Hello Past meet Present

Photographer: Evan Kristine

Location: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Website: Pretty Wild World (this one)

Hello past meet present. It is quite a wild introduction, is it?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – circa, February of 2013, when past meet present.

Not long after my visit to the Middle East in 2013 I stumbled upon a very interesting young man and one thing he told me got stuck in my thoughts for the past three years,

“I always live in the memories of my past.”

I’m not exactly so sure what he meant by that because I have always been very fond of living in the present. You know, often making the most of my time. However, my previous photojournal entry was about a certain visit back to memory lane I got into thinking, have I also been always living in the past?

In that article, I got a lot of comments from people voicing out their opinion about how great it is to visit the past and to remember the good old times. They are not wrong therefore in the past few days I’ve been in deep thoughts about what I have done in the last years and to be honest, it has been a fun ride so far.

In relation to this article as every blogger will certainly agree to this because I’m just about to tell you the truth about blogging, it is stressful. Yes, that is right. I have been under a lot of stress and pressure to maintain my presence here on the internet, and so far my audience reach is getting better each day and each week but my focus is absolutely for the future. I mean, I don’t even freaking know what is going to happen tomorrow, and I’ve been doing a lot of planning so that my future will be secure in this alternate world of internet that I forget to live in the present! I know I am physically here but the thoughts are far, far, far in the unknown future, and that totally made me take two steps backwards. To reflect. To see the whole as it is. To breathe.

That’s why I decided to visit the past so I can live the present and envision the future clearly.

I did exactly that and at one moment I found the photo above and for some reason, it reflected my exact emotion at that very moment, at this very moment.

You see, five decades ago the whole of United Arab Emirates was a vast desert. Sands and Dunes until the horizon. An empty area for you to see till your eyes wore out. It was dry and hot but a country with history, tales, and its citizens have dreams of one day changing this empty space into something no other nation has done in far less than a century.

Until one day the British found oil which changed the history of this country forever. When they finally had an opportunity to build their nation from the ground, so they did, they built everything and anything you can imagine. It’s people envisioned that this country will be great. It will be one of a kind.

Why did this photo reflect my emotion? Because past meet present. Simple.

In this picture, you can clearly see the past divided by sea to the present, and although future is not in the photograph, you can feel that between the two, it is about to come. Future is just around the corner.

By reflecting my memories, remembering the great times and the bad times, as well the dreams I had and which ones I successfully reached made me realize that the present is far greater than the past and that having a vision of what the future will be is not a bad idea at all.

However, there are chances that there are memories from the past I would love to relieve again. I would like to time travel and be at that precise moment once more, but I know that the chances are slim and even with all the glory and miracle of this world it will never happen so I scratched that idea and just focused on the present. I’ll live each day like how I want to live it so that in the future I’ll look back and say again: it has been a fun ride so far.

So, is that fine young gentleman I met in 2013 stupid for living in the past? Not at all! We all live in the past because, without it, the present would be so dull and quite frankly, the past fuels our deepest desire to be better in the present so that only the future can mock our decisions. You know. Life as it is sometimes! It can be great and be sucky at the same time.


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I aim to showcase some of the great works of other people and share their experience through a significant photograph. Everyone have a story to tell, but sometimes there are no words to express them; however, through photos captured from the photographer’s perspective, that memory and emotions, even though words can’t explain, will hopefully touch the viewers understanding of the photograph – and maybe, even relate to it.

Therefore, Photojournal is all about curating these pictures that have distinctive meaning, not because of its overall artistry, but for its importance to one unique individual.

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