Top 5 Ways to Find Your Next Destination and to Cure a Case of Wanderlust

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We all get that feeling now and again; you know you really want to travel for a while or to go on a holiday, but you can’t quite decide where. Often, we have an idyllic idea of the kind of destination we’d like to find in mind – but can’t quite pinpoint it exactly.

If you recognize your own feelings here, then fear not; help is at hand!

Now there are lots of conventional ways to help inspire you – things like word of mouth from friends, social media, travel sites, places you’ve visited before or just heard about etc. But what we’re really trying to do here is to tap into the innermost you before you make that travel decision.

In this way, we just might be able to come up with a destination where your soul feels truly at home – and which is, therefore, your ideal travel destination.

Some people even go to an extent as getting clairvoyant readings to help them make a decision. Silly as it sounds, but this works for many and results can be interesting. Maybe someone with the gift of true insight can help you find that special place? It’s certainly would be interesting to try anyway!

Otherwise, read further to learn few interesting things you can take in consideration when it comes to deciding where to go next!

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Top 5 Ways to Find Your Next Destination and to Cure a Case of Wanderlust

Tackle your travel bucket list

Do you have any dream destination in mind? Perhaps you’ve seen some friends posting about their travels on Facebook and thought, “Hey, that’s a beautiful place!” and you wrote it down in your travel bucket list and it never saw another daylight. Check your list again and perhaps there’s one destination in there you’ve never been before.

Travel inspiration top lists from bloggers

Bloggers love making listicles about the hottest places to visit every year so keep a keen eye on those before the next year hits! We have tons of those kinds of lists on this blog, as well so perhaps you can check those out after reading this and maybe you’ll find your next destination there.

Here are few of our recommendations you should read:

Pinterest is not only for DIY’s and recipes!

Do you know that Pinterest is an amazing platform to look for travel inspiration? If not, you’re absolutely missing out! If you search “travel”, you’ll be surprised as to how many new destinations you’ll discover. Just create a new board dedicated to travel and pin all places you’d like to one day explore! Not to mention, most of the pins are linked to websites with more juicy information about the destination you’re interested to visit.

Look for flight deals to everywhere from your location

Now, the best thing you can do to cure your case of wanderlust is by actually acting upon it. What we love to do is look for cheap flights from websites like Skyscanner – you can check our handy guide on how to do this – and as long as you have flexible dates, this is an awesome trick!

You don’t need to go far, explore your neighboring cities

The fun of traveling to another country and exploring its cities and learning about their culture is far more exciting than taking a bus or train to your neighboring town. However, trust us on this, you’ll be surprised as to how much your own neighbors can offer!

Even going on a bicycle ride around your hometown will definitely help you see and explore more! Just check what your town or its neighboring cities have and perhaps there’s something there you’d be interested to see.


Now there you go! The top five ways to cure a case of wanderlust. It is sometimes hard to grasp reality after an awesome trip thus you start looking for the next one. It is true what they say, traveling can be really addictive but in a good way!

However, sometimes, looking for your next destination can be really tiresome as those who have traveled extensively possibly already have certain expectations as to where to go while some are spontaneous and go with the flow.

That said, we all have a certain case of wanderlust one way or another and do enjoy many types of excursion that meets our needs may it be a relaxing beach holiday or a fun-packed city tours – traveling for many is a way to get out and see something new and different from what they got used to.

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