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Top 14 BEST Tours in Norway

What is Norway famous for? It is most famous for its Fjords and mountains! There is no match with the Fjords anywhere in this world. Norway provides us with the best Fjords and mountains, national parks, glaciers, and sports, etc.

There are many places you can plan to visit, keeping in mind the best places will fetch your heart and fill it will love for the place. Let me tell you-Your trip to Norway is incomplete if you do not experience the Northern lights.

You will love the experiences of Northern lights walk, LoenSkylift, UNESCO Fjord Bus tour, Voss Gondol, and cable car excursion. They will definitely make you feel smart to have thought of and decided on the right trip for your vacations.

Here is the list of best tours in Norway which you cannot afford to miss at any cost if you got to visit Norway.

Top 14 BEST Tours in Norway

Northern Lights 7-Hour Tour from Tromsø

Northern lights in Tromsø, Norway

This tour will sway your heart. You got to experience Northern lights in the area and spent the evening surrounded by tall mountains and deep fjords. You sit by the bonfire and augment your knowledge about Norwegian culture. This trip is mainly for natural beauty lovers.

They can make awesome memories in the lap of nature and can click unlimited stunning shots. The blue-sky view will make this tour memorable, that everyone will always want to come back again.


Oslo: Half-Day Panoramic Lakes and Forests Hiking Tour

While hiking in the forest, enjoy the stunning landscapes. The top of the hill will provide you the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Olso. Stroll along the beautiful lake of Maridalsvannet and click adorable nature pictures to always keep with you, the trip memories.

Take the best views from the top of the mountain, looking at major parts of Olso. Come out and enjoy nature while hiking in the forest.


Tromsø: Self-Drive Husky Dog Sledding Adventure

Dog Sledding

Believe us, it is a lifetime experience of driving your team of huskies across the Arctic wilderness. This tour is also an interactive way to famous home-made chocolate cake and a hot drink in Sami Lavvo. You can interact with the kennel of 130 Alaskans huskies, before and after the trip. Learn how to be hands-on with the dogs and how to control your sled.


Tromsø: Ice Domes Guided Tour and Reindeer Visit

Get the amazing opportunity to live in ice hotels and also to know about the stories carved in the icy hotels. Watch the production of video in the ice cinema along with enjoying the non-alcoholic ice shots in the ice bar.

We are sure you will not find these world-famous ice domes anywhere else in the world. So, don’t miss out on this adventure in the best tours in Norway.

Set among the high mountains, these Tromsø ice domes are built every year near the Polar Night. This is a world-class experience to live ‘in’ the ice, see the icy walls with wonderful textures on them.

And, when the tour has ended, there is another exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss out on, that is, you’ll get have the chance to visit and feed the small reindeer outside the domes free of charge.


Trondheim Like a Local: Customized Private Tour

things to do in trondheim Featured

Experience the Trondheim through the eyes of passionate locals and the best thing- customize your tour according to your interests. Travel not just places but the depth of the adorable people living there.

This trip is an insightful tour of the beauty of the city. We are sure you will love to see the beauty in the architecture and the appearance of the buildings, lakes, and the hearts living there has.


Tromsø: Snowmobile Safari in the Beautiful Lyngen Alps

Dog Sledding

This is an exciting tour to let you experience the beauty of the Lyngen Alps and Fjords in the snowmobile excursion. Cross the Ullsfjord in the panoramic café and lead your way to the Lyngen Alps.

You will surely love the Nice and quite Snowmobile safari in the mountains. We are sure you can learn in minutes to learn to control and enjoy a snowmobile.


Night Reindeer Sledding, Dinner & Chance of Northern Lights

Reindeer safari in Salla, Finnish Lapland

Feed the reindeer and go reindeer shedding in the nighttime. Along with the traditional Sami dinner, listen to their cultural stories and believes by Sami reindeer herders.

This tour will definitely leave you in deep love with adorable reindeers. The reindeer and the Sami have been living here for centuries and working together. They are now feeling pleasure to have guests on their lands to have more fun while working.


Bergen: Private Tour with a Local

Things to do in Bergen

Local Bergen guide will lead you to the hidden gems of the place and also the most popular destinations, which you cannot afford to miss visiting. You will meet friendly people and get to know a lot about this enriching place.

You can choose hours of roaming in the city according to your wish as per the city people you live with, wants. They will tell you the secrets the city encloses within itself.


Tromsø: Fjord and Islands Luxury Catamaran Cruise

Fjord ship cruise ship f

image via Peakpx

This tour mainly consists of sailing the stunning fjords and islands that surround Tromsø. Sailing through the clear waters, admire the landscape around. Don’t forget to taste the traditional fish soup.

It has the best taste which you cannot miss. Just glide along the waters and marvel at the beautiful mountain regions. Thermal suits will help you in the whole tour, and traditional fish will make your memories tasty.

This will be a very comfortable experience, even if you are sailing on a cruise for the first time. Just hold your breath and board the cruise for much more great experiences in Norway.


Oslo: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus & Boat Tour Options

top tourist attractions in oslo norway oslo opera house

This will let you enjoy the panoramic views of the city of Olso and that too on a top-open double-decker bus. Go to Olso parliament, Olso City Hall and Royal Palace and watch a show at Olso Opera House.

Enjoy a drink at Clarian Royal Christiania Hotel, and don’t forget to visit the vibrant harbor and cruise ship terminal. What to know about the best shopping place? It’s the Aker Brygge gift shop. You will get to enjoy informative onboard audio tour commentary throughout the tour.


Oslo Fjord 2-Hour Sightseeing Cruise

top tourist attractions in oslo norway schema

This 2-hour boat tour will take you to an entirely new world- a world of beauty and experiences. You will explore the unique islands and colorful houses of Olso fjord.

You can take charming snaps at the cruise, which will add to the fun and comfort at the cruise in the best tours in Norway.

Beautiful hills, amazing streets, and charming landscapes will fetch your heart out!


Oslo: 7-Hour Grand Tour and Fjord Cruise

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit oslo norway

This tour will take to some of the must-see sights of Olso- the Viking Ship Museum, Holmenkollen ski Jump, and Vigeland Sculpture Park.

The famous museum will take you to the wooden ship, which is claimed to have traveled farthest in the north and south than any other. Do not miss out on seeing the impressive Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Stroll through the famous parks.


3-Hour Private Oslo & Viking Ship Museum Walking Tour

top tourist attractions in oslo norway viking ship museum

The tour will start at the Nobel Peace Center. The heart of Olso city has the most beautiful Viking Ship Museum. Traversing the paths of the museum, you will learn a lot about the Viking and the city traditions and culture. You will enjoy listening to the tales of the people, their gods, and customs.


Tromsø: Fjord Cruise and Tasting Experience

Best tours in Norway: Whale watching in Tromsø

The scenery around Tromsø is so stunning and spectacular that it is worth admiring. Delve deep into the local wildlife while enjoying the lip-smacking beverages.

Observe and enjoy the Sea Eagles, Dolphins, Seals, Porpoises, Reindeer, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even see a whale! Learning about Norwegian culture and history will add to your knowledge and will be fun, anyway.

If you want to see more, read our post about the small beautiful towns in Norway.


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So, planning for your vacation? Don’t you know the best places to visit? Here! Let me tell you! Norway is very famous for its spectacular views and beautiful places, be it Fjords, mountains, lakes, etc.

You get the best experiences there with Reindeers, seeing the ice dome, the Northern lights, surfing in its clear, pure waters, the city tours. All are just awesome to have lovely experiences and to have some mind-blowing clicks.

These experiences will not only lend you many memories but will teach you a lot about the local people’s culture, traditions and will bring you with their famous home-made dishes, like the hot chocolate, fish soup, etc. It will let you enjoy the cruise, the double-decker, boat, and much more.

The museum and your friendship with the local people will lend you a good knowledge of the city for a lifetime. Best tours in Norway have been listed for you. Choose the best one, considering your fields of interest and the extent of adventure you want to have!

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