The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: How to Earn Remotely and Avoid Going Broke


Do you want to know how to earn remotely as a digital nomad? Read this post now to find out how to continue your travels long-term!

Being able to travel and make a living while traveling is a dream come true to a lot of people, but that dream is also a little too far-fetched for a lot of people as well, and understandably so. You have children, and you have a job, and car note and mortgage traveling the world is not realistic for you right now.

That’s the mindset of people who want to travel for a living but are holding themselves back. If that’s your excuse now, then it’ll be your excuse five months from now too!

You see people all the time on social media living full and thriving lives. One day they’re in Mexico sipping margaritas on the beach, and the next month they’re in Egypt riding camels, you can only wish to live half of that life, right? Lots of people feel the same way. Being dissatisfied with work and being underpaid is one of the biggest reasons why people become digital nomads in the first place. 

They know they can make just as much money, if not more money, traveling the world doing what they love. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Americans are working harder than they ever had in years past and are not seeing a raise that’s reflective of their hard work.

Working as a Digital Nomad: It’s Not Always What It Looks Like

As you envy your friends’ pictures and videos, the first thing that pops in your head is that they must be rich… so you think. It’s logical and understandable to think that because it’s expensive to travel. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of digital nomads aren’t rich at all, nor did they start with a lot of money (even though it may appear that way). What people on the outside looking in fail to realize is that regardless of where you are, people still have to work to make a living. 

A digital nomad might not be in an office environment sitting in front of a computer, but they will be sitting in front of their laptop working in their “office environment” might be a beach. It might look like digital nomads are on vacation all the time, but they’re not.

They’re just only taking advantage of all the opportunities that allow them to make money while traveling. Now the key factor to consider when becoming a digital nomad is that to be a profitable digital nomad; you have to be connected to the internet. 

The internet has made it possible for digital nomads to work smart, not hard. There are even travel apps that help digital nomads find wifi to help them work smarter and not harder. Long gone are the days where you had to work long hours on a farm or at a hostel for accommodations as a digital nomad, you now have the opportunity to do precisely what it is that you love from whatever part of the world you choose. 

Take a look at some of the best jobs for digital nomads that will allow you to live your best travel dreams and earn an income while doing it.

How to Earn Remotely and Avoid Going Broke

How to Earn Remotely and Avoid Going Broke

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, also known as “VAs,” are ideal jobs for digital nomads, and the great thing about it is that clients already expect of you not making any “office visits” because you’re virtual and could be anywhere in the world unbeknownst to them.

As a virtual assistant, you will be taking on business support tasks that allow business owners to put more focus on running their business while you handle the day-to-day operations of the business.

These everyday tasks can be anything from customer service to email management; it truly does depend on the skills you have and the needs of your client.

How to Earn Remotely and Avoid Going Broke
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2. Start Your Own Online Business

One of the best things about starting your own online business is that it’s YOUR online business, meaning you can do with it as you please.

As a digital nomad, this is another excellent way to earn while you travel. Just think about it. You’re already strapped to your laptop, so why not make extra money from it.

When you initially think of what it means to start a business, you’ll probably begin to feel overwhelmed immediately, but it’s not as scary as it may seem if it were, nobody would do it. You would first need to browse available domain names that go with your business name.

Once you have that, you can get to the “nitty-gritty,” so to say, of setting up your store. Just make sure it’s appealing to the eye and user-friendly.

Now, before you start your online business, there are some considerations to factor in. Being that you’re going to be indifferent places the majority of the time, you’re going to face a few challenges that stable online entrepreneurs don’t face, and your biggest issue will be manufacturing and fulfillment. 

As a digital nomad, you’re not going to want to have to tote around all of your products and supplies with you that reason alone is why most digital nomads choose the route of dropshipping as their fulfillment method. Dropshipping takes the hassle out of manufacturing and product development.

Your customers can go to your site and make purchases, and your dropshipper will have the product on hand and ship it out to your customers, allowing you to reap the benefits while swimming with dolphins!

online teaching
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3. Become an Online Teacher

Long gone are the days where teachers had to sit in a classroom to teach their students. If you have the experience as a teacher and the appropriate educational background and licensing, your opportunity to teach online have opened up so many doors. Again, as long as you have internet access, your options are endless.

Many digital nomads will teach ESL (English as a second language). There are lots of companies you can go through, and the requirements vary from company to company, but it’s a great way to earn a safe and steady income.

4.Become an Airbnb Host

Becoming an Airbnb host is probably the laziest way to earn money without lifting a finger. When you first decide to travel full-time, you can either sell your home and take that large lump sum of money, or you can rent it out. Renting it out will give you a consistent flow of money.

Before you embark on your travels, you would do a quick sweep of your home to make sure it’s guest-ready and list it on the site.

You’ll also want to set up a contract with a cleaning company so that they would be able to come in and clean your home after every guest visit to get it ready for the next visitors. If that’s not working smart, nothing is!

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Do you want to have a digital nomad lifestyle? In this post, you'll find jobs that are perfect to become destination independent. #digitalnomad #remotejobs #workonline #entrepreneur #travelblogger


Do you want to have a digital nomad lifestyle? In this post, you'll find jobs that are perfect to become destination independent. #digitalnomad #remotejobs #workonline #entrepreneur #travelblogger


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