Where are you from?

I was born and raised in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines.

How old are you?

A woman don’t reveal her age. I’m 26.

What is your citizenship?

I have Finland’s citizenship.

Are you going to be Filipino again?

Eventually, yes. I’m planning on reapplying for my Filipino citizenship in time. I’m in no hurry.

When did you move to Finland?

I moved to Finland in 2007.

Why did you move to Finland?

I moved here originally for my studies but fell in love with the country, so I decided to stay.

How come you came to Finland to study? Are you rich?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, I came here because my parents can’t send me to universities in Manila. Education is for free here in Finland, yes, even for foreigners.

Are you planning to move back to the Philippines?

Yes, one day. However, my plan of moving back is uncertain.

What is your boyfriend’s nationality?

Lol. He’s Estonian.

He looks like Ansel Elgort!

This is not a question but yeah, I heard this before. Hehe.

Can you help me come to Finland for my studies?

To be honest, there’s nothing more I can do than give you advice on how to apply and the procedure on how to get here. Everything else, you need to take care yourself, i.e financial aid, processing, etc.

Can you help me create a blog?

Please refer to this page link.

I am young but I also want to travel the world, can you help me?

I was in your position once. However, I’d say stay in school and travel locally until you personally can financially support your travels. Travel is an eye-opener and I do suggest that everyone should explore the world but if you’re young and still dependent to your family then wait till you’re independent and earning for yourself.




Whats up with the name?

When I went to Ghent, Belgium I was struck by its beauty and murmured “Its a pretty, wild world.” – mind you; I also have a massive hangover from the crazy NYE in Paris the night before.

Why you blog about other stuff too?

This is a Travel and Lifestyle Journal – my niche is quite big, so I am always open for other topics about travel and lifestyle.

What is your hosting?

I use Siteground 

Where did you learn how to code?

We were taught in school about the basics of coding, but I further enhanced it by simply googling and inspecting other web sites elements – I don’t steal their codes, I just study them. Don’t steal that is bad!

Did you do your logo? 

Yes, I did it mixing traditional and digital techniques. I used mainly Photoshop.

What is your theme?

I use Mindig from Themeforest

Did you design this website?

Yes, I did.

Where did you learn how to use Photoshop?

I don’t recall how I learned it. I think I was playing with Photoshop when I was like thirteen instead of doing my homework. You know the usual stuff.

Is everything in here your original content?

It goes like this, everything is published on certain authorship, therefore, see this list:

Evan Kristine – everything published under this authorship is all original content created by me. I own the rights to the article including the photos.

Pretty Wild World – everything published under this authorship is either a collaboration with other bloggers, an interview series, or sponsored post.

Guest Post – everything published under this authorship are not my ownership. In each article released states the real author’s short bio and proper links to their websites.

Also, if ever I do use other websites or person work, I always make sure to give them full credit.

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