Top 15+ MUST-TRY Budapest Tours and Experiences


Planning your visit to Budapest soon but short in time? Check out this Budapest tours that will take you to some of the best experiences around the city.

Are you going to visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary, very soon but you’re only staying for a few days and don’t know where to start your journey? These top Budapest tours are some of the most exciting ways to see the city in such a short amount of time.

All of the best tours in Budapest explores some of the interesting parts of the city. From cruising the Danube river to historical walking tours that will take you a quick look at the past.

Read further and learn more about each excursion and activities! Here are our top Budapest tours and experiences that we guarantee you’ll enjoy.

Top 15 Budapest Tours and Experiences

Take a cruise in Danube, Budapest

Budapest: Night Cruise on the Danube with Parliament View 

Be awestruck as the beauty of Budapest shines even brighter under the moonlight. Go on a one-hour night cruise along the popular Danube River and enjoy nocturnal panoramic views of the city’s beautiful buildings and historical highlights. Your host shall welcome you on board with a glass of champagne and a brief introduction about your tour. 

Starting the night cruise on a high note is a view of the Parliament Building, a structure of political and societal significance for over 120 years. See the low mountain ranges of Buda hills and learn more about its dark story from the English commentary provided on tour. Make it your purpose to find out why the Buda Castle is such a mysterious sight to behold.

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things to do in budapest visit hungary hungarian parliament building

Budapest Parliament 45-Minute Guided Tour 

You’ve seen it in postcards and all over the web as a visual representation of Budapest, but what makes this well-lit structure so significant? Enter the House of Parliament to know why with this 45-minute Budapest tour.

This iconic building is situated near the Danube River, enticing cruisers and passersby to immerse in the Hungarian Parliament’s rich history set amidst gothic architecture.

The House of Parliament is the third largest assembly building in the world. Although this place is a working building where there are sections that the Prime Minister and his staff use actively, some parts have been made open for the general public to explore.

These include the Dome Hall, where you can find the Hungarian crown jewels, the red-carpeted Grand Stairway, and the Hungarian Parliament Museum.

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Budapest Dinner Cruise
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Budapest: Dinner Cruise with Live Music

Go on a highly-recommended Budapest boat tour and see the stunning views from the Danube River in the comfort of your dining table. Enjoy a sumptuous feast of house specialties as your dinner cruise commences in the city center. It’s an activity suitable for everyone, but most especially for couples looking for an enchanting way to end the day.

Your eyes will be filled with romantic moonlit scenes while your appetite is treated to an indulgent dinner buffet complete with lit candles and soothing music. Pass by the House of Parliament, the Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Make your two-hour cruise extra special by letting the orchestra play your favorite songs. Slow dance to the music as Budapest provides an endearing backdrop to this lovely moment. With a glass of wine on hand, head over to the open upper deck and witness the boat gently float back to the city.

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Organ Concert in St. Stephen’s Basilica

Imagine listening to classical music is arguably the perfect place to do so. Treat yourself to an Organ Concert happening in one of Budapest’s architectural gems, the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

This neo-classical church is the chosen venue for a program of performances by Kolos Kováts, Eleonóra Krusic, and Miklos Teleki. 

Two world-famous masterpieces that are included in the organ concert are pieces from Wolfgang Mozart’s Fantasie in F minor and Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. The full experience lasts for 70 minutes.

The acoustics in St. Stephen’s Basilica provides an enhanced musical experience to the listeners. Choose from I to III-category tickets and enjoy a night of beautiful music in equally beautiful surroundings. 

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Budapest: Classical Music Concerts in St Stephen’s Basilica

There is so much to see and hear in these Classical Music Concerts happening at the prestigious St. Stephen’s Basilica. Upon entering the church, you will be greeted by softly lit walls that humbly feature stunning architectural pieces that took more than 50 years to build.

Several concert programs happen year-round, and if you are looking at specific pieces to hear, it is best to check out and align your tour with the regular classical music concert schedule. Set your experience at an option most comfortable to your preference and budget, with tickets falling under four seating categories. 

Whichever row and schedule you end up choosing, this activity is undeniably one of the best Budapest experiences you have to partake.

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danube river and buda castle at night

Budapest 1-Hour Evening Sightseeing Cruise

Budapest is a place full of sights to see both day and night – although it can get exceptionally special once the sunsets. Book for a one-hour Evening Sightseeing Cruise and appreciate the nocturnal beauty that can be found on both sides of this city.

As you pass by the river Danube, see how Buda and Pest greatly differ from their mere landscape yet equally offer stunning views that everyone can appreciate. The river both divides and connects these two parts, with the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge offering a tasteful way to travel from one point to the other. 

Going on an evening cruise gives you a chance to see Budapest and its iconic sites in one convenient boat ride. With its good value for money combined with an efficient way to know about the city, this cruise is definitely one of the best sightseeing tours offered in Budapest.

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Budapest Candlelit Dinner Cruise

Go on a Budapest boat tour by night and see how the city’s beauty changes in the evening. Feel special as your host welcomes you with a glass of wine, beer or champagne – alcoholic or nonalcoholic, you are the one to please. Enjoy a four-course dinner with friends or loved ones as the boat cruises along the famous Danube River. See both sides of Buda and Pest being lit for your visual pleasure. 

Local Hungarian artists are on board to provide traditional music and requested songs. Take a chance to look outside for stunning views of the Budapest Parliament, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, and the Elizabeth Bridge, all of which are best appreciated from a cruise’s point of view.

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Half-Day Etyek Wine Tour from Budapest with Meal

If you are bound to choose only a few from the many tours in Budapest, choose to go on an Etyek Wine Tour. Hungarian wines are well-celebrated across the globe, and it is Nice to know how these drinks come to be.

This half-day tour starts with a 30-minute drive from Budapest and to the Etyek Village. Your expert guide shall immerse you in stories that tell of the village’s long-running wineries.

Get to taste different wines coming from two families of winemakers and have a better appreciation of wine production.

To end your tour on a sweet note, enjoy a plate of warm home-cooked goodness in one of the farms in the area. This three-course meal is comprised of traditional Hungarian food – and more wine, of course!

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Autumn view in architectural palace in Budapest Hungary

Budapest: 3-Hour Grand City Tour and Castle Walk

Take the ultimate way to learn the Buda side of Budapest and visit the iconic sites that make this city a must-visit destination. This Budapest city tour runs for three hours, with an option for a morning or an afternoon tour.

Both options will let you see the House of Parliament overlooking the Danube River. Cross the Margaret Bridge to reach the Royal Castle.

From here, enjoy a leisurely walk to the Fisherman’s Bastion located at the Castle district. Visit the Church of Our Lady of Buda in front, popularly known as Matthias Church. This Roman Catholic church is popular not only for its architecture but also for its miraculous history.

The Budapest walking tour continues until you reach Gellért Hill. Overlooking the river Danube, this location serves as a good place to see the city from afar. Take the opportunity to shoot some stunning panoramic views which can only be seen from this vantage point.

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Budapest Gala Concert

The Budapest Gala Concert is astounding as it sounds. Witness the Danube Symphony Orchestra in a live performance and get transported back in the history of Hungary through music.

Be enthralled by the professional ballet dancers adding more life to the harmonies being played. Adding to the list of outstanding performers are the soloists from the highly-acclaimed Budapest Operetta Theatre.

At one point, an authentic gypsy band occupies the stage with its traditional Hungarian instruments and musical arrangements. One of the main highlights of the Budapest Gala Concert would have to be the playing of the cimbalom, a chordophone used to create traditional European music. Talented artists from ‘Virtuoso’s!’ come in after to keep the entertainment going. 

Choose from the two equally-marvelous concert venues where you would like to attend. The Danube Palace and the Pesti Vigadó are both located in downtown central.

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Chain Bridge on Danube river Budapest Hungary

Budapest: 3-Hour Live Guided Sightseeing Tour

Nothing beats learning about the city and its history from an experienced guide. There are Budapest walking tours and city tours that come with a live guide to make your trip not only memorable but also informative. In this three-hour sightseeing tour, you will learn a lot about Hungary through Budapest and its most important sites.

A quick drive in the city and to the Buda side will show you the Hungarian Parliament, the Danube River, and the Margaret Bridge.

From the Chain Bridge, your guide will bring you to the Castle District, where you will walk towards the direction of the Fishermen’s Bastion. Right in front of it, and intricately-designed Matthias church will definitely catch your attention.

Gellért Hill is your next stop, where the view of the city overlooking the river Danube is incomparable. Going to the Pest side, you will pass by Elizabeth Bridge to continue your exploration at the Central Market Hall, the Budapest Zoo, and the Heroes’ Square.

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Budapest: Underground Caving Adventure Tour

The Danube-Ipoly National Park is your destination for an Underground Caving Adventure Tour. In this park, you will see and explore the natural Pál-völgyi-Mátyás-Hegyi’s 20-kilometer long cave system which runs beneath the grounds of Budapest. Learn about the geothermal activity, which gave birth to Budapest’s world-famous thermal baths. 

For three and a half hours, your expert cave guides certified by the Hungarian Caving Association will show you how to explore the passages that run below the city safely. Your tour package includes protective overalls, a helmet, and a lamp. Only able guests who are over 14 years old can be allowed in this activity.

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Budapest: Széchenyi Baths with Massage Package

What is a holiday in Budapest without experiencing its widely-celebrated thermal baths? It’s time for you to experience the ultimate relaxation package with a trip to the city’s Széchenyi Baths.

This thermal spa has 15 indoor heated pools with varying temperatures that range from 20 to 40 degrees Centigrade. Three outdoor pools are also available for you to enjoy. 

For many years, research has supported the wellness that thermal baths bring to your body. A good luxurious dip can help aid stress-induced problems, unwell skin conditions, and other body system illnesses.

During cooling breaks, head for a 45-minute Harmony Aroma Massage or a 60-minute Royal Thermal Massage. One of these two options is included in your Budapest package. 

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Dohány Street Synagogue in Pest Budapest
via Flickr|Emmanuel DYAN

Jewish Heritage Guided Walking Tour in Budapest

One of the Budapest walking tours worth going to is the Jewish Heritage tour. Learn about Jewish history that greatly defined Budapest’s past. This tour lasts for 90 minutes.

The Dohany Street Synagogue is an important part of the walking tour, being the largest synagogue in Europe and the second in the world. Other places included in the tour are the Jewish Museum, the Jewish Center, and the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park. While you are there, pay a visit to the Holocaust Memorial to commemorate the fallen Jews of Europe.

All entrance fees are covered in this tour. A live guide is with you in every part of the itinerary, giving you valuable insight into every important aspect of Budapest’s Jewish heritage.

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castles in hungary buda castle

Budapest: Walking Tour of Buda Castle with a Historian

Walk the streets of Budapest with a qualified historian in tow. It doesn’t get any more educational than this! For two and a half hours, your companion will bring you to Buda and offer you a guided experience that no map or subtitle can ever compare to. 

Be filled with historical accounts covering the Buda Castle, which dates back a thousand years ago. Walkthrough the whole Castle district and see focal points such as the Royal Palace and the Savoy Terrace.

Head towards the Fishermen’s Bastion, where you shall also find the iconic Matthias Church. From this side of the city, the view is impeccable and worth a dozen of shots. 

Reward yourself to a good cup of coffee during one of the tour stops. Bring an umbrella in case it rains; otherwise, the walking tour can be efficiently altered to suit the situation. 

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