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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit for Halloween in Europe

As you know, Europe is well regarded for having the most romantic and exotic destinations in the world. It has a variety of landscapes on a small geographical boundary. One thing you may not know that some of its romantic cities have dark and gloomy past. There are some areas best suited to visit in Halloween. Europe is the continent of castles, kings, legends, and tales.

Most of the famous landmarks in Europe did not just have rich history and architecture, but also a gloomy and dark past. When Halloween is around the corner, we have found some of the spooky stories across the world and realized that Europe is the best place to explore the tales of ghosts and paranormal activities. So, get ready to celebrate Halloween by putting these haunted places in Europe on your bucket list.


Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit for Halloween in Europe

haunted places in europe to visit this halloween ram inn

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

Welcome to the spookiest B&B in Britain, where alarmed guests had been so horrified that they ended up jumping off the windows. Located in the Wotton-under-Edge village, the Ancient Ram Inn is supposed to be haunted by over 20 specters who tortured the paying guests of this home built in the 12th century.

The Cotswolds cottage was built on the Medieval pagan burial ground, and it was believed to be the home of a child who performed a ritual to sacrifice himself to a devil. It is also haunted by a young girl Rosie. She was a priestess who was killed. The strange things happen here include the ‘electrified’ wooden beams, the scream of a blood-curdling child, and even the feel of a negative force.

haunted places in europe to visit this halloween burg wolfsegg

Burg Wolfsegg, Wolfsegg, Germany

Located in the municipality of Wolfsegg, Germany, Burg Wolfsegg is an 800-year-old castle known for its dark history of haunting. A ghost of “White Woman” makes it one of the most haunted places in Europe. She scares away the visitors who pass through it.

It is rumored that she is the spirit of a lady named “Klara von Helfenstein,” who was killed by her husband as he got to know that she was cheating on him. Wolfsegg also has a large cave which has not been entirely discovered to date. Visitors come across strange noises which arise out of the cave.

haunted places in europe to visit this halloween chateau de brissac

Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

Located in Brissac-Quincé commune in France, Château de Brissac is the castle supposed to be built during the 11th century, and it has a spooky and long-back history. Like other castles in the world, Château de Brissac also has a resident ghost, which is believed to be Green Lady or “la Dame Verte,” who is supposed to be the spirit of a disloyal wife killed by her husband during the 15th century.

She was also the illicit daughter of King Charles VII and Agnes Sorel, who was his mistress. It is believed that only Charlotte’s ghost haunts in this castle and no sightings of Pierre’s spirit have been reported (who may have moved on). The guests claim that she had frightened them when they visited there. The dukes and their families are known to have grown along with her.

She haunts at the tower room of the chapel more often where you might spot her in a green dress, due to which she is called Green Lady. Folks claim that there are holes in ghost’s face instead of her eyes and nose. It shows how she was killed. In the early morning, guests have also heard her moans across the chateau.

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haunted places in europe to visit this halloween tower of london

Tower of London, London, England

London prides itself in rich history which is older than the era of Romans. London has a lot of tales about haunted buildings and murdered spirits. On Drury Lane, each theater has been inhabited by a ghost, and you may also visit some of the haunted pubs. Explore lots of ghastly tales by taking a ghost tour of Europe.

The Tower of London is one of those architectural landmarks which host a long-back history of execution and torture which dates back 900 years ago. Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous ghosts here. She was the wife of King Henry VIII. In 1536, she was beheaded. Today, her headless body has been spotted haunting the corridors of the Tower.

The White Lady is also seen standing in White Tower’s window where she used to stay for her children. Visitors have also spotted the ghosts of two princes who were young and deemed illegitimate and sent to the Tower by Parliament. The Duke of Gloucester, who was their uncle, ordered to kill them. They are also spotted afraid and holding hands.

haunted places in europe to visit this halloween haunted vicarage borgvattnet

The Haunted Vicarage, Borgvattnet, Sweden

This small village has a population of only 50 residents in the northwest Jamtland region in Sweden. It is probably the only place in the world which has the highest number of ghosts. Its vicarage is rumored to be the most haunted place in the Nordic country, since 1876.

In 1927, ghost sighting was first mentioned. Since then, a lot of mysterious sightings have been reported. But the ghouls here still seem to be safe. In most incidents, people only heard the footsteps, rocking chairs and moving furniture overnight. If you are curious yet brave-hearted, it serves as one of the most haunted hotels in Europe today.

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haunted places in europe to visit this halloween akershus festning

Akershus Festning, Norway

It is the best-preserved castle complex and fortress in Norway. You can also discover the history of Oslo to enjoy summers. This fortress has a lot of interesting stories to learn. It is the most prominent prehistoric monument in Norway. This fortress was built around 1300 facing the harbor. It has modern upper floors, dungeons, staterooms, banquet halls, and a chapel which is used to host royal events.

Today, it has 67 buildings and is spread over the area which can cover 14 football fields. It is believed that seven royals had been buried here. But it is still used as a well-known recreational hotspot. The fortress had been attacked by the Swedish eight times, but they failed every time. The architecture of the fortress was so intricate that it was almost impossible for evils to occupy it to the fullest.

Gharshol allegedly buried a living dog at the entrance so its spirit can scare away the intruders. Hence, the dog became a ghost to protect the area. The evil dog “Malcanisen” terrified the soldiers every time they tried to enter. The Vicious Dog was buried on the east of the fortress in Maiden’s Tower. Many visitors claim to sight a woman going back to a Magaretasalen chamber in this castle. She emerges without a face from the dark in full robe.

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haunted places in europe to visit this halloween catacombs paris

The Catacombs, Paris, France

In 1793, the Saint of the Cataphiles went inside the Catacombs of Paris from a convent cellar but never came back. His bones were found 11 years later. Today, his ghost is known to haunt around and blow out the candles. A visitor may easily get lost in these tunnels which are about 3000 km long.

It is supposed to be one of the scariest places in Europe and the largest grave in the world. The Catacombs were opened in the 18th century to decongest the space. The remains of over 6 million people are buried in the underground labyrinth.

Most of the visitors got lost there, and Philibert Aspairt was one of them. He got lost in 1793 and was not found in the catacombs until 1804. Another strange thing is that his bones were found only a few feet from the exit. Visitors often report that they heard ghostly voices from the walls, witnessed spectral lights and mysterious orbs, and were even touched by an invisible force.

haunted places in europe to visit this halloween edinburgh castle

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh houses some of the most haunted and abandoned places in Europe, including spooky graveyards, vaults, pubs, and castles. It is an ultimate hotspot for the tales of horrible monarchs and grave robbers. The White Hart Inn is known as the most haunted pub over there and the oldest in Edinburgh as it was built in 1516.

In recent years, Banshee Labyrinth is known to be one of the most haunted places in Europe, where many visitors witnessed a chilling scream. Many visitors have heard a lot of bumps in the night. It goes without saying that many ghosts have been reported in the castle. Scientists investigated here and found mysterious drumming, orbs, and paranormal activities in 2001. So, it is undoubtedly one of the most haunted castles in Europe.

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haunted places in europe to visit this halloween hoia baciu forest

Hoia Baciu Forest, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Located in the west of Cluj-Napoca city in Romania, Hoia Baciu is the hottest favorite recreation destination and one of the most haunted forests in Europe. A biking park has been added in recent years in the woods, apart from other sports areas, including airsoft, archery, and paintball.

The Hoia forest of Transylvania is regarded as one of the most abandoned places in Europe. A lot of tales have come out about the ghost hunters and the woods, along with the ones who have got a weird sighting on the site. In the mid of the 20th century, a UFO sighting was observed, along with ghostly disappearances, appearances, and various strange things that continuously baffle scientists here. In the middle of the forest, the horrible “Devil’s Heart” is clear of trees.

Here, visitors observe strange things like the failure of their devices, the fear of having someone else watching them, anxiety, nausea, etc.

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haunted places in europe to visit this halloween corvin castle

Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Transylvania

Another ghostly place in Transylvania, the Corvin Castle or Hunyad Castle is the most amazing medieval landmark in Romania. This 15th-century castle was the masterpiece of John Hunyadi, a Hungarian military leader, who built this sky-high landmark over the ruins of Charles I.

It is categorized into three areas – the Diet Hall, the Knight’s Hall, and the curved stairways. These areas are covered by both rectangular and circular towers used both as a prison and for defense. The prisoners were used to be thrown at a bear pit in this prison once they served what they were told to do.

Various legends are making it one of the most abandoned castles in Europe. One of those folklores includes Vlad the Impaler who was trapped in its dungeons due to which he eventually got mad. Though it may not be true, it still seems that the Dracula has been living here.

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