5 Things You Must Pack Before You Travel to Cambodia (Including Your Visa!)


Wondering what to pack for Cambodia? Here's out top Cambodia packing list tips and list!

Cambodia is a wonderful destination to visit. The country has a rich, albeit troublesome history as well as exciting prospects for the future. There is something for the adventurous, the easier going kind, and the one out looking for delicious food.

Before traveling to Cambodia, it is wise to make sure you have your gear in order, and this includes your visa. At cambodiaonlinevisa.com you can find any and all information that you need before booking your flight. It might also be useful to have some ideas as to what to bring with you on your journey. 


5 Things You Must Pack Before You Travel to Cambodia (Including Your Visa!)

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An efficient way to apply for your visa

To make sure you have your visa on time, you will need to apply for it online at least 4 days prior to your travels. Due to the fact that the entire visa process can be carried out online as opposed to visiting an embassy or consulate, means that it is more efficient and easy to manage. 

The electronic travel authorization, the Cambodia e-Visa, allows eligible travelers to visit the country for short periods of time for up to 30 consecutive days. It is a single-entry visa, and it is usually issued for tourism purposes. Simply fill out an online form by answering a few questions as well as add some personal information, pay the stated fee, and then send in the application. Once approved, you will receive the documentation via email.

To know whether or not you need to apply for a visa as well as other official rules and regulations, it is best to visit official sources online. 

5 things you shouldn’t forget when traveling to Cambodia

1. Visa, passport, and vaccination – it’s important to have all of your travel documentation in order as well as a valid passport and to make sure you know what kind, if any, vaccinations you need. 

2. Bring only the essentials – thanks to a warm and humid climate, you won’t need much when traveling to Cambodia. Clothes made out of light linen fabric are great suggestions. Just remember to bring clothes that will allow you to dress respectfully when visiting the temples in the area. 

3. Comfortable shoes and protection against the sun – this is another important post as the sun can be relentless. You will also most likely walk a lot when discovering all of Cambodia’s treasures. 

4. Beware of the mosquitos – this is a real issue in Cambodia and one you should be well aware of and bring protection against.
5. Luggage – by opting for a smart backpack instead of multiple suitcases, will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Adventure awaits

Cambodia is an incredible travel experience, and you should put it on our travel bucket list. Make sure to have your travel documentation in order, including your visa, and use the list mentioned here to get your packing off to a good start. Cambodia is amazing, and it will be an adventure you will never forget. 

National Museum of Cambodia


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