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Europe Holidays: Top 10 Awesome Destinations for Holidays in Europe

Europe is such a vast continent, sharing its boundaries with Asia, the Arctic, Africa, and the Arctic in all directions. You cannot just visit the whole country in a week in Europe. Nevertheless, it is enough for you to explore heaven on earth.

Some of these destinations are hidden gems and less explored in Europe. This way, you can have more time to have the best holidays in Europe and know the local culture and lifestyle.

If you always want to spend a few days in major cities, exploring the less-known places, and sightseeing attractions. You can have the best Europe holidays, which would be more satisfying for you and your wallet.

If you are into the serene views of coastlines, mountains, and lakes, visiting the best holiday destinations, Europe is a great idea that won’t be heavy on your wallet.

This guide will help you to make your trip more relaxed and planned. We have listed some of the best holiday destinations in Europe which are ideal for those who love to explore the unexplored.

Tips on visiting Europe

It is recommended to arrive in a different city and depart from a different city. This way, you can save your stress, time, and money to reach a specific place to catch your flight for a return journey. Suppose you land into London, you can take a train to Paris and then fly directly from there.

When is the best time to visit Europe

Almost every tourist attraction remains crowded in July and August. If you want to see the best view of the Mediterranean beaches and pleasant weather, you may plan to visit during June and September.

If you are into sightseeing for the best holidays around Europe, be sure to visit during April, May, October, and at the beginning of November.

If you love to explore some of the historical attractions in the museums, be sure to visit from December to early March to avoid long queues at the major attractions.

It is especially when you are visiting London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, and Milan. These major cities have plenty of things to explore for having the best holidays around Europe.


Europe Holidays: Top 10 Awesome Destinations for Holidays in Europe

high tatras in slovakia

High Tatras, Slovakia

You can explore something mythical on the landscapes of the High Tatras in Slovakia. It is a lofty kingdom of dipping waterfalls and crooked mountains where some daring beasts patrol snow blankets the landscape and the forests.

Stretched over most parts of Europe, this rugged, wild region is a paradise for brown bears. Therefore, you can easily spot one here. A lot of travel agencies offer adventure tours so visitors can easily trace them along with wolves, lynx and Tatra chamois into the woods.

You can also find a lot of attractions to remain busy with wildlife watching. It is one of the best European holidays for friends. You can climb the summit of the highest peak in Slovakia, the Gerlach (Gerlachovský Štít), which is 2655m high.

Also, you can enjoy the age-old hospitality on the mountain huts (chaty) in the high altitude and boat on Štrbské Pleso, the glacial lake. All in all, you can find everything out there never to come back to land.

Places to visit in Spain Madrid

Madrid, Spain

From the economic downturn across the country to spring back with the renewed vigor, Madrid has styled out. The nightlife here has always been the best in Europe.

It has a range of standing tapas spots, Calle de Ponzano, and the small cocktail joints with their hastag. It is one of the best nighttime streets of the continent.

Well, it is not all about the best experiences for night owls. You can also find a sustainable living of the locals with a vast range of bicycle lanes, pedestrianization, rental plans, new emission standards, And widened footpaths, which have transformed the city.

Thanks to a variety of unique exhibits, even the age-old Museo del Prado has got a new life. Performing art shows and some of the unique displays make it one of the best holidays around Europe for families.

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Cluj Romania

Cluj, Romania

Add Romania’s Cluj to your bucket list if you are planning to visit some affordable holiday destinations or looking for the top activity holidays in Europe. Along with exotic nightlife, this city has a lot of daytime attractions on the exciting nearby towns.

Do not miss the enormous mine, Turda Salt Mine, which was opened in the 1990s for the public. Here, you can have a close view of the vast mining industry of Romania.

The capital of Romania, Bucharest is one of the best destinations, which has garnered a huge tourist crowd over the past couple of years in Europe. It is such a beautiful city, though.

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Chain Bridge on Danube river Budapest Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

If you are having trouble deciding where to visit for the best holidays in Europe, add Budapest to your list. Well, Budapest is not the only reason to visit Hungary – there are also beautiful other cities you can visit outside of Budapest for a day trip.

Though you should visit Budapest, as it is very cheap, also explore Drebecen for a few days. Here, accommodation and food are relatively less expensive as compared to Budapest.

However, Budapest has no competition when it comes to great touring opportunities and serene views. This serene capital is a true gem of Hungary.

You will love the laid-back and quirkiest lifestyle of the capital city. You may want to visit the nearby villages and towns if you are not into visiting capitals. Try out the local dishes and explore their culture over there. Siófok and Eger are some of the best small cities in Europe with great charm and both are accessible from Budapest.

Sicily Italy

Sicily, Italy

If you are planning to spend a week or two by the pool, you should not miss the trip to the island of Sicily in Italy. There are several activities for young and old family members.

Tour operators are offering a villa holiday, which also covers adventure activities like body rafting and river trekking. You can also visit the Mount Etna through a jeep tour.

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The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

It is one of the top ten holidays in Europe for a decade now. It has been on the bucket lists of millions of travelers who visit there every year.

Most of them visit the well-known Golden Circle and Reykjavik. Some of the brave souls can set their course for the west or even the Far East. However, there are still some brave-hearts who head north.

From Hvammstangi in the west to Bakkafjörður located 800km in the east, the Arctic Coast Way has just been found. It covers four islands and 21 villages along the elemental north coast of Iceland.

It is covered with natural wonders like colossal glaciers, thunder-bringing waterfalls, and steaming fumaroles, for which Iceland is well known.

There are plenty of activities like wildlife watching, snow sports, and exploring the wilderness. Overall, you can explore the best of Iceland with fewer crowds.

Bosnia Mortar Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina

The historical region or Hercegovina covers the rest of Bosnia geographically (Bosnia and Herzegovina). When you think of it, you may want to visit the serene Stari Most Bridge. Nevertheless, you may not imagine the crowds who gather to fiddle with the filters each summer to snag the right snap of beautiful stone structure.

This year, you should also visit other attractions in Mostar and Bosnia, such as a historical Austro-Hungarian rail route, which stretches from Mostar to Dubrovnik covering the countryside, and the CIRO cycling trail, which covers some of the top sights in the region.

In the old rustic stations, the accommodations have the opportunities to lock up your bikes en route and explore more. You may hike to the historic hilly village of Lukomir, visit the wind tunnels of Vjetrenica karst. And the streets of age-old Počitelj, where you can have a whole new insight on your trip.

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Bari Italy

Bari, Italy

Bari has always been a jump-off point for the travelers en route to the big hitters of Puglia far south. In its step, it has a spring protruding from the Achilles. Here, you can find a renaissance to explore which took a decade in its construction.

This age-old town sets the rustic tone with upside shop fronts, which are now replaced, by mom-and-pop food joints where elders are seen dishing up orecchiette plates in small piazzas. But there are several cosmetic changes here.

With a lot of cultural spaces reopening like the heritage hotel of Oriente, the ornate theatre of Teatro Piccinni, and the unforgotten playhouse of Teatro Margherita, Bari is a great art space on the stilts. With cleaner beaches, safer streets, and better nightlife, Bari is one of the best places to visit.

Lyon France

Lyon, France

France’s capital, Paris, has always overshadowed Lyon. However, it lacks in big crowds and age-old reputation, Lyon still shares some of the beautiful attractions. It is well known for bistros, legendary bouchons, and boulangeries for the foodies.

Lyon is eventually getting the much-deserved global limelight as the place of birth for French cinema and hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals in July 2019.

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top day trips from amsterdam the netherlands den haag

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It is truly a great city center friendly for both bikers and pedestrians. It is laden with a lot of cool restaurants, cafes, leafy peaks, and museums. 

Known for its relaxed culture, magnificent architecture, and stunning surrounding cities and sceneries – Amsterdam has always been one of the top Europe holidays for a lot of people. 

Also, don’t forget to visit some of the stunning castles around the Netherlands!

Bottom Line

Europe has no lack of tourist destinations for all types of tourists, whether you are into an adventurous getaway, relaxing beach break, or anything like these. We hope you enjoyed this list of top holiday destinations in Europe.

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