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Top 10+ BEST Day Trips from Barcelona (Spain)

Tourists and those traveling for pleasure or even business favor a trip to Barcelona. You can say this is one of the most’ favored’ destinations of many. The weather of this place is one of the first reasons for Barcelona being an ideal choice. It is mild throughout the year; that is, there are no extreme winters or hot summers to bear while traveling to this place or even taking the day trips from Barcelona.

It is located along the coast, and thus you have beaches and more beaches along the north. The main beach of this place is further divided into five beaches, and each of them works out an ideal place to relax.

Those who are interested in architecture can look forward to the many monuments designed and built by the famous Antoni Gaudi. Exhibitions are held very often here as this place is now very cosmopolitan. These exhibitions are more artistic or cultural.

Barcelona is one place which can keep you entertained throughout the day and the night as this has a hectic nightlife, which many tourists prefer. Finally, there is no way to overlook the stadium of the team of FC Barcelona. There is football played throughout the year, and thus the sports lovers can have a gala time.


Top 10+ BEST Day Trips from Barcelona (Spain)

top day trips from barcelona spain girona

Girona and Costa Brava Tour from Barcelona

Enjoy the coast in the totality of the Costa Brava, which is possible with a day trip from Barcelona. You have a chance of discovering the streets and enjoying the countryside. The Pals fortresses can be admired, and the Calella de Palafrugell, which is a fishing village and landscapes of Begus, cannot be overlooked. You can enjoy a swim or probably relax here on the beach.

You can board the vehicle, which is centrally air-conditioned from pick-up point in Barcelona, which is centrally located. The first stop is Girona, which is an ancient city. Your guide offers you all the required information on this city, which has tales that go back to 76 BC.

You also get time to visit the cathedral, which was built in 1038 on the location of a Mosque formerly. You get a glimpse of the solid walls of the Romans which could defend this city from its attackers. Visiting the Girona’s museum, you tend to go back in time.

A visit to Pals works out apt for day trips from Barcelona, which is a small city that grew with the passing of time from the fortress, which is in the center.

Explore the rugged coastline when you head for Palafrugell. Enjoying the waters along with the sand is definitely a luxury.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Barcelona, Spain

top day trips from barcelona spain cadaques


A 10 hour trip to Cadaques works ideal for all those wishing to gain an insight into the life of Salvador Dali. Experience his art by an entertaining time spent in Dali’s world. Get a chance to experience where he lived, and explore Cadaques, a small village where he spent most of his life.

The tour takes you to Figueres, the birthplace of Dali. It is covered by road and takes around 1 and a half hours. The museum has loads of art. You get a chance to explore this totally before departing for your journey to Cadaques.

The drive here is not very tiring, as it takes around 2 hours. It works out an ideal day trip from Barcelona.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Cadaques, Spain

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top day trips from barcelona spain andorra la vella

Andorra la Vella

A tiny country that is wedged between Spain and France, Andorra, is located at a height on the Pyrenees Mountains. The day trip from Barcelona works out comfortably as this takes only about 3 hours.

Most who visit this place are into skiing, but many wish to benefit from the duty-free status.

Besides shopping, this day trip from Barcelona offers you an opportunity for trekking and enjoying the largest spa found in Europe. You can divide your time and enjoy all the excitement of Andorra at an easy pace.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Andorra la Vella, Andorra

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top day trips from barcelona spain montserrat monastery


Montserrat works out as a ‘perfect’ option for a day trip from Barcelona. Besides being easily accessible, Montserrat is that place perfect for hiking or even exploring nature. The cable car can take you higher into the mountains, that is, only if you enjoy heights.

Montserrat owes its name to the rock formations which are jagged. It means ‘serrated’ in Catalan. Besides the fascinating landscape, Montserrat is also well known for the monastery, which dates back to the 10th century. You find around 150 monks here even now.

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top day trips from barcelona spain costa brava tossa de mar

Costa Brava

For that incredible day trip from Barcelona, Costa Brava works out apt due to the coastline. Heading on the highway of the shoreline in the north, you find Blanes. This town is getaway to the Costa Brava coastline. This route is apt during summer.

Within the day trip from Barcelona, one experiences the Tossa de Mar, a fortified town. The landmark of this town is the stunning lighthouse. This town is from where you get a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

With a drive of only 1 hour and 37 minutes, this place is a ‘must’ weekend trip from Barcelona.

top day trips from barcelona spain baga


An experience of Catalonia is what you can look forward to with this day trip from Barcelona. Baga is set in the medieval times, and this historic village is on the border of France and has jagged peaks of Cadi-Moixero Park.

Another monument, the Sant eve’s Church is a majestic building here. It was built in the 14th century. The Plaza Serra Vilaro is the village square is an example of the Catalonian architecture.
Baga is home to only 2200 people and is that perfect day trip from Barcelona.

There are different choices available to visit Baga for a weekend trip from Barcelona. You can take a taxi or even a train. You also have the option of driving down here.

top day trips from barcelona spain priorat la morera de montsant


The Priorat region lies within easy reach of Barcelona. This region has hundreds or more acres of vineyards. The landscape is diverse and picturesque. Whatever season you choose to visit this place, you have ample of wines being produced here.

A day trip from Barcelona to Priorat works out relaxing as you can walk from one vineyard to another and sample all the wine you wish. Driving down to Priorat takes around 2 hours or so.

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top day trips from barcelona spain pyrenees


Racing through the Catalonia countryside is one of the best ways to experience the Pyrenees. The travelers meander through the woodland pathways, medieval villages, and steep slopes on the way to the mountains.

This mountain range of Pyrenees separates Spain from Andorra and is considered as the most picturesque and untouched landscapes in the whole of Europe.

This 3 hours and 44 minutes drive is an apt choice for a day trip from Barcelona.

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top day trips from barcelona spain siurana


Siurana is a beautiful village in the whole of Catalana. It is located in a spot that is across the Siuranna River. A day trip from Barcelona offers a tour of the plantations blanketing the landscape.

Travelers get the knowledge of the total process of production of olive oil during this day trip from Barcelona. You get inside knowledge of not only the harvesting but also the cultivating and extraction and the flower infusion. This day trip is not only enjoyable but also works out educational.

top day trips from barcelona spain tarragona colisum


Experiencing and getting knowledge of the Catalonia history works aptly with this day trip from Barcelona. Travel back in time to the Roman Empire with this trip. You get an opportunity to explore the history of almost 2000 years ago.

Located around 100kms from the south of Barcelona, Tarragona is also known for its sandy beaches and clear waters. The historical center here has been declared a heritage site by the UNESCO. It is home to Roman archeological sites, which are ‘best’ preserved to date.

You get a glimpse of the Roman Forum and discover the remains of the Roman civilization. This day trip from Barcelona takes around an hour to reach.

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top day trips from barcelona spain madrid


Visiting Madrid only for a day is possible when planning a day trip from Barcelona. It is due to the high-speed train available from Barcelona early in the morning. Planning this day trip from Barcelona to Madrid, you need to ensure that you list the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, and the Buen Retiro Park in your ‘must-visit.’

Lunch can be perfect in the Gran Via. It offers you refreshing beer and also the Spanish tapas. Madrid has enough and more of bars and cafes for those who intend to extend this day trip from Barcelona. You can opt for the Port Olimpic Club if your preference is clubs, which are a little upscale.

Shopping is another experience here in Barcelona. You find that this factor of fashion here means innovation and creativity. You see different brands here like Zara, El Delgado, Custo, and also Buil.

Bicycling here is possible from Barcelona. Another activity which is comfortable is walking. There are specific places here that can only be reached if you walk down. For all those sports lovers, you have surfing, kayak, balloon rides, sailing and a lot more.

In short, Barcelona has a unique charm, which makes this place irresistible and a ‘must’ visit.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Madrid, Spain

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