How Does Instagram Inspire Our Next Travel Destination?

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If you’re a travel enthusiast like myself, then you probably have several ways how you decide which city, town, or country to go next. Now, if you’re active on Instagram or other social media, then you’re most likely following some of the best travel Instagrammers and bloggers out there who constantly post beautiful travel pictures that ignite wanderlust.

Instagram is perhaps one of the strongest social media after Facebook that enables people to connect to a stranger’s life by just visiting their profile and checking out their feeds. I mostly follow travel Instagrammers that I find inspiring and often times, I seek inspiration from their feed to find out where to go next.

I’m not going to lie, I do love Instagram for that very reasons but when it comes to my own feed, I’m very particular what goes live. I just don’t post random travel photos just for the sake of updating, each photo I have on my Instagram are planned, edited, and scheduled to be posted. For this reason, I don’t exactly find Instagram as a social media but rather a place where I can curate my photos to how I want it.

I know it is a lot of work but in my defense, I am my worse critic and I am certainly doing it for myself because of my mild over-compulsiveness when it comes to curating photographs, my Instagram is the place where I want them curated with perfection.

That said, running a travel blog alongside my Instagram full-time is never an easy task. Most bloggers I know are a perfectionist and this job is time-consuming no matter how beautiful our websites or our Instagram looks like. A lot of thought and work are put into it and we are always more than glad when you guys appreciate our little space.

If ever you do want to be an Instagrammer or an “Instagram influencer”, it is always good to have a platform your followers can track your stories outside Instagram. For example, having a self-hosted website is always a good idea to have! Imagine if Instagram decides to shut down the whole app, ask yourself this question, what will happen after? How can your followers find you? Having a self-hosted website is your very own platform and only you have the rights to shut it down so as long as you share your stories in your blog, your followers can find you!

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Now, enough with jibber jabber. Enjoy the rest of the article about how Instagram influences us as a generation!

How Does Instagram Inspire Our Next Travel Destination?

breathtaking photos of kerala

Is the travel destination Instagrammable enough (a.k.a is it pretty)?

I stumbled upon a really nice article where Schofield Insurance conducted a study underlying their findings that 40% of Millennials do go on Instagram to find travel inspirations on where to go next.

In the article, where the said company asked over 1,000 adults in the U.K aged between 18 and 33, states that about two-fifths of them responded that Instagram does play a major role when it comes to how they choose their next travel destination.

It is a proven fact that beautiful photographs and picturesque destinations are a deciding factor if the place is worth visiting. Of course, this is not the case all the time, but a lot of people do get the motivation to choose if the place is inclined with something beautiful.

For instance, in Amsterdam, there are tons of beautiful spots which are very Instagrammable and if you search the hashtag #Amsterdam, you’ll see a lot of photos from the same spots. In a way, this is how Instagram works and I think it is a fantastic way to show off the lesser-known travel destinations so people become more adventurous and visit other places, too.

16 European cities with the most stunning architecture design vienna

How popular is the destination?

More and more people are starting to figure out other places to visit other than the usual famous ones such as Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. In my own observation, the number of people who are showing interest in the lesser-known destinations is also on the rise thanks to some of the amazing Instagrammers and bloggers who travel to these places and takes amazing photographs and share them with their viewers.

People are becoming more adventurous and easily inspired by photographs that place like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, and Hungary, for examples, are starting to see a rise in visitors year after year. Of course, the usual popular places will never go out of fashion but my point is, the popularity of the destination is not a huge deciding factor anymore.

To find a new destination to visit, just go to these popular hashtags on Instagram and you’ll find tons of destinations you never thought existed:

  • #beautifuldestinations
  • #travelstoke
  • #exploretocreate
  • #travelbug
  • #visualsoflife
  • #neverstopexploring

Another way to find out is to check the geotag and just browse around and be inspired!

breathtaking photos of kerala

Does the travel destination have a story to tell?

They say that an image represents a thousand words, far greater and stronger than words. It is true, I would say, but not entirely. Despite our generation’s short attention span, there are still a lot of people who are interested in reading our experience about a destination. This is the very reason I have a blog, to tell my story and experiences from traveling the world!

However, not everyone will come to my blog.

This is where Instagram comes very handy because you can always add a short explanation about the destination and your experience traveling there. That said, not a lot of popular Instagrammers have a blog and often times they use Instagram as their tool to tell stories and a lot of them are really inspiring.

Now, how is this a deciding factor? Well, people are keen on interacting with users who engage with them. Telling an eventful story keeps people engaged with me thus they tend to find out more about this specific place they are in. I don’t have to write a novel in the description box but a short valuable information will suffice.

This way, whoever see my photos and read my message will feel inspired and will likely add that destination on their bucket list because not only they find the place beautiful but people will also feel connected because of my engaging tale about their experience in that place.

breathtaking photos of kerala

The Influencers

The travel industry pays a lot of money to promote certain destinations and nowadays, plastering a big poster about a place is not smart marketing (people spend time with their heads down looking at their phones!). Since the evolution of social media, especially Instagram, a lot of people started rising to fame because of their carefully curated accounts that inspire thousands, even millions, of people.

They are called “The Influencers“.

I’m not fond of that term as Casey Neistat once mentioned while I was attending PING Helsinki, where he had a talk, that you can’t be an influencer unless you did something utterly important to influence tons of people.

He’s right, and I vouch 100% on that.

However, let’s face the fact that majority of the people do believe that being an influencer means you’re famous. Plus, they are paid that is why more and more people are eager to grow their accounts to widen their reach (myself included). So, why does the travel industry pay the influencers to promote certain destinations?

Because of you, me, and the millions of people who are interested in traveling.

These influencers are hired to promote certain destinations so that the company or tourism boards can connect their brand to the influencers followers who possibly have the purchasing power to visit the destination in the near future. The number of followers they have is also often the metric as to how big their reach is, the more followers you have the wider reach you can influence.

These travel influencers are no different than us. They are ordinary people who are lucky enough to travel the world and share it with us (and get paid for it). Not to mention, they are easily approachable thus the connection can be somewhat special. These people work hard on what they do and are usually from humble beginnings with an adventurous heart, I respect what they do.


Instagram is a powerful tool not just to find a new destination but also to gather inspiration. It is one of the most used apps as of today and its influence is far greater than one can imagine, not only for traveling but also in other aspects such as lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. You call it, Instagram will surely have it.


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Interested to know how does instagram inspire our next travel destination? It is a powerful app where we can share our finest travel photos to inspire others! Check this post out and let me know if you agree :)
Interested to know how does instagram inspire our next travel destination? It is a powerful app where we can share our finest travel photos to inspire others! Check this post out and let me know if you agree :)
Interested to know how does instagram inspire our next travel destination? It is a powerful app where we can share our finest travel photos to inspire others! Check this post out and let me know if you agree :)


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