Best Travel Toiletry Bag 2019: Top Travel Kit Bag Reviews!

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Are you planning a trip somewhere soon and is wondering how to organize your luggage? Ditch the ziplock bags because you can use a travel kit bag that passes through security without overly exposing your toilet kit to the public.

Are you in a hurry? This is our top recommended and top-rated travel toiletry bag!

Make your life easy by organizing all of your toiletries in one bag for easy access and easy packing! There are tons of ways to organize your luggage if you’re traveling but sometimes, if you’re short on time, this is an impossible task.

One great tip is to get a general travel kit bag where you can keep all your approved airplane sized toiletries (usually anything under 100ml) so whenever you are going somewhere, you just simply grab, chuck, and go.

Of course, if you’re going to keep your travel toiletry bag organizer in your check-in luggage, there’s no need for you to follow the TSA rules but the same tip above works even if you don’t take your toiletries in your carry on luggage. If you’re a frequent traveler, this will only make your life easy!

The Best Travel Toiletry Bag Comparison Chart

WANDF EXPANDABLE TOILETRY BAG13 x 4 x 10Water resistant nylonNO4.5/5CHECK PRICE
LILLIPUT HANGING TOILETRY BAG & COSMETIC ORGANIZER10.2 x 5.1 x 7.9High-density 600D polyester and 210D ripstop nylonNO4.5/5CHECK PRICE
TRAVEL COSMETICS BAG BY HANKCLES29.5 x 1 x 12High-density 600D polyester and 210D ripstop nylon
EBAGS PACK-IT-FLAT TOILETRY KIT9.2 x 14 x 2.2TechLite Diamond NylonYES4.4/5CHECK PRICE
7SENSES HANGING TOILETRY BAG10.6 x 3.9 x 7.9Water resistant nylonYES4.4/5CHECK PRICE
Water resistant nylonYES4.5/5CHECK PRICE

A Travel Gear Guide: How to choose the best travel toiletry bag for you!

What is a travel toiletry bag?

A toiletry bag is an accessory, which is used when traveling. You can insert all your toiletry items in this bag. A travel toiletry organizer bag, a toilet kit, or a toilet bag contains accessories related to body hygiene and toilet supplies.

Typical contents of toiletry bags for travel include a toothbrush, shaving kit, shaving brush, shaving foam, contact lenses, tweezers, deodorant, dental floss, etc. These will snugly fit into a best travel toiletry bag while you are traveling.

It can also be used to house the above accessories in situations where shelves to store the above items are not readily available.

Why do you need a toiletry bag for travel?

A tough workout, a long-duration flight ride or an overnight stay are all within your bounds if you have your Dopp kit with you.

Your kit should be stocked with stuff like deodorant, razor, solid cologne, essential grooming products that you need when on a business trip. In it, you can carry a do-anything moisturizer, soap and body wash, a disposable razor, a no-fuss shaving cream, a hard working hard cream, a travel toothbrush, a powder toothpaste, etc.

A good toiletry bag houses all the above items snugly into it so that they can be summoned for use whenever required. At times, the best toiletry bag can also accommodate a medical kit or a first aid kit.

Best travel kit bag reviews and product descriptions

After having researched some toiletry bags, the following types have been shortlisted and reviewed. The links to each are mentioned against each name, giving the resources from which the review is taken. It will not be wrong to say that these are the top toiletry bags to have.

The WANDF is your best hanging travel toiletry bag which carries all your essential toiletries. This hanging toiletry bag is expandable and can be used in different ways.

The capacity of carrying things can be easily customized which makes it ideal for traveling. This hanging travel organizer has all the utilities like a metal hook that can rotate 360 degrees, a detachable pocket that will not leak, and multiple pockets which make it easy to use anywhere.

You will not have to keep looking for everything as the separate compartments will keep everything sorted and in place. The WANDF toiletry bag is made of a very light material which is also waterproof, and thus it is ideal for traveling.

  • Other Colors Available: No
  • Material: High-density 600D polyester and 210D ripstop nylon
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.1 x 7.9 inches
  • Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

No matter how big your cosmetic bottles are, this hanging toiletry bag has space for all. You will not even have to look for every single thing individually as there are clear pockets which make the task very easy.

The handle on the travel toiletry organizer bag makes it convenient to hang in a bathroom on a towel rod or a hook. You will never have to worry about the build of the bag, and it zips as they are of top quality.

If you are looking for a large toiletry bag which also has some sense of style to it, then the Hankcles travel cosmetic bag is the one you want. Along with style, it is also made of sturdy nylon, is waterproof and easy to clean.

The hook on the travel toiletry organizer makes it convenient to use. You can organize your toiletries and cosmetics easily with the multiple mesh pockets it has.

Carry this travel toiletry bag to your vacation, business trip or a night stay at a friends place and always have your essential cosmetics and toiletries with you.

The eBags toiletry kit has a flat design and thus it makes it easy to store in your main luggage packing things inside it is also quite smooth.

Inside the flat travel toiletry bag, you also get a handy pocket mirror which is very useful when you are traveling. You can easily organize your essential cosmetics in the four different compartments of this travel toiletry organizer.

The 7senses hanging toiletry bag, which has various compartments and ample space, is perfect for the ones who are looking for both style and durability.

The pockets of the hanging travel organizer are transparent, and thus it makes it easy to find the required cosmetics easily.

With this bag, you will never have to worry about spilling things as it has compartments that keep the bottles upright and is made of nylon. Thus it is also easy to clean.

You can even wash the bag in a washing machine when you feel there is a need.

Whether you are him or her this hanging toiletry bag from Expert Travel will be spacious enough to store all your cosmetics and toiletries.

These large toiletry bags for travel are not just very spacious but also has an exquisite and impressive look. Since the material of the bag is waterproof, you will never have to worry about liquids spilling out of your bag and spoiling other essential things in your luggage.

You can even hang this bag which makes it easy to access all your cosmetics while you are inside the washroom.

The HaloVa toiletry bag comes with large space and a beautiful look. From the inside, it is made entirely for your convenience. You will never have a problem in finding any of your cosmetics with the HaloVa toiletry case.

The bag also has a hanging hook which allows you to use it as hanging toiletry bag in the washroom and have easy access to the cosmetics you need there. The nylon of high quality makes it sturdy and also waterproof.

If you want to travel with light luggage, then this is the ideal toiletry bag for you. Pro Packing Cubes has made a toiletry bag with a flat design due to which it becomes less space consuming.

There is pouch inside the bag which makes sure that nothing spills out of the bag. You can also use the hook of the hanging travel organizer to hang it on a shower rod, hook or any other convenient place.

The practical design of the compartments and their placing inside this hanging toiletry bag, make it easy for you to find things quickly. This toiletry case is also straightforward to clean, is resistant to stains and odor free.

The Amazon Basics toiletry kit is big enough to store your cosmetics for both long and short tours. You have a big compartment that has been divided into two by a mesh.

Apart from this you also get two more compartments on the outside for quick access. 1680D polyester has been used to make this hanging toiletry bag due to which you can expect no spills.

Also, there is an internal lining which helps to clean the bag from inside easily. The hanging travel organizer has a hook which is handy to hang the bag in the bathroom and easily access the cosmetics of your requirement.


If you do not have enough space to store your toiletries in one place, then also these bags will serve your purpose. These bags will help you organize all your toilet accessories at one location so that you do not have to run from pillar to post hunting for them. At times, your toilet accessories get misplaced due to a shortage of space.

The best travel toiletry bag will remedy that situation and give you adequate space to store all the toiletries that you require on a daily basis. Stocking your best toiletry bag with exciting products will also make the experience of grooming that much satisfying.

Men’s grooming is essential in business circles today, and that has created a high demand for men’s toiletry bags. Additionally, people have come to be recognized from the way they present themselves to their social crowd.

This has further fuelled the demand for toiletry bags for travel. Suffice to say that if you are doing a job in a corporate company, these toiletry bags are a must-have.

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Looking for the toiletry bags for travel on the market? Check out this travel gear guide that will tell you how to find and choose the best travel toiletry bag, toiletry bag for women, hanging toiletry bag, ladies toiletry bag, and waterproof toiletry bag! #toiletrybag #travelgear #travel #travelpacking #backpacking
Looking for the toiletry bags for travel on the market? Check out this travel gear guide that will tell you how to find and choose the best travel toiletry bag, toiletry bag for women, hanging toiletry bag, ladies toiletry bag, and waterproof toiletry bag! #toiletrybag #travelgear #travel #travelpacking #backpacking


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