Top 13 Best Travel Apps for iPhone and Android


Looking for the best travel apps out there to help you organize your travels? Read this post now and learn about! We have compiled the best apps for you.

Looking for the best travel apps out there? Read further and learn more about it!

Mobile applications or in simple words Apps have made information accessible, especially when you travel. In today’s time, no matter where you go, you have access to everything from cabs to lodging, to places to eat for your convenience.

Different types of applications bring the world closer to us, more so, closer to our fingertips.

Mobile applications give us the information we need in seconds. And because we have phones with us at every point of life, we are always close to information.

Meaning anytime we want or need; we can search for things or perform certain tasks. Just like Instagram is for networking and Uber is for cabs, there are some great applications that one can use while traveling and making it easy to find anything or everything on the road. The following are the list of top travel apps that one can use while being on the road.

Top 13 Best Travel Apps for iPhone and Android

Best travel apps for booking flights and accommodation

These apps are great for on the go bookings as you can also keep all of your details in the app so it keeps your documents organized.

Airbnb app

Airbnb – Best app for short term rentals

Airbnb is a great platform to seek accommodation all over the world. You can find great apartments with a full kitchen and living space for a decent price.

Monthly rentals are also possible with Airbnb if you’re going to stay in one destination for a longer period of time.

If you’re interested in using Airbnb in the future, you can use our code to get $35 off your first booking! Book it here.

This app is available in both IOS and Android. app – Best app for hotels and hostels

Here at Pretty, Wild World we pretty much only use for all hotel booking when we travel. Mainly because this app is really handy as you can easily organize all your hotel bookings easily and efficiently.

Also, you can find great deals and discounts that can truly help you cut down the cost of your travels.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Best travel apps for languages and translations

If you’re planning to travel to a destination where they speak a different language like most countries in Asia and Europe, then having an effective translation app would serve you well.

google translate

Google Translate – Best language translator app

This is another on the list of top travel apps, a lifesaver for travelers who are in countries where they don’t know the local language, Google Translate is another one of Google’s top-rated apps.

If you are in a country where people speak a different language, for example, you are in a small hamlet in France, and you don’t know a word of French, then this is the app that helps you.

The app helps translate words and sentences in more than 100 languages facilitating translation of dictation and allowing one to listen to translations.

They also have regional options for some languages like English for the UK, USA, Korean, Hindi or Bengali for India or Bangladesh. The world opens up more with Google Translate, even if you don’t know a specific language.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Best travel apps for tech and digital nomads

Either you’re a tech-savvy or a digital nomad, these following apps with help you get some work done while on the road.

Wifi finder app

Free WIFI Finder – Best travel app for Digital Nomads

Mobile phones and tablets have made communication simpler. They are portable and can be carried anywhere. Usually, one uses the 4G network or connects to a home or office network to operate their tablets or mobiles to get information from the internet.

But if you are traveling and don’t know how or where to get WIFI or free wireless spots, then the Free WIFI Finder will be your best bet to get internet access.

This free app can scan for public WIFI or free wireless hotspots near you, anywhere in the world. It can also call the hotspot, get directions to its location, and filter the results by provider type or location. It works online and offline as well, and the offline database has to be downloaded.

Free WIFI can be a blessing in a foreign country as you can keep up with communications and use other apps for travel.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Mspy app

mSpy – Best parental control app

mSpy is a parental control app, so to say, that allows parents to keep tabs on the online activities of their children remotely. However, if you are traveling, it can allow your loved ones to know that you are safe when in a different country.

The mSpy dashboard displays all activities of the target device (the device of the person who is traveling).

It keeps a tab on a multitude of activities but for travel and safety, features like GPS tracking, photos and videos can be watched over by parents or family as you travel abroad.

There are a few other tracking apps, but this one has GPS mobile tracking free and all the other features which ensure the user’s safety.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Best apps for socializing and event locator

If you’re a solo traveler you might sometimes find yourself looking for company and these apps are the perfect ones to not only find local events but also to find new friends and travel companions.

Facebook local app

Local (Facebook event app) – Best local events finder app

The Facebook Local app enables a person to see events and places that have been recommended by their friends. This is one of the top travel apps that you can use and access easily and for free.

This app will ensure that you get to see places or events of your interest when you are in a different country or region. It shows the updates from hosts and pages that you follow. Activities and events near you can be filtered by category, time, or location.

You can add them to your calendars or get notifications about upcoming or similar events. This way, your itinerary will be almost perfect, and no time will be wasted in trying to look for what interests you while you are on the move.

Apps these days have made life easier to manage, and also to manage time more effectively. The apps mentioned above can make travel easy and pleasant.

You don’t have to worry about finding places, searching for WIFI, traveling locally, not speaking the local language, or finding your kind of food.

These days apps make it extremely easy to move around, making the world a more friendly place for globe trotters.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Facebook app

Facebook – Best app for networking and finding destination group communities

As we all know, Facebook is an amazing social media platform that connects us to people we have met without factoring distance.

That said, it comes very handily when you arrive at a new destination. How? Find destination-related groups you can join and ask questions and connect with likeminded people.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Best restaurant apps

If you’re on a specific diet, sometimes traveling to a new country can be daunting as you might not find anything that meets your dietary requirements. These apps will help you locate restaurants perfect for you!

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Happy Cow app

Happy Cow (For vegans) – Best vegan restaurant locator app

Food is important for humans, and many have certain lifestyles and beliefs that focus on the food consumed.

Jains don’t eat garlic and onion, many are vegetarians, Muslims eat only halal, and vegans have certain restriction on what they eat. So, because food is important even when you travel, the Happy Cow app brings convenience to vegans on the move.

It is a crowdsourced directory of vegetarian, vegan and veg-friendly eateries and restaurants all over the world.

You can do a pre-trip search and use the “Trips” feature to save an offline listing of local vegan restaurants. Or use the “See Everything Nearby” feature to find your kind of restaurant.

When you are on the move, finding specialist eateries like a vegan one can be a task, and that is when this app can be very helpful.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Tripadvisor app

TripAdvisor / Yelp – Best app to find good restaurants

These apps are good for many other things but one most people use it for is to find good restaurants based on reviews and ratings. You can easily find local restaurants the masses love!

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Other awesome travel apps

Google Maps app

Google Maps – Best travel app for direction, GPS, and maps

Traveling anywhere? Or need to find the nearest grocery store? All any of us need to do is whip out the phone and open the Google Maps app. It’s the most go-to app used these days.

So much so that they even have reviews of places you look for. It is found in most smartphones, and it quickly picks up the user’s location, making it easier to use and navigate around any given city in the world.

You can use it to find your way irrespective of the mode of transport used, as it shows the route and time using a car, public transport or if you decide to go on foot. This app also shows how busy a place is in real-time, as you search for a restaurant, theatre, or museum.

One can download specific routes for offline use as well or search for something using filters.

For example, you can find a hotel with free breakfast, Wi-Fi, or one that is pet-friendly. Google Maps is a great app to have on the go as it makes life much easier.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Trail wallet app

Trail Wallet – Best travel expense tracker and budget app

Many travelers find it difficult to keep track of the expenses when they are traveling. And if you don’t track it well, then your trip might become over budget, expensive or you may run out of cash.

When we are on the move, it may not be easy to track all our expenses as there is so much to do on the way. With Trail wallet, you can track your expenses easily and focus on the fun.

It is simple to use and gives the traveler the financial freedom to move in peace.

You can organize your spend, customize the categories, and then add in your expenses. It will give you a comprehensive view of your remaining budget and how much you have spent.

There are backups, and you can share images and create different trips for tracking. The main feature is it is simple and can be customized the way you want to view it.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Grab app

Grab / Uber / Lyft – Best transportation app

In most countries, if you need a taxi, the first app that comes to mind in Uber. Most countries have an Uber service and its a great way to get around.

If you are unsure of how to use public transport or don’t want to walk much then book an Uber and get to your destination quickly.

Grab is the southeastern version of Uber. It works on the same principles, but it’s just that you find this only in some countries, especially in Asian ones. Lyft is also a mobile app that offers car rides, bicycle-sharing scooters to customers.

All of these apps help a traveler in getting around quickly and without any hassle. You don’t have to haggle with cab drivers or try to communicate in a foreign language. All you do is enter the pick and drop locations and ride away.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Trail wallet app

Globe-tipping – Best tipping app

Tipping is a common practice in many countries, and if you do not tip the server, it is often considered rude. If you are new to a country and don’t know if tipping is allowed or not, use GlobeTips.

Every country has different rules and rates in relation to tipping. If you tip in a country where it isn’t common practice or don’t do it where it is expected, it can lead to embarrassment.

This app calculates everything for you. It automatically detects your location and automatically calculates tips.

The app also has a bill recognition feature and can divide the tips among a number of people. It automatically picks up the currency and has information on tips for 240+ countries.

This app is available in both IOS and Android.

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Best Travel Apps | Are you planning your trips and want to stay organized? Read this post to learn more about the best mobile apps international travelers found useful. Check this post now or pin it for later read! #traveltips #travelapps #travelideas #bucketlist

Best Travel Apps | Are you planning your trips and want to stay organized? Read this post to learn more about the best mobile apps international travelers found useful. Check this post now or pin it for later read! #traveltips #travelapps #travelideas #bucketlist


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