Top 15 Places to Visit in Sweden (From Big Cities to Beautiful Country Side)

Top 15 Places to Visit in Sweden (From Big Cities to Beautiful Country Side)

A Nordic beauty, Sweden is a perfect sample how modern life can go along with nature. As the biggest Scandinavian country, Sweden is blessed with long coastal areas, thousands of lakes, vast green forests, and majestic snow-covered mountains, there are so many charming places to visit in Sweden.

When you travel to Sweden, not only will you be captivated by nature, but you will also be mesmerized by the architecture of the cities. Most of the buildings in this country are impressive, but not in a show-off way, somehow representing the Swedish way of life, sophisticated but down-to-earth.

Flying is the best way to get to Sweden, with Gothenburg and Stockholm as the main entrance. If you want to visit Malmö, you can also fly Copenhagen. Even though it is in Denmark, but it only takes 20 minutes to travel by train to Malmö from Copenhagen. Sweden is a part of the Schengen agreement, thus you must check if your country of origin (where you have have a citizenship) qualifies for either visa on arrival or if you need a visa prior coming to Sweden. If you do need a visa, the application and processing can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks, hence applying for the visa should be your top priority when it comes to planning your trip to Sweden.

The best time to travel to Sweden depends on what your plans are. If you wish to explore the green nature, then you should come to Sweden when the weather is warm, which occurs from May to September. However, if you wish to witness the Northern lights, explore the snowy landscape, or experience Sami culture, February to April will be your best time to go to Sweden.

Dotted with hundreds of interesting tourist attractions, Sweden might be a little bit overwhelming for travelers. Here are some of Sweden’s best destinations that will help you plan your Sweden itinerary.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Sweden



In the southeastern part of Sweden, on the shore of Baltic Sea, lies an impressive city named Kalmar. With its charming Old Town and breathtaking beaches, no wonder Kalmar is one of the top Sweden summer attractions.

The Old Town is decorated with cobblestoned streets and old buildings dated from the 17th and 18th century. One of the most iconic building would be the Kalmar Cathedral which is famous for its baroque-style altar.

Kalmar’s greatest pride would be Kalmar Castle. This renaissance-style castle has a special place in the Nordic history since it was the place where the Kalmar Union, an agreement that unified the Nordic nations, was signed in 1397.

One of Europe’s longest bridge is also found in Kalmar. The 6-kilometer bridge connected Kalmar and Oland, a Baltic island which is also a favorite summer getaway.



Nestled in Norrbotten County, Gammelstad will charm you with its idyllic Sweden countryside look. The most popular site in Gammelstad would of course be Gammelstad Church Town.

Listed in UNESCO world heritage site, Gammelstad Church Town features a 15th-century church built of stones. Surrounding the church, you will find around 400 wooden buildings, all of which are well-preserved. Some of them are even still used as open air museum and accommodation facilities.

Besides sightseeing, in Gammelstad you can join the lantern guided tours and other interesting activities, such as butter churning, candle making, and blacksmithery.


Ystad is a charming Sweden city located on the south coast of the country. Ystad medieval city center along with its beautiful nature setting gives this romantic atmosphere that will bring you to the past. Klostret i Ystad is one of the most well-known landmark in Ystad. It is a Franciscan monastery that has been established for centuries. This place also serves as a museum. Not far from the monastery, you will find St. Mary’s Church which is distinguished for its silver collection and night watchman horn.

If you travel to Ystad with your kids, you should really take them to Ystad Djurpark. Located 10 km northwest of the town, this zoo stands on a large piece of land, providing vast shelters for its animals, enabling them to roam around freely. Other than the animals, kids will love this place because it has a wonderful playground and a swimming pool, giving them the perfect equipment to enjoy their warm summer holiday.



The second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg should be put in your places to visit in Sweden list. There is an international airport here, so you can take a direct flight to the city from other countries.

This important seaport town will remind you of the Netherlands because of its Dutch-style canals. Trees covering the boulevards of Gothenburg make strolling around the city is very enjoyable.

If you visit Gothenburg in the summer, you have to make a stop at Liseberg, a famous amusement park in the city. Not only famous for its exciting rides, the park is also the venue for many interesting events. You will also enjoy sitting in its landscaped sculpture garden.



Uppsala is famously known for its top-rated university, Uppsala University. Founded in 1477, Uppsala University has continuously conducted one of the best education in the world. Gustavianum, the original building of this university now has turned into a museum, displaying Augsburg Art Cabinet. Not far from this establishment, you will find Carolina Rediviva Library, in which you can see Silver Bible dated from the 6th century. Your next stop should be Uppsala Cathedral which is the resting place of Swedish royals.

During your Sweden travel, there are also a few interesting castles to see in this town. Two of which were built during the Renaissance period: The Skokloster Castle and The Uppsala Castle.



Malmö is the city of architectural wonders. From ancient to modern style, you will find the perfect timeline of architecture history here in Malmö. For a blast from the past, try to visit Sankt Petri Church. This 14th-century church is the perfect sample of Gothic style building made of brick. Or, you can also head to Malmo Castle which was dated from the 1700s.

To witness the greatness of modern architecture and civil engineering, try to cross the Oresund Strait by car or train over the Oresund Bridge. This 7845-meter bridge connects Sweden and Denmark. Turning Torso, a residential building with the shape of a twisted tower, is another modern architecture wonder that you can see in the wonderful city of Malmo, making the city one of the best places to visit in Sweden.


Swedish Lapland

Situated in the northernmost area of the country, Swedish Lapland is the Arctic part of Sweden. This area is definitely on the list of places to visit in Sweden. Swedish Lapland is the place where you can observe the magical Northern Lights during winter and the amazing Midnight Sun during summer. Lapland is also the perfect spot to experience the Sami culture since it is the home of this Europe indigenous tribe.

Try to stay in Icehotel for a unique Sweden travel experience. All the furniture in this hotel is made of ice, so you can feel what it is like to live in an igloo. Treehotel, with its attached-to-tree rooms, also offer you a different kind of unique Swedish experience.

Top 18 Places to Visit in Finland (From South to North, West to East!)



This capital city of Sweden is, of course, one of the most visited Sweden attractions. Go to Stockholm Palace and Drottningholm Palace to see the lives of Sweden blue blood.

If you travel to Sweden and want an outdoor activity in your things to do in Sweden list, Skansen is just the right place to go. It is an open air museum with farmstead and zoo in it.

To see history from a different point of view, try Vasa Museum. It is a maritime museum that displays an impressive 17th-century ship.



A coastal town in the Swedish Lapland, Lulea is a perfect place to spend enjoy your Sweden travel. Not only is it the home of Gammelstad Church Village, Lulea also has a lot of other historical sites and natural beauty to explore.

Head to Norrbottens Järnvägsmuseum to see its impressive old train collections. You can see steam train locomotive still in its perfect condition here.


To get a closer look of Sweden wilderness, plan a trip to Kosterhavet. Here you will find the one and only Sweden marine national park. If you want to dip yourself in the fresh sea water, you can go to Tjurpannan Naturreservat, a scenic part of this national park.



This Sweden’s largest island will amaze you with its scenic nature. Lummelunda Cave is a famous spot to go caving. Or if you want something less extreme, you can have a picnic in DBW’s Botanical Garden.

In Gotland, you will find a medieval city wall called Visby City Wall. If the wall does not satisfy your craving for history, then you should visit Gotland Museum. The Gotland Museum has been around since 1875.


Photo by Timmy_L | CC 2.0


Nicknamed “The Jewel of The South”, Österlen is a peaceful Sweden countryside. The picturesque views make this place a favorite among the tourists. You can experience the farm life on its lush green meadows, or you can also relax on its pristine beach.

Besides the scenic countryside, Österlen is also the center of art. Every year, the town hosts “Open Studio Week” event or locals call it Konstrundan. During this week, local artists allow visitors to enter their galleries and shops.



The home of Lund University, one of the oldest and top-notched universities in Europe, Lund is one of the favorite places to visit in Sweden. In the university complex, there is The Lund University Historical Museum that houses impressive historical artifacts, dated as early as from the Stone Age.

In the Old Town, you will find Lund Cathedral standing majestically with its Romanesque architectural style. Kulturen Open Air Museum is located not far from the cathedral.



A municipality in Sweden, Marstrand offers you a seaside beauty that is hard to resist during your Sweden travel. Located on the mesmerizing western coast of Sweden, Marstrand holds the prestigious Marstrand Regatta every year.

Having great coastal area, Marstrand is a paradise during the summer. There are so many things to do here within that season. You can go sailing, kayaking, fishing, joining a seal-watching excursion, and much more.

In the town area, you will be impressed by Carlstens Fastning, which is a fortress built in the middle of the 17th century.

Marstrand is without a doubt an island to go when you travel to Sweden.



One more item from the list of the best places to visit in Sweden is Skåne. Besides Malmö, Lund, and Øresund, there are plenty of other Sweden major tourist attractions found here in this county.

Be amazed by Ale’s Stones. This ancient stone monument consists of 59 large stones arranged in the shape of a ship.

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Top 18 Places to Visit in Finland (From South to North, West to East!)

Top 18 Places to Visit in Finland (From South to North, West to East!)

Finland is located in the Northern part of Europe tucked in nicely between Sweden on its West and Russia on the East. Famous internationally for its efficient health care and widely praised for its educational system, Finland has caught the worlds attention making it one of the top destinations in Europe one must visit. Booming with stunning flora and fauna, there are tons of places to visit in Finland that is indeed impressive to see.

However, if you’re a budget traveler who wants to visit one of the most expensive countries in the world, don’t fret! Don’t let the cost of living in Finland turn you off; there’s always a way to budget your trip without breaking the bank. Just make sure that you check out our grand post on how you can smartly plan your trip to Finland (more on Helsinki but prices are pretty much the same all over the country), and you should be fine!

Nevertheless, Finland is certainly a must visit if you want to learn more about the Nordic countries and see its beauty first hand.

Top 18 Places to Visit in Finland – From South to North, West to East!



Helsinki is the capital of Finland and its largest city, surrounded by a stunning archipelago of 330 islands and the best way to explore the city is on foot or by using the city’s efficient public transportation.

The best time to visit Finland is during summer since the city is at its fullest during this season as there are a lot of places to visit in Helsinki better done when the weather is amiable. Also, you can’t miss some of the cultural and fun things to do in Helsinki that mostly happens in the summer time when the cool kids are out and about attending festivals and block parties!

Apart from that, you can also check out its numerous parks, architectural structures, lakes and other exciting activities that can be found around Helsinki neighborhood which makes a big contribution to the tourism in Finland.

As most Capitals are, Helsinki is no different, and it offers a lot of different activities to travelers who visit the country. For instance, you’ll find more interesting restaurants, and cafes pop around the city which you can try for some unique treats. However, if you plan to try out Finnish cuisine in Helsinki, then there are also tons of restaurants that offer Granny style cooking that is coming back to the local culinary trend.



Located in the southern part of Finland between two lakes Näsijärvi Lake and Pyhäjärvi Lake, Tampere is the second biggest city in the country. Locally known for an active cultural life, and the ambiance in the city, it is admired by many tourists and locals alike which make it a favorite city to travel and live for some.

Just like the capital of Finland, Tampere also has plenty of museums and tourists’ destinations which include some Finland landmarks, the city offers a broad range of activities that visitors would enjoy.

One of the main attractions in Tampere is the Särkänniemi amusement park which provides a lot of fun for family bonding and made for tourists who want to enjoy their stay in Finland. Tampere also offers a lot of lake activities where you can also experience public saunas with the locals that could make visitors appreciate the Finland scenery and enjoy the nature of the country, the best time to visit Tampere for lake activities is during summer.



Espoo is a large city in Finland and readily available from Helsinki. The city of Espoo is booming in culture and home for many famous museums in Finland including the EMMA or Espoo Museum Modern Art which is the largest museum in the country. Some travelers who are interested in outdoor activities but doesn’t have enough travel time for other places to visit in Finland other than the capital city, Espoo offers great choices for nature lovers and can visit Nuuksio National Park easily from Helsinki.

The city has 11 seafront beaches and ten lakefront beaches, and it has 165 islands where tourists can hop on hop off and explore every island that the city has. Sustainability is vital to Finland tourism especially to its cities since lakes and nature surround it, Espoo is Europe’s most sustainable city, people in this municipality are responsible and aware of their environment.



Considers itself as the “Sunniest city in Finland,” Vaasa may not be the most popular place to visit in Finland compared to other of its cities, but there are still numbers of tourists attractions located in the city.

A university town, this sunny city receives tons of students from all over the world as it offers courses in three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English. You can only imagine what sort of diversity the city has until you visit Vaasa and see the major influences different culture’s in the area.

Apart from that, if you love outdoor sports activities such as bouldering, you’re in luck as there’s a rather active rock climbing community in Vaasa you can participate! Also, if you come during summer in Finland, you can have the opportunity to enjoy other water sports activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and even just a simple rowing by the lake.

Vaasa is a bit further up north and will take about four hours by train from the capital city, so it is best to stay for few nights if you plan to visit.



Porvoo is located on the southern coast of Finland and to the east of Helsinki, it is a city and a municipality. The city of Porvoo provides a classic historical old town vibe since it is the second oldest town in Finland and exploring the old part of the city by foot gives tranquillity to tourists. Walking and biking tours are the best way to appreciate the city of Porvoo for visitors who are longing for a nice relaxing ambiance.

One of the symbols of Porvoo is the lovely red houses located at the shore; tourists can ride a steamboat to have a beautiful view of theses popular red houses. The city itself offers a lot of cafes and restaurants which offer delicious dishes and delicacies.

You can easily take a day trip from Helsinki to Porvoo by bus, and it will only take you about one and a half hours, and for 7USD, you can see an entirely different vibe compared to the capital city.



Turku is originally the first capital of Finland, and it is located at the mouth of Aura River on the southwest coast of Finland, it is the third largest city in the country along with Helsinki and Tampere.

Getting around Turku is easy since it has an outstanding public transportation system and buses can reach almost every part of the city. This old capital is home to many tourists attractions including Turku Castle which is one of Finland’s most popular tourist’s site.

Travelers can head to Turku’s river bank where a lot of restaurants offer delicious dishes and can dine in with a beautiful view of the city. Turku is at its best during summer season since there are numbers of festivals and celebration in the city between June and September.

Also, not to mention, if you plan to go to Stockholm, Turku is also a popular place to board luxury cruises to Sweden.



Pori is located on the west coast of Finland, and it is a major center of education in the country, and it contributes a lot to Finland’s points of interest, as it offers a variety of tourists destination with exciting activities.

Famous amongst the locals in summer because of the annual Pori Jazz Festival, the city becomes a vibrant hub for those looking for cultural events for both the locals and its visitors.

One of Pori’s famous destinations is the Yyteri Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Finland, and it has facilities that every guest would enjoy. There are also thousands of bird watchers who visit Pori to have a beautiful view of local and migrant species of birds in the delta.



Mariehamn is the capital of Åland Islands which is an autonomous territory under the Finnish sovereignty and also known as the heart of Baltic Sea. Compared to other cities in Finland, Mariehamn offers tranquillity to tourists who visit, and it was once the home of the world’s largest oceanic sailing ships fleet and also called as “port of the last windjammers.”

The town itself offers activities like kayaking and hiking just like other Finland destinations, and there are also several architectural buildings located in Mariehamn. You can find wooden houses and that tourists can walk through and it’s a perfect place for family holidays.

An interesting fact about Mariehamn is that despite it being part of Finland, 88% of the island’s population speaks Swedish!



Surrounded by lakes and beautiful nature, Savonlinna is a province located in the south-eastern part of Finland and infamous for its culture and environment making it as one of the country’s most visited town. It is also known as a holiday destination for many locals and tourists visiting and a perfect place for enjoying cruises around castles in the city including Olavinlinna castle which is surrounded by the Saimaa Lake and beautiful Finnish nature. Savonlinna offers a lot to tourists, and it provides wide ranges of activities including hiking, swimming, canoeing, diving, cycling, and kayaking.

There are many things to do in the area, and the attractions are famous in every part of the country, that said, there are two national parks located in the region namely Kolovesi and Linnansaari, and it offers activities like trekking and cycling expeditions for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.



Rovaniemi is a city in Finland and the capital of Lapland which is the northernmost province of Finland. For tourists who still wonder where to go in Finland, they may like to visit Rovaniemi since many travelers visit the city especially during the cold season for some winter activities. Finland winter is famous to almost every tourist since it is the best time to visit the northern part of Finland, many resorts in Rovaniemi offers different sorts of winter activities.

Apart from that, northern Finland is famous for the Aurora Borealis since it is every traveler’s dream and seeing this phenomenon is an unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, Rovaniemi is also a lovely place to visit in summer to witness the midsummer, the time when the sun doesn’t set.



Salla is a municipality located in Lapland, and it is a place for holidays in Finland since it offers a lot of tourists’ attractions and a wide range of activities in every season.

Home for many winter activities since it is located in Lapland, aside from the typical winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, there are also out of the ordinary things to do that are offered in Salla such as reindeer or a husky sledding.

If you visit Salla in winter, make sure to try one of its many saunas by the lake and join the locals jump in its icy water after a good sauna session (if you dare).

Lutheran cathedral in Jyvaskyla Finland in a sunny spring day


Jyväskylä is a university city in Finland that is located in central Finland and also known as “Athens of Finland,” or at least according to the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala which dubbed the city its infamous nickname.

Another notable fact about Jyväskylä apart from it being situation perfectly by the Finnish Lakeland, it is the only place in the world where you’ll see a lot of architectures design by the famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto.



Kemi is a town in Finland that lies by the Bothnian Bay and at the mouth of Kemijoki, and it is a part of Lapland. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Finland is located in Kemi which is the stunning Snow Castle, and it is the largest snow building in the world, and the town itself also offers the world’s only Arctic Icebreaker which is only available for tourists cruises and it is called as the Sampo ice-breaker.

Kemi offers a broad range of activities and tours like hunting the Northern Lights, skiing, sledding, and other fantastic winter activities can be found in this lovely town. There may be a lot of places to visit in Finland but visiting the town of Kemi is a great experience and gives a lot of ideas for tourists on things to do in Finland since the town itself offers a lot of different summer to winter activities.



Kuhmo is a town in Finland, and it is located the south-eastern part of the Kainuu Region. Kuhmo is a lovely place especially for culture and nature lovers and an ideal location for an exploration of the wilderness of Finland.

The town is known for Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival which is a two-week event and held every year. Kuhmo has 600 lakes which provide a lot of water activities to tourists who visit and gives them beautiful ambiance while exploring the town by sailing the lakes.



Kajaani is the center capital of the Kainuu Region, and it is located in the south eastern part of Oulujärvi or Lake Oulu and lies at the heart of central Finland.

It is famous for fishing, and it has a lot of familiar landmarks, one of these is the Kajaani Castle which is located at the Kajaani River. Apart from all that, for those who are seeking something a little bit more on the unusual side, they can also try some tours such as bear watching safari which is perhaps the one thing to do in Finland not easily forgotten once you try it.



Located in northern Finland, Oulu prides itself for being the best place for culture and to do some epic Arctic exploration bonanzas. Easily accessible by public transport from all parts of the country, this city has long been the perfect place to indulge when it comes to outdoors and natural explorations such as hiking and Aurora Borealis spotting.

In winter, Oulu gets covered in thick sheet of snow making it a good place for winter activities while in summer, they offer different sorts of activities from hiking in the wilderness to cultural events as Oulu is the oldest city in the whole of Finland and visiting such place only gives great value to its visitors, especially if you’re keen on learning about Finland’s past!

places to visit in finland joensuu


Founded by a Russian Czar and the now capital of the Karelia region, Joensuu is located at the south eastern part of Finland and also known as a river city.

Summer in the city is recognized for its Karelian vibe, thanks to its young citizens who occupy the city; there are tons places to visit in Joensuu that visitors must take a look at and one of these is the Botania Botanical gardens which offer exotic plants and butterflies that will indeed leave you in awe.

Not to mention, if you visit Joensuu, the area is the popular origin of some of Finland’s well-loved delicacies such as the Karelian pie and the Karelian stew – both you must not miss. So, foodies, prepare yourselves!



Located on the shore of the Lake Saimaa in south eastern Finland, getting around the city of Lappeenranta is easy since everything is almost walking distance but for further distances, nevertheless, there are buses available if you’re keen on exploring the suburbs of the city.

Furthermore, cruises are also accessible in the city for tourists who want to explore it via the famous Lake Saimaa which became the city’s trademark and a sought after destination to beat the heat when the weather in Finland gets warmer. Since Lappeenranta has a long shoreline, it has a lot of beaches and swimming centers which are made for tourists who want experience the city’s beaches, something the locals enjoy the most during summer!

Do you want to plan your trip to Finland? Let me help you!

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Best Places to Visit in the USA Shared by Travel Bloggers!

Best Places to Visit in the USA Shared by Travel Bloggers!

I know that there are tons of places to visit in the USA, far more than what my fellow travel bloggers have shared in this post. Nevertheless, those which are mentioned are worth checking out! I’ve been dreaming of visiting the USA one day to visit my brother and his family who are all currently residing in Seattle but never had the chance just yet due to the fact that I want to explore more of Europe this year. I mean, they can always come here to visit me if they wish, right? *wink if you’re reading this Bro*

One way or another, I will eventually set foot in the Americas one day and witness all its surreal places to visit and may it be in the States or elsewhere, I’m sure I’ll be in full bliss even just thinking about when that moment finally arrives. On a side note, I thought of slowly moving away from strictly only producing content about Europe and branch out to other continents thus I started accepting guest posts and collabs from fellow travel bloggers to share their experience from other places, as well. I think it is a good idea to diversify!

In fact, not long ago, Louise just wrote about the most breathtaking natural wonders in North America (which Pinterest loved, by the way) and I was so inspired how they are not kidding how beautiful America is!

I’m really happy that the travel blogging community is so helpful and supportive that when I posted a call out about this collaboration, tons of them responded! I appreciate it guys, you’re all awesome.

[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”25″ border_color=”#CDCDCD” animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”around” animate=”” ]Best Places to Visit in the USA Shared by Travel Bloggers![/box_title]

places to visit in the USA austin texas

Austin, Texas – Yulia of The Foodie Miles

A city like no other, Austin, TX, is an absolute must-visit in the USA. On my first trip here I fell in love with the vibe so much so I relocated here a few months later.

Locals love to say Keep Austin weird and this phrase describes the city very well. Have you ever seen a Cathedral of Junk, a several-stories structure fully made of clutter, in somebody’s backyard? You can see it in Austin! How about a bar decorated for Christmas year round? Then you should have a drink at Lala’s Little Nugget! Can you imagine that somebody would turn his private property right in the city center into an outdoor gallery for local artists to express themselves? Then you should come to Hope Outdoor Gallery and admire the colorful murals for yourself!

As if all that wasn’t enough, Austin is also the Live Music Capital of the World. You can find a live performance on pretty much any day of the week on Sixth Street or South Congress Avenue. And don’t forget about delicious barbecue and breakfast tacos! According to Food Network, Migas taco from Austin’s Veracruz food truck is one of the 5 best breakfast tacos in the USA. I think it’s worth traveling for! You can take a flight straight to Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport or fly to a bigger hub like Dallas or Houston and then drive to Austin.

Do you have the most unbeatable appetite? Then you should check out the list of must try food in Austin, too, when you visit!

places to visit in the USA queens new york

Queens, New York – Olga of Dreams in Heels

As a New Yorker and local expert, Queens, New York must be on your list of places to visit since it’s the borough with something for everyone! This diverse and multicultural community is the reason why foodies flock to Queens; there’s so much to choose from! Want to take the best selfies with Manhattan’s skyline as your backdrop, go to Queens. Into nature, there are amazing parks. Sports your thing, we got you covered. Queens has it all!

Queens is a foodies paradise! Two of my favorite places in Long Island City, Queens are Café Ole (best sangrias and tapas) and Café Triskell (French restaurant). When in Astoria, Queens I love Taverna Klyklades (Greek) and Seva (Indian). For organic food, Brooklyn Grange’s flagship location (ironically in Long Island City, Queens) is open to the public every Saturday during growing season (May – October). Enjoy the NYC skyline views while buying local produce at their farm stand. For an interactive experience, volunteer to help the farming staff. Fan of beer? Check out Gottscheer Hall, a historic tavern and an authentic spot for German Food and drinks. For amazing Korean BBQ in Flushing, Queens go to San Soo Kap San – open 24/7.

Now you probably need exercise to work off all of this food! For a perfect walk, visit the Long Island City Waterfront for the best views of the Manhattan skyline while sipping on wine (or coffee/tea). During the summer, there’s live music and other fun activities. Prefer the outdoors? The Queens Botanical Garden, with 40 acres of trees, shrubs, herbs and flower patches—something is always blooming! Sports fans know that Queens is home to the US Open and NY Mets. Visit Mets Hall of Fame & Museum at CitiField, adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Queens truly has it all!

places to visit in the USA wynwood miami

Miami, Florida – Sarah of Not Another Travel Blog

The weekend we spent exploring Miami was one of our favorite trips in the US. Best of all, it coincided with Halloween which – in case you didn’t know – they take very seriously in Miami! Think all night street parties, incredibly elaborate costumes and one of the best atmospheres we’ve ever experienced. My first tip for visiting the Magic City is to try and time your visit with Halloween if at all possible!

Even if you can’t make it there for October 31st, you’re still pretty much guaranteed to have a great time in Miami. Famous for its beaches, Cuban influences, and arts scene, the city is full of awesome things to do.

South Beach is the hub of the action for ocean lovers, with Instagrammable beach huts a plenty, along with palm-lined streets hosting numerous bars and restaurants. When you’re finished at the beach, nearby Ocean Drive is home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings like the infamous Versace Mansion and the Sunray Apartments that featured in Scarface.

For more history, head to Little Havana, where many Cuban migrants have made their home over the years. From the many cigar shops lining the streets to domino park, the Cuban influences here make the area feel like an entirely different city and it’s no wonder the National Trust has designated it a ‘national treasure’.

Miami’s art scene is famous worldwide, with highlights including the recently refurbished Perez Art Museum and the annual Art Basel Miami show. Wynwood Walls is also well worth a visit – it’s an area of the city that functions as an outdoor art museum and contains some incredible street art.

Finally, finish your trip by grabbing some cheap tickets and spending a night watching the Miami Heat basketball team in action at the Miami Stadium.

places to visit in the USA new york new york

New York City, New York – Aleah of Solitary Wanderer

Your USA trip will not be complete until you visit New York City. Sure, it’s very touristy, and sure, it’s expensive, but it should definitely be on your bucket list, whether as a solo traveler (like me) or with family and friends.

What’s to love about the Big Apple? Plenty. There are loads of attractions; Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, for example, should be at the top of the list. You also have fantastic views of the NYC skyline from the Empire State Building, the vast beauty of Central Park, the amazing talent of street artists in Brooklyn, and, of course, the iconic Times Square.

In the 2 weeks I spent in New York, I went to Times Square almost every day. It’s great for people watching, and I loved watching Broadway shows, too. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the musicals; there are several ways to get cheap Broadway tickets. You just have to be strategic about it.

As a solo traveler, I loved New York’s subway system. It’s so easy to go around. Buses going out of town can also be cheap; my NYC to Washington DC ticket, for example, cost only $26, return. Accommodation-wise, New York can be pricey. I addressed this by staying at AirBNBs and catsitting.

So far, I’ve been to New York three times. Would I go back there again? Definitely. However cheesy it may sound, I really love New York!

places to visit in the USA atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – LC of Birdgehls

Atlanta really does feel like the best of both worlds where American cities are concerned – modern and liberal, with classic southern charm.

The city is relatively easy to get to and around. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the biggest in the U.S.A (and the home of Delta Airlines) and the Marta metro service does its best to ferry folks across the city.

Popular tourist sights include the World of Coca-Cola factory tour, the Georgia Aquarium and Inside CNN, which allows you an insight into how a modern-day newsroom is run.

If you’re an outdoorsy type, hike up the top of Stone Mountain, which gives you a pretty decent workout and a view of the city to boot.

For nightlife, the suburb of Buckhead makes for a good night out (the Dive Bar and the Red Door Tavern can be fun). Midtown is great for eats – you can get a range of food, from Asian-inspired and Mexican to good, hearty southern fried food (when in Georgia after all).

And if you’re in the mood for something particularly fun/tacky (as it really could go either way) head to the Medieval Tavern for dinner and a show!

places to visit in the USA chicago

Chicago, Illinois – Bella of Whisper Wanderlust

The Windy City is one of my favorite cities in the US. Although I visited it once, I am fascinated by everything it has to offer. From the beautiful architecture, the tumultuous history, the great atmosphere of a typical American city, to the spectacular design of its parks and the panorama of the city seen from the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has it all.

Because it is situated in the north of the country, I recommend visiting it during spring or summer, when temperatures are much more permissive and when you can enjoy the flowers and the sunny, warm weather. The main attraction of the city is Cloud Gate or The Bean, a gorgeous architectural piece inspired by liquid mercury. So, if you get to Chicago, don’t miss the chance of taking a selfie at The Bean. In the same area, you’ll find Millennium Park where you can relax and admire the Lurie Gardens, the Pritzker Pavilion, and the Crown Fountains.

However, one of my favorite activities is definitely a walk along Chicago River, where I have the chance to admire the most beautiful buildings in the city and the most iconic skyscrapers.

Another thing you can not miss in Chicago is Willis Tower and its famous Sky Deck. For extra adrenaline, I recommend you to sit on the glass floor and enjoy the scenery at your feet, where the buildings will look like LEGO pieces. It will be an unforgettable experience, I assure you!

After all these wonderful activities, it’s time to go shopping on the famous Michigan Avenue, and especially on its most popular section, Magnificent Mile. Here, besides the high-end shops, you will find a great place to walk around and feel the vibe of this glamorous city, a perfect way to end your day.

There are many things you must see and do in Chicago which you certainly must not miss!

places to visit in the USA oahu hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii – Genie of Gallivanting Bean

Oahu is one of my favorite places in the entire world to be. This island that hosts Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, holds the perfect mixture of a busy city and untouched nature. There are so many beautiful places you can stay on the island but for convenience sake I recommend, especially if it’s your first time, staying on the Waikiki Beach strip. Here you’ll be steps away from the beach, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, and other activities like surfing, paddle boarding, and of course sunbathing. Now to really experience the island you’ll need to rent a car.

Driving around is the best way to see it all. Oahu has a multitude of gorgeous beaches. The further you get away from Waikiki the more beautiful and secluded sights you’ll get. But if you’re looking for a family friendly place to hang out Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is the spot!

For a small fee, you can enter this private beach/bay and go snorkeling without worrying about any dangerous ocean currents or breaks. To see Oahu from above there are tons of hikes that you can take. The easiest and most taken trail is to the top of Diamond Head Crater.

It may be touristy but the view from the top is unbeatable. Now you can’t leave Oahu without filling up your stomach. Delicious food is everywhere! A few of the must eat are Rainbow Drive-In, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, Leonard’s Bakery, AGU Ramen, Bubbies Ice Cream, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, Ono Hawaiian Food, and Ono Seafood. Lastly, you have to get your souvenirs! The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and Marketplace, open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, gives you the option of over 400 local merchants to get some souvenirs from before taking off.

places to visit in the USA Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon – Peter of Where is Your Toothbrush?

Portland, Oregon has become a highly-rated, popular tourist destination on the West Coast, a result of good press and that one TV show. The hype is well founded: there’s a lot to love about the City of Roses. Ignore the listicles and venture out into Portland’s leafy streets for bikes, bites, and brews.

Portland is one of the bike-friendliest cities in the US. With a new bike share program, visitors, too, can enjoy the 350+ miles of bikeways. Most tourists stick to the downtown and adjacent Pearl and Northwest areas. Bike out into the North quadrant or the East Side, to explore walkable neighborhoods like Mississippi, Alberta, Belmont, or Hawthorne, boasting cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries, shops, concert venues, cinemas, breweries, and parks.

Comfort food dominates the city’s culinary scene (after all, it rains here ten months out of the year). Skip the lines in the most-recommended spots and try some of the 500+ food carts scattered around the city, many clustered in so-called pods. You can sample cuisines from all over the world, from Canada to Cambodia, and enjoy your meal watching the streets go by.

When you’ve tired yourself out biking around town to food carts, stop in one of the city’s 70 microbreweries (or 105 if you count the whole metropolitan area). You’re never more than a couple of miles from a brewery. Our current favorites include Breakside, Ex Novo (world’s first nonprofit brewery), and Occidental.

places to visit in the USA seattle washington

Seattle, Washington – Laura of Savored Journeys

Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. For visitors, it has a lot to offer because it checks a lot of boxes. It’s located right on the Puget Sound, so it has water activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, and whale watching. There are many nearby mountains, so it has outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, and camping. It’s a culinary destination with many highly acclaimed restaurants and local foods to try. You absolutely have to try Dungeness crab and Bayswater sweet oysters. And if you’re a wine or beer lover, you’ll find tons of wineries and breweries within a 15-mile drive of downtown.

Getting to Seattle is easy, as there are a major airport and train station. It’s best to stay in the city and visit major sights like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, then take advantage of the entire area on day trips from the city. You can even take the ferry across the Puget Sound to outlying islands and spend the day doing Pacific Northwest things like kayaking and shellfishing.

Not enough? Here’s a list of the fun things to do in Seattle you must not miss, check it out,

places to visit in the USA san francisco

San Francisco, California – Cristina of Chronicles of a Travel Addict

I grew up an hour south of arguably the most beautiful city in the world. It wouldn’t be until I started traveling internationally, however, that I would come to fully appreciate San Francisco. With colorful Victorian homes scattered along its rolling hills, neighborhoods brimming with history, architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge, and a diversity that rivals any larger metropolis, there’s every reason why this coastal city is a must-see in the U.S. There’s an undeniable, tangible energy in San Francisco that has continued to draw people in despite its costliness. Some call it magic.

After having lived there for a couple of years, I think this magic is that San Francisco appeals to most everyone. No matter what you’re into, there’s something to be discovered here: art culture, progressiveness, divine cuisine, technology, an ever-evolving nightlife, and jaw-dropping cityscapes. Perhaps what adds to the charm is that you can delve deep into Chinese traditions, ponder the literary prowess of the Beat Generation, stroll through the old haunts of the Grateful Dead, cruise over to Alcatraz, and hike along the Muir Woods all in one day. So many exciting experiences are located just blocks away from each other.

Getting into San Francisco is simple, with SFO International Airport located in Southern San Francisco. Hop on the BART to head north, and choose from many convenient stops to start exploring: The Embarcadero, Union Square, or the Mission, for example. Since traffic is heavy and parking is limited AND astronomically expensive, I don’t recommend exploring the city by car. Public transportation is fantastic here, and you don’t want to miss riding on one of the original cable cars. While this is California, be prepared for fog, rain, and wind. Don’t forget your camera, jacket, and- most importantly- walking shoes. Have fun, and bring plenty of cash (many places don’t accept cards, and SF is not a budget destination).

If you’d like to learn more about San Francisco or Cristina’s world travels, please visit Chronicles of a Travel Addict.

places to visit in the USA boulder colorado

Boulder, Colorado – Daniel of This is Youth

There’s a saying about Boulder: it’s “twenty-five miles surrounded by reality.” Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on who you talk to. But there’s no denying it — and from the first moment you see the town, sprawling underneath the giant, distinctive rock slabs of the Flatirons, you’ll feel it too — there’s something special about Boulder.

Boulder’s a mix of hard-partying college students, educated professionals, serious outdoors enthusiasts, old hippies, and a growing startup/tech scene. It has the amenities of a big city — great restaurants, smart people, and good cultural opportunities — while also maintaining access to world-class outdoors. You never know who you’re going to run into on the streets of Boulder.

Anyone’s first stop in Boulder should be the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian shopping street in the heart of downtown. Any time of year, expect lots of sun, street performers putting on shows, families out enjoying the day, and plenty of great food on every corner. Stop into a local brewery to sample some of Colorado’s excellent craft beer, or come back at night to experience a taste of Boulder’s thriving nightlife — fueled by the many students who attend the University of Colorado.

Boulder’s also exceptionally close to many amazing outdoor activities. Rock climbers flock to the town to ascend the iconic Flatirons, climb the thousands of roadside routes in Boulder Canyon or test their skills with the longer, harder, and more dangerous climbs in Eldorado Canyon State Park. Skiers can go to nearby Eldora Mountain or drive a few hours to the bigger resorts along the I-70 corridor. Hikers and trail runners can literally walk out of town to onto an extensive network of trails.

No matter who you are, this unique Colorado town is worth seeing. Many, many people like it so much, they never leave.

places to visit in the USA monterey bay

Monterey, California – Priya of Glorious Sunrise

The city of Monterey has tons of delightful things to do and sites to visit. Monterey Bay is a very popular destination in the USA for whale-watching. Monterey Bay Aquarium is the most talked about thing to do in this gorgeous destination. Next in the list are Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row, and of course the annual Monterey Jazz Festival.

I especially loved the Lovers Point Park (with its peculiar trees and rocks) and Beach, Carmel-by-the-sea and the gorgeous 17-mile scenic drive through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Do not miss having coffee at the eponymous bakery at Carmel-by-the-sea, it is absolutely heavenly!!

Monterey is about 120 miles from San Francisco. Taking the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) to reach this city makes the journey infinitely more exciting. Using public transport can be hectic if you plan of visiting a lot of places in this city. Also, if you want to explore beyond the tourist loop, having a car is highly recommended.

The CA-1 is a coast-side drive that takes you through beautiful beaches and locations like the Half Moon Bay, Big Sur, Loma point, and many other absolutely breathtaking scenic spots. So, if you have a few days on your hands, plan to spend time at each of these splendid locations and you will never regret it!

places to visit in the USA boston

Boston, Massachusetts – Amy and Nathan of Two Drifters

Boston, Massachusetts is definitely one of the top places to visit not only in the New England region but in the USA! This is a city of major historical significance, and any history buff must put Boston on their list. You can follow the Freedom Trail throughout downtown to take a walking tour of Boston’s most famous historical spots. This is a great way to get an overview of the history, and you can stop and spend more time at each location. The old architecture will surely have you enchanted. (Beacon Hill is a great place to see classic, beautiful Boston brownstones)

Boston is not only known for fascinating tales of the past, it’s also a very modern city with great shopping (Newbury Street), beloved sports teams (Red Sox, Patriots), and plenty of cultures. You can do traditional activities like taking a Boston Duck tour or viewing Fenway Park, or you can seek out the lesser known spots and find the hidden gems of your own. It’s a big city with something for everyone.

We highly recommend visiting the Old North End for fantastic Italian food. You should also spend an afternoon at the science museum, which is tons of fun for kids and adults!

Boston is served by a major international airport or is a few hours’ drive from points on the northeast such as NYC.

places to visit in the USA las vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada – Luke of Backstreet Nomad

Gambler or not, Las Vegas is an essential stop for any east coast USA vacation. The ridiculous grandeur is no place on earth, where one-upmanship among casinos is a sport that yields billions in revenues and keeps the masses saying “Wow”. The casinos are the star attraction, many of which are a tribute to world monuments and cities, others are steeped in luxury, while some just exist to service the budget traveler.

With so many insane casinos to explore, the list of things to do in Las Vegas might feel endless but start with one of the best views on the Strip: the Eiffel Tower Experience at the Paris Casino. It’s also a great place to watch the Bellagio fountains dance at night. However, my favorite casino is the New York New York, whose colorful skyline replica dominates the southern end of the famous Strip.

Las Vegas offers ample opportunities to shop and even more places to drink, with everything from beer gardens and craft beer pubs, to bouncing night clubs with resident DJs as high profile as Calvin Harris. A trip to Vegas would not be complete without seeing a show. Cirque du Soleil shows are the most popular with at least 8 different shows on at any given time. I’ve seen David Copperfield as well and he is phenomenal.

Lastly, if you fancy getting off the Strip, head to Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street. It is a long, covered pedestrian mall, bounded by historic casinos that swap out LEDs for light bulbs. There’s a zip line overhead, and you can even take a waterslide through a shark tank at the Golden Nugget.

There are so many ways to skin a cat, but the hype of Vegas is real, and for a couple of days you’ll just let the real world float away as you are immersed in the flashing, buzzing fantasyland that is Las Vegas.

places to visit in the USA key west

Key West, Florida – Chris of One Weird Globe

Known for being as far south you can go in the US, the string of islands makes for a great ending (or starting!) place for any Great American Road Trip. Getting there is straightforward: head south on Route 1 from Miami, and stop for gas before you leave the mainland (it’s available but only gets more expensive the further you go).

Yes, it’s a popular tourist destination (what the heck, One Weird Globe?), but hidden amongst the mainstream stuff is a worthy variety of offbeat stuff along the way. Some recommendations:

  • On your way to Key West, you’ll pass Betsy the Lobster. It’s around 40 feet (12.2 meters) long and 30 feet (9.1 meters) tall, and it guards an artist’s village with plenty of local artisans and cozy little shops. Give it 15-20 minutes, and remember your negotiation skills!
  • The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum – start your tour with (or drop what you’re seeing to join) the ‘Tank Talk’ session, held four times a day. The kid-friendly museum offers scavenger hunts and plenty of interactivity, while the adults can enjoy the sheer variety of shells from common to very rare.
  • Key West Cemetery – home to quirky Floridians and their lasting epitaphs. Two of the more famous ones include “I told you I was sick” (Pearl Roberts), and “Good Citizen for 65 of his 108 years” (Thomas Romer). One of my favorites: “His beautiful little spirit was a challenge to love” (Sunny Otto, a Yorkshire terrier),

Ready for more? There’s a guidebook for that: What The Florida has over 90 of Florida’s bizarre, unique, and quirky destinations and is available everywhere e-books are sold.

places to visit in the USA bryce canyon national park utahPhoto shot by Alex Reynolds

Bryce Canyon, Utah – Alex and Sebastiaan of Lost with Purpose

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is the most beautiful park in the United States. The claim will probably upset a few folks, but I’m willing to fight to defend that statement. Bryce Canyon is as beautifully red and (almost as) vast as the Grand Canyon, but unlike the more famous of the two, Bryce Canyon actually has something to look at inside its walls.

See all those spires? The canyon is filled to the brim with those surreal rock formations, called “hoodoos.” Yes, hoodoos. Do you need any more reasons to love Bryce Canyon?

The park is beautiful at any time of year (even winter, the photo is proof), and offers a myriad of hiking trails to suit visitors of any fitness level. I highly recommend spending at least one night around the area, so you can catch sunrise and sunset.

If you’re interested in overnighting it in the canyon, you can get permits to camp inside. If you’d rather have views from above, there are plenty of accommodation options around the canyon. Sunset Point Campground is a great place to pitch your tent or park your car to watch the sunset. If you’d like to stay close to sunrise, Bryce Canyon Lodge is close to Sunrise Point.


Ff you’re interested on other lists I’ve compiled, I have tons of must visit European destinations for you to check out:

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The Best Places to Visit in USA | travel bloggers share their travel experience and recommendations about the places to visit in the United States of America. They also shared some of the best attractions to see, fabulous vacation spots, insider tips and tricks, and more! Check it out or pin it for later!
The Best Places to Visit in USA | travel bloggers share their travel experience and recommendations about the places to visit in the United States of America. They also shared some of the best attractions to see, fabulous vacation spots, insider tips and tricks, and more! Check it out or pin it for later!
The Best Places to Visit in USA | travel bloggers share their travel experience and recommendations about the places to visit in the United States of America. They also shared some of the best attractions to see, fabulous vacation spots, insider tips and tricks, and more! Check it out or pin it for later!

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