A busy bazaar in India – a colorful experience

A busy bazaar in India – a colorful experience

a busy bazaar in india

I dreamt of visiting India for many years, and so I always want to remember these positive feelings when I think of our trip.

➳ Photographer: Tara Harrison

➳ Location: Uttar Pradesh

➳ Website: ShaTaraTravel


This photo was taken in a busy bazaar in India. I love this photo because it embodies everything we love about India. The colour, the smells, and the people who go about their business in ways that seemed so foreign to us when we arrived. It reminds me of the beauty we saw, and the extreme wonder that I felt during my first few days in India. This ancient bazaar was at the bottom of the famous Fatehpur Sikri Ruins in Uttar Pradesh. Fatehpur Sikri is an ancient city that sits on the outskirts of Agra, home to the famous Taj Mahal. So many people don’t even know about these ruins, let alone visit them. And this was our very first experience of Indian bazaars. This photo was everything I hoped to experience leading up to our India trip. It makes me wonder what the couple are talking about, are they in the bazaar to shop for groceries? Or just to socialise? How old are they, and where are they from? How long did they stand there and chat after we walked away? 

Anyone who has followed our blog would know that India wasn’t always so kind to us, and we faced many hard times during our three months in the country. We definitely suffered from culture shock. As people who are well travelled and well prepared for the cultural differences, we definitely didn’t think that this would be the case. I dreamt of visiting India for many years, and so I always want to remember these positive feelings when I think of our trip.

A Photojournal entry by ShaTaraTravels.com who captured a beautiful photograph in a bazaar in India. Read Shara's story now or pin for later read!


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I aim to showcase some of the great works of other people and share their experience through a significant photograph. Everyone have a story to tell, but sometimes there are no words to express them; however, through photos captured from the photographer’s perspective, that memory and emotions, even though words can’t explain, will hopefully touch the viewers understanding of the photograph – and maybe, even relate to it.

Therefore, Photojournal is all about curating these pictures that have distinctive meaning, not because of its overall artistry, but for its importance to one unique individual.

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  • Have you been to India? What do you think about your experience?
  • If not, read Sha and Tara’s blog about India! 🙂

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