Top 10 BEST Tours in Stockholm You Can Be Part Of!


Booking tours in Stockholm will help you explore Stockholm in many different ways, diversifying your experience about place, people, and culture.

Whether your goal to visit Sweden is to experience its great outdoors, or just to learn about its rich history. From engaging in activities that take you closer to nature like a hike, or taking an amphibious bus to see the city through its waterways. There are plenty of options to choose from, and they all tell you a different story about this stunning country.

If you are a foodie, there is a tour for you that lets you savor some famous Swedish delicacies, and for the history lovers, there is a walking tour of the Old Town. Below are some of the famous tours in Stockholm that contain, in essence, the best of its capital city Stockholm.


Top 10 BEST Tours in Stockholm

Stockholm Winter Tour by Boat
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Stockholm Winter Tour by Boat

Stockholm in winter turns into a literal fairyland think pristine snow covering the mountain tops and the trees alike. And so it becomes all the more mandatory to revel in Stockholm’s winter scenery. For this particular reason, there is a winter tour of Stockholm’s docks by boat.

The Stockholm boat tour winds along the undulating waves taking you on a memorable journey. You also pass by majestic historical monuments and the city’s archipelago island Fjäderholmarna making it a sort of Stockholm Archipelago tour.

If you get lucky and the water is frozen enough, you can even take part in icebreaking. On the boat, a guide will also be there who shares interesting anecdotes and gets you familiarized with the past of the buildings and monuments you pass by.

And when it gets too difficult to brave the cold, you can even get a steaming hot bowl of the famous Swedish pea soup and Swedish Glögg. The duration of this Stockholm tour is about an hour; at the end of which, you will be dropped off in Stockholm city.


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ABBA: The Museum is one of the top things to do in Stockholm.

ABBA The Museum

Who doesn’t know about ABBA, the Swedish band that took the music industry by storm during the 70s? When you are in Sweden, particularly in Stockholm, if you go back without visiting the ABBA museum, then you are surely going to miss out on something great.

ABBA, the museum, is located on Djurgården, which is an island in Stockholm. The tour includes a visit to this spectacular museum where you get to see ABBA costumes, their records, personal belongings, ABBA paraphernalia, and much more. You can even sing with their 3D avatars at the Polar Studio.

What’s more, you can even try on their costumes—all in all, a very exciting and memorable experience indeed. And if you are an avid ABBA fan, this museum is a must-see. To visit the museum however you need an entry ticket that you will have to book in advance.


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Stockholm: Land and Water Tour by Amphibious Bus

In this tour, you get to see the best of Stockholm in a bus that not only moves on land but also on the water. This thrilling tour starts at Strömgatan, where you will be picked up, and the guide on board then shares interesting facts about the places you pass by.

This includes the Royal Theater, the Olympic Stadium, the museum of history, and more. Then comes the fun part, the bus will then enter the water. After a few seconds of turbulence, you will be smooth sailing on the water while the guide tells you about the technical know-how of the bus.

The places that you get to see once the bus is moving on the water are the Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund, the oldest amusement park in Sweden, while it continues to sail along the seashore. Around 70% of the entire 75 minutes of this tour takes place on the water.


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Stockholm- 1.5-Hour Ghost Walk and Historical Tour

If you are a horror movie enthusiast or horror, in general, this 1.5-hour tour of Stockholm ghost walk is definitely for you. To maintain the spooky environment, the guide brings with him a lantern and then enthralls you with his stories about the eerie history of Gamla Stan, stories about vampires, unsolved mysteries and murders.

The guide takes you through narrow and dark alleyways, which are a perfect setting to further make the storytelling spooky.


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Stockholm Archipelago
Image by Edutainment from Pixabay

Stockholm Archipelago Cruise with Guide

If you have limited time on hand but still want to see the best of Stockholm on a 2.5-hour journey, this Stockholm Archipelago tour is your best bet. The cruise boat takes you on an exciting journey sailing along Stockholm’s quayside, where you pass by the second biggest archipelago located in the Baltic Sea.

The guide also shares information about the famous places you pass by. For this tour, two main cruise ships are used, either the M/S Östanå I, which was built in the year 1906 or S/S Stockholm, which was built in 1931. One of the great tours in Stockholm, especially if you want to see and experience the best of Stockholm in just 2.5 hours time.


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Old Town Stockholm Sweden
via Wikimedia Commons|Bengt Nyman

Stockholm Old Town Walking Tour

To really know the Swedish history and culture, this Stockholm tour of the Old town is something that you should engage in as the starting point of your entire tour of this country. This tour of the Old town or the Gamla Stan is a fun and educational way of taking a peek into Swedish historical past. Here you get to see the famous statue of the founder of Stockholm- Riddarholmskyrkan.

Additionally, you also get to see famous palaces that date back to the 1600s. The guide will share snippets of information about all the legendary places you come across while on this tour.

The entire Gamla Stan has cobblestone streets, and to walk on these same streets that were trodden on by the lords and ladies of that time feels extraordinary. The tour is of 90 minutes and can be covered in a half day’s time.


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Stockholm Pass

The Stockholm Pass is a convenient way to see almost every part of this beautiful city, all the while saving a huge amount of money. With this pass that also comes with a free guidebook, you can avail of so many offers.

The guidebook is filled with useful information; it also gives you pro tips on how to make full use of your Stockholm pass. The pass makes you eligible to be a part of various cultural and historical tours, see palaces, amusement parks without spending anything extra.

The Stockholm pass also makes you eligible for riding free on buses and boats as well. The Stockholm pass gives you a free pass to over 60 main attractions in the city, including tours to the Royal Palace, a boat tour of the Fjäderholmarna Islands, and much more.


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Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

Welcome to Stockholm: Private Tour with a Local

In this Stockholm walking tour of 2-8 hours, you will be part of a pre-arranged meeting with a local. The tour takes you on a more personal journey of the city and your neighborhood in particular.

The locals will share insights about where you can get the best groceries, where you can get good discounts on shopping, where you get the best local food, and much more. The meeting point can be a nearby landmark close to where you are staying or anywhere famous as a coffee shop.

If you get tired while walking so much, you can even take public transport or a private taxi. The taxi, however, will have to be pre-arranged. By the end of this tour, it is a given that you will be much more confident to navigate around on your own.


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Stockholm: The Nordic Food Walk

Stockholm: The Nordic Food Walk takes you on a heavenly gastronomic journey. The four hours of Stockholm walking tour takes you on an amazing journey of Stockholm’s iconic food markets. At Östermalmshallen- the city’s market place you get to sample locally made cheeses and meats. The guide from here on takes you on a tour of the city, all the while introducing to you some delectable Swedish classic foods.

For lunch, you are taken to the city’s food market, and here you can eat mouthwatering Swedish seafood to your heart’s content because no great meal should end without something sweet, as for dessert.

You get a lot of choices when it comes to divine gourmet chocolates. At Gamla Stan, you can visit a small factory where they make traditional Swedish sweets. To end the tour on a sweet note, you are treated to famous Swedish coffee and aromatic cinnamon rolls.


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cityscape sweden stockholm tours
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Stockholm: 2-Hour Under the Bridges Boat Tour

Under the bridges boat tour is one of the perfect tours in Sweden, for both everyone from a solo traveler to the families touring in the country. During this 2.15 hours tour, you will get to experience the beautiful city of Stockholm from the waterway. The Stockholm boat tour takes you on memorable sightseeing of this city while cruising under many bridges.

Onboard, you also get to listen to the audio guide commentary about the places that you see along the way in 10 different languages. This Stockholm tour also takes you closer to Stockholm’s inner city, where you get to see the Gamla Stan, Royal Djurgården, the island of Södermalm, and much more.


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cityscape sweden stockholm tours


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