that is small enough but easy to carry around while exploring new destinations.

Active or Passive

An active bag is something which will let you carry all the gadgets with you and be more flexible. Some of these types of bags are sling, backpacks, shoulder and modular bags. On the other side, passive bags are ideal to move all your gadgets and even provide ample storage to carry your kit. But these bags are not suited for photographers who are always moving.


Best camera bag for travel must have removable inserts and nice padding. Detachable inserts should enable you to customize bags according to your equipment and padding gives added protection and keeps your gadgets from crashing.

A camera bag generally has zippers. You also want the best camera bag travel that is built to last. Be sure exterior fabrics can resist wear and tear. They are well made and can withstand everything.

The types of camera bags

DSLR Style Camera Bags

You can choose from different types of DSLR camera bags. They are compact and small cases that have enough room to store DSLR camera with attached lens, a secondary lens, and accessories like batteries and memory cards. It is the best camera bag for DSLR, especially for photographers who don’t carry around so many pieces of equipment.

Messenger Bag

These are the best camera bags for travel as they are very stylish and practical. They have a lot of zips and components. They give quick access to your camera and have enough room to carry around three lenses. Usually, a messenger bag is made of leather or fabric. They look much like laptop bags and can be worn over one shoulder.


These types of bags are designed to carry your camera with one lens. It is made to hang off your belt around the waist. It gives easy access to camera and essential accessories. But your camera sits well with thick padding. It also has in-built rain protector.

Roller Bags

These are very easy to transport large amounts of camera gear without carrying it on the back. Simply speaking, using it is like carrying the whole home studio along. It also comes with a built-in lock for added protection.

Camera Backpacks

These heavy-duty backpacks are used by those photographers who are always on the move. It can carry all your lenses, gears, filters, etc. and you can also carry other things like food, water, clothes, etc.

Tripod Bags

Tripods are very hard to carry around. They are very comfortable to carry along, and they add more protection to your tripod and can save you from strapping it with the backpack.

Stylish Camera Bag Reviews and Product Descriptions

You might be using a specific bag already. But there is no point compromising solid protection for the style. In fact, you may also buy some of the cool and trendy camera bags for yourself or as a gift to your loved photographer friend. In this review, you will learn about the best camera bags for traveling.

You can carry virtually every model of DSLR cameras in Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack. It is durable and light enough for prolonged use. Along with DSLRs, it can also carry lenses and all accessories. It also enables swift rotation to the front to pick up DSLR on the go. Its mesh pockets can also hold small gears.

BLUBOON Vintage Canvas Camera Bag is elegant yet beautiful with an old-school vintage appeal. It has several interior pockets to store things and to keep them well organized. These backpacks are best suited for work, school, hiking, and traveling. It can also carry your wallet, 15.6” laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone, tablet, water bottle, clothes, umbrella, etc.

The ONA Brooklyn Bag is designed well to keep your camera and all your equipment safe. Its padding is thick enough, and flap adds another layer of protection. You won’t have to worry breaking your lenses if you carry them in your bag.

Koolertron Waterproof Vintage DSLR camera bag is truly stylish and sturdy. The camera bag is truly made of rock-solid PU leather. It is completely manmade material that has all the qualities of leather. It doesn’t need much care like leather. It is the best DSLR camera bag for travel as it has enough room to fit your DSLR with two lenses.

It is one of the best DSLR camera bags for travel from AmazonBasics. It has enough space to carry DSLR, its lenses, and all the camera accessories. The beauty of this stylish camera bag is its removable interior. You can adjust it according to your needs to fit DSLR camera, accessories and two lenses.

Made of pure canvas leather, Peacechaos DSLR SLR Vintage Camera messenger bag is known for its durability and sturdiness. You can carry your DSLR camera along without any discomfort on your crazy and wild adventures or your outdoor travel.

Made of durable and ultra-strong canvas, Leaper large DSLR SLR Camera backpack is your multi-use companion and the best camera backpack for travel. It is made of skin-friendly and satiny soft fabric. It adds more casual feel, and you will easily carry it along without any stress.

[easyazon_image align="center" height="333" identifier="B00D6OLTR0" locale="US" src="" tag="prettywildw02-20" width="500"]

It is both your fashion shoulder bag and DSLR camera bag. It is waterproof and durable to keep your gadgets dry even in rainy days. It has padded shockproof camera insert that has adjustable dividers to remove or repose dividers to protect your camera and all equipment against shock and damages.

If you want both style and functionality, Sanlise Black vintage messenger bag is designed for you. It is convenient, stylish and classic. It carries not just your camera kit, but more than that. It gives added protection with padded lining. You can fit one DSLR camera, one iPad, and two lenses.

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Looking for the the best stylish camera bag for travel on the market? Check out this travel gear guide that will tell you how to find and choose the best camera bag, best camera bag for travel, best camera bag for dslr, best dslr camera bag for travel, best camera sling bag for travel, and best camera backpack for travel! #stylishcamerabag #travelgear #travel #travelpacking #backpacking


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