CabinZero: The Best and Stylish Carry On Backpack #MyCabinZero


I don’t know about you but as much as possible I like to look somewhat nice when I travel. Ragged backpacking is my past and as much as I loved it, I can’t keep my eyes off pretty and Instagram-worthy things.

That’s why I was so happy to get my hands on this CabinZero cabin sized backpack. It came on the right time as well as I was planning few weekend trips in Europe for spring and summer!

Not to mention, one thing I love the most when I travel is not having the need to check in any luggage since I am always just right on time for my flight (meaning, my flight is ready for boarding in 10 minutes and off to leave in 3o minutes).

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I mean, I backpacked for three months on a carry on at one point and the bliss of just walking past everyone as they check their luggage in was bliss. This was also the beginning of my minimalist lifestyle journey which I adore to this day.

Nonetheless, I’m happy to find the next cabin bag that will carry my godforsaken minimalist travel essentials and accompany me during my short or long-term travels around this awesome world of ours.

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Cabin Zero: The Best and Stylish Carry On

Cabin Zero

CabinZero is a by product of innovation by a fellow traveler who got inspired by his adventures and created this beautiful line of cabin sized carry-on travel backpack.

Why should you get a CabinZero backpack?

Not only the carry-on backpacks are good looking but there are also other reasons to get it if you need a cabin approved sized luggage you can bring with you either for a longer journey or for a weekend trip. Here some of the reasons on top of my head why this is the right backpack for you:

  • They have a good selection of designs you can choose from
  • As mentioned many times already, it have the right dimensions that perfectly fit an airplane’s overhead compartment
  • The material quality is made out of strong and durable materials
  • Super lightweight!
  • You’ll get 25 years warranty for each purchase

Deal too good? I thought so too!

Cabin Zero

Why I love my CabinZero backpack?

When I was approached if I want to review this bag, they came in the right time because I was anyways looking for one which I can use for short trips here in Europe this summer. Of course, I already heard good things about CabinZerofrom before and I am happy to be part of their growing lovers of this backpack.

I chose the Desert Sand from their 44L Military backpack mainly because of the looks but also because it has the waist strap. Here are few elements I look for in a backpack which CabinZero Military range have:

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • A waist strap
  • Not-too-touristy-look (a.k.a doesn’t scream “I’m a backpacker!”)
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to carry when on the move

When I backpacked around Europe and South East Asia many years ago I had a rugged looking 35L backpack which carried my whole life for three months surviving two extreme kinds of weather (harsh winter and blistering hot) and it was a struggle because it was bulky, ugly, and truly unforgiving because it was not comfortable to carry.

Also, I get a lot of looks because it literally screams “cheap-ass backpacker” from how it looks. Granted I was a cheap-ass backpacker then but I don’t have to look like one that’s why when I started searching for a new backpack, I ended up buying a bright red luggage which I eventually hated because I always have to check it in.

I also ended up buying another backpack which I can use for longer trips, a 75L I’m-a-backpacker-kind-of-bag which was okay but the problem is, when I go backpacking, quite frankly, a 44L bag would be enough. I’m the lightest packer ever so I always end up having so much space in the pack which is great but at the same time, I often end up buying so much unnecessary things to fill it up (not good at all).

If I am carrying a bag that can only accommodate my needs, I tend to think more about how I can utilize each space inside thus only bringings stuff I really need instead of adding useless weight in it.

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Few things I wish CabinZero could have

Of course, nothing is ever perfect! Although I love my CabinZero bag, there’s always few elements which I hope all bags I had could have. But then again, you can’t have everything, right? So, here are few elements I think CabinZero could have:

  • More pockets – My CabinZero bag have three pockets and in my honest opinion, it could have more. I love pockets for organization purposes and truth be told, I need some extra pockets where I can put some notebooks, pens, and other important documents for easy access.
  • Backpack waterproof hood – if it rains, my backpack will be soaked. Not all backpacks have this but normally those big bags meant for long-term backpacking have a zipper at the bottom that contains the backpack hood which you can put on if it starts raining. It could be a nice addition to this backpack if you can protect it from the unpredictable weather!
  • Side compartments – I usually use the side compartments (that net pocket you often find on the side) to keep my water bottle and since my CabinZero backpack don’t have this, I’ll have to buy a refillable bottle with a hook (not a problem, I need one anyways!)

Nevertheless, I’m happy to have this bag! Not only it is a nice backpack for weekend travels (or long-term, even), it also came to my hands at the right time.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more long-term backpack for traveling, then you must check this post out!

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