Best Day Trips from Abu Dhabi: Sightseeing Tours & Excursions (UAE)

top day trips from abu dhabi uae featured

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Abu Dhabi is one place that offers you all the types of experience you want, from adventure, sports, to history, culture, and the list goes on. Besides the pristine beaches and ample sunshine, you can look forward to the hospitality of the locals.

Abu Dhabi can be termed as a jewel that is undiscovered. Having some information on different day trips from Abu Dhabi can help you enjoy your trip here even better. You have the choice of opting for the boat trips in Abu Dhabi if you are fond of the water.

If you find yourself getting more adventurous than usual, you can take the following day trips from Abu Dhabi to enrich your experience.

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Best Day Trips from Abu Dhabi: Sightseeing Tours & Excursions (UAE)

top day trips from abu dhabi uae dubai night

Dubai sightseeing day trip from Abu Dhabi

This day trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai offers you an insight into the very famous Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world. Besides this, your day trip also includes a visit to the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. You travel in comfort as this trip is in an air-conditioned vehicle.

You can get all the information on the architectural wonders of Dubai and can even shop or lunch at the Dubai Mall. The skyscrapers viewed during this trip are similar to mirages. You need to be aware that the Burj Al Arab is considered to be one of the tallest hotels in the world.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae al-ain al-jahili fort

Day Trip from Abu Dhabi to Al-Ain

Including this day trip on the list of excursions in Abu Dhabi is a ‘must.’ Traveling through the desert to the ‘Garden City’ is altogether a different experience. You visit the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum and also the Al-Ain Museum.

Get a view of the water channels, which are traditional, the falaj, which are in the middle of the oasis palms. You get knowledge about the settlement here in the Bronze Age with the help of the mounds and the ancient tools. Enjoy a buffet at a 4-star hotel to end the trip.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae yas marina

Go on a Beach Getaway trip from Abu Dhabi

Explore the natural beaches which are remote by opting for this day trip from Abu Dhabi. Dolphin Bay is known for its tranquility and peace. The crystal clear water and the white sand are big temptations that can lure you to this beach, away from the hustle-bustle of Abu Dhabi.

A short boat ride is all that is required to get to this beach. The journey starts from Yas Marina and anchors at Dolphin Bay. The umbrellas, deck chairs, and the cooler with the necessary freshwater are all arranged by the skipper. This cruise taken from Abu Dhabi works out one of the best decisions made.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae fujairah beach

Day trip to Fujairah from Abu Dhabi

Fujairah is the place where the mountains meet the sea. Away from the crazy crowds, Fujairah works out an ideal choice when planning a day trip from Abu Dhabi. A bus takes around 4 hours from Abu Dhabi, but you also have the option of driving down, which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. All you can do here is enjoy the water and the beaches.

This place offers opportunities for multiple beach resorts. It can be apt for those who like spending time in the water. You can also get a glimpse of the different sea animals found due to the crystal clear water. This trip takes less than 3 hours.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae ras al khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah works out as one of the most ‘relaxed’ places for day trips from Abu Dhabi. The orange deserts and the Rocky Mountains are enough to tempt those who love exploring different areas. You can enjoy the night bazaars if you intend traveling to this place from Thursday to Saturday.

The water park, which is in accordance to the Antarctica theme, is a notable attraction. The long coastal stretch, along with the lagoons, creeks, and green lagoons, makes this place attractive. Traveling to this magnificent place takes less than 3 hours.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae sunset from jebel hafeet mountain

Jebel Hafeet

Located in Al Ain, Jebel Hafeet is another day trip from Abu Dhabi you can plan. It works out apt as you get a view of one of the tallest mountains in UAE. As it takes only an hour, this works out convenient for most.

Jebel Hafeet is a natural landmark and is an ideal place for spending a day; besides the picnic, you also have the option of cycling here. The mountains make this route unforgettable.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae dubai mall interior

Dubai Mall

Though you find innumerable malls in Abu Dhabi, a visit to the Dubai Mall is apt for all those shopaholics. It is one of the largest shopping malls found worldwide. A day trip from Abu Dhabi to the Dubai Mall is a day well spent with around 1200 retailers to explore.

You can watch the Burj Khalifa from here and also the Fountains Spring, which is famous. Worth the drive, which is around one hour from Abu Dhabi.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae wild wadi water park

Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park offers the visitors a choice of almost 30 rides. It also works out apt for a day trip from Abu Dhabi as you get a view of the Burj Al Arab, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole of UAE. This water park has been around for almost a decade, making it an iconic site.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae zaya nurai island

Zaya Nurai Island

A short boat ride from Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, and the Zaya Nurai Island is another place to list in day trips from Abu Dhabi. Visitors are offered day passes for using the facilities available here.

There is no requirement of spending the night; you can enjoy the pool and beaches throughout the day. It includes the different meals offered. Relaxing is easy on this Island, a short distance from Abu Dhabi.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae desert safari

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Escape the hustle-bustle of the city with this 6-hour trip, which is private to the desert. This day trip from Abu Dhabi includes a camp stay at the Bedouin. Besides the other desert activities, you get an opportunity to enjoy sand-boarding.

Enjoy your buffet under the stars, accompanied by belly dancing. The Bedouin camps are comfortable with royal carpets and pillows that are strewn around. In totality, you get an insight into desert life.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae dubai jumeirah mosque

Go on a Full Day Tour from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Exploring the very well known metropolis, Dubai is comfortable when you opt for this day trip from Abu Dhabi. You get the required comfort as the vehicle used for transportation is fully air-conditioned. You have an opportunity to photoshoot the very famous Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, and more.

You visit the Jumeirah Mosque, which is awe-inspiring. Your lunch is at the Dubai Mall, where you get a full view of the Burj Khalifa. The pick-up and drop are included in this day trip from Abu Dhabi; thus, it tends to be convenient.

top day trips from abu dhabi uae sharjah waterfront


A day trip from Abu Dhabi takes around 2 hours by bus and thus is worth visiting. Sharjah is one place which is not as crowded with tourists, and therefore, you can explore with all the time and pace you require.

The Corniche is one place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee as this place has the best cafes found. You get a view of the Al Majaz Fountain. You can taste the Arabic desserts, and this is apt for all those foodies. Visiting Abu Dhabi is one experience which cannot be forgotten.

Besides the sand experience, you get an insight into the different cultures and traditions of this place, which is impressive. Besides the tall buildings and modern architecture, you can get a taste of the village life. The very name, Abu Dhabi, speaks of adventure and mystery.

The exotic locations accompanied by the different places and of course, the food makes this place a ‘must’ visit one. Abu Dhabi is known for the food culture. You find all types of international cuisine here, which only adds to the reasons for visiting this place.

It is advisable to opt for the local cuisine when you visit Abu Dhabi, as this is equally healthy and delicious. All that is required is a little effort to ensure you make the right choice from the many day trips from Abu Dhabi.

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