How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

Planning to travel but don't know where to get the best hotel prices for your trip? Nustay is going to be your new favorite!
How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

Are you heading for a trip somewhere soon but couldn’t find the most suitable hotel during your stay? Well, if that so, how about this – there’s a new website that matches your likes, desires, and preferences with the best hotels in the area and gives you a large discount.

You’re probably wondering, is this even possible!?

Well, it absolutely is! With over 1.2 million hotels around the world (for reference, have 1.4 million), Nustay is a newly launched members-only hotel booking site that is unlike any other booking website around. It is one of a kind for it doesn’t only match you with the best hotel according to your preferences, but they also work both ways by providing their hotel partners the best guests and this, in my opinion, is a brilliant idea!

Why do I think so? Both get what they want! As a guest, your expectations will be met because you’re matched with a hotel that can give you what you need for the best price available (cheaper even than the hotel’s site), and the hotel will get the clients they modeled their business after. Best of both worlds indeed!

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

Why book with Nustay

Even though Nustay is a newly launched booking website, it is without a doubt on top of its game by keeping the customers in mind by not randomly showing hotels when you’re looking but instead by truly taking your personality in consideration.

As a next-generation hotel booking, Nustay will indeed take your travels to a whole new level by providing such a service you’ll want to use over and over again.

What makes this hotel booking website different from the rest?

Apart from having 1.2 million hotels listed in their database, Nustay is focused on giving its clients a more personalized discount instead of providing the market rates. For example, whilst looking for a hotel in Rome, I’ve come across a hotel suited for my own personal taste for a discounted price of €60 per night, and its market price is over €100 in other hotel booking websites. That’s a huge discount when you compare it and a ton of savings made.

Not to mention, the hotel is also beautiful and close to museums and galleries. I’m interested in checking out. I’ve personally checked other booking sites for the same hotel, and Nustay really does have the best price on the market, so yes, they’ll present you the best options according to your interests.

Is Nustay budget friendly?

First of all, you’ll have to fill up your profile and provide Nustay with your interests, and this way, they can deliver to you the most cost-effective hotels with the most competitive price on the market. Upon registration, and when you become a member, you’ll have the full benefit of receiving the best and largest discounts from your hotel bookings in comparison to other booking websites!

Each price you’ll be shown are all personalized and delivered to you in your best interest. Their algorithm will take your profile into consideration when it comes to connecting you with the hotels that suit your needs best.

Therefore if you’re on a budget, I’m sure they’ll offer you the best hotels that’ll suit your price range.

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

So, how do you save money on your next hotel booking with Nustay?

First of all, there are other considerations to take in mind when you’re booking a hotel such as location, season, and of course, how luxurious is the hotel. So, let me break this down for you quickly:

The hotel’s location

Location does play a big role in hotel prices, but it doesn’t mean you can’t score a fair price! Understand the place you’re visiting and pinpoint the area closest to the attractions and after you’ve done that, you’ll soon realize that the hotels in this area will have the highest prices per night.

So, if you don’t mind going a bit further away from the attractions or the city/town you’re visiting, the hotel prices will slowly go down. Remember that you don’t need to stay exactly where the attractions are! There’s always taxis, public transport, and walking that can take you to places.

High-season vs. low-season

The seasonis also another big part when it comes to hotel prices as this is how they really make money. For instance, we’re heading to Rome in April, and that is about the end of the low-season and the beginning of the peak-season, yet the prices we got for our flights and hotels are reasonable.

If you can avoid the peak-season, that’s great! Not only you’ll encounter fewer crowds during low-season, but there’s also chances you get the best deals as hotels tourism-based based establishments, and companies drop their prices to attract more visitors.

The stars do matter

How luxurious is the hotel (how many stars the hotel have) is probably the most obvious way to understand how expensive an establishment’s per night can be. However, that is not always the case! Some luxury hotels are affordable even for budget travelers, you just really need to find the best deal.

Why you should check prices using Nustay

This is how Nustay plays a great part in your search for the best and most cost-effective hotel in town! By becoming a member, you’ll have the opportunity to use their booking services to find the best-matched hotels for you by matching your preference to the best suitable establishments around the area of your travels. And they will guarantee the lowest price which, as you will see below, is often significantly cheaper than the price offered by other booking sites or the hotel itself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find the best deals in this latest hotel booking platform.

1. Sign up and become a member (by email, Facebook, etc.)

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

2. Complete your profile

Upon signing up, you can go to your account, and you’ll have to complete your profile. This is how Nustay’s algorithm calculates which hotels are best suitable for your liking.

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

3. Look for hotels for your next trip

Once your profile is completed, you can then proceed on booking hotels for your next trip! It is that simple and easy. The best part about this is that the prices are so competitive and they will only present you the best-matched hotels with your preference and budget so you can save money!

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

4. Book your hotel

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

Nustay prices vs. other booking websites

If you’re not bought yet, here’s a comparison between other booking website’s prices for the same hotel and for the same travel dates. I mean, look at the price differences! It is insane!

Here’s a table for comparison between Nustay discounted prices and other major hotel booking websites. The hotels mentioned are all located in Rome whilst researching for establishments to stay at during our stay in April for 2 nights.

 Atlante Star HotelHotel TreviSanta Costanza

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Bookings with Nustay

Without a doubt, Nustay does have the best prices for hotels on the market right now. Just looking at the price differences between booking sites, you can already tell that they know their game and will only provide you the best options for your next trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Nustay right now and save up on your next hotel bookings for your next trip!

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#NustayExplorer #Nustay Planning to travel but don't know where to get the best hotel prices for your trip? Nustay is going to be your new favorite! Imagine finding the perfect hotel in your chosen destination that suits your personality and interest, that is what Nustay is working hard for – to connect you with the right establishments!

DISCLAIMER:As one of the the#NustayExplorers, this post is brought to you in partnership with Nustay, who invited me to review their services and awesome discounts. That said, and as always, all words and conclusion written in this post is all mine.


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  1. What a cool article. It made rethink what am I doing working so hard and never having a cool vacation in a cool place like Nustay, for instance. Gracias for giving your readers a full step by step review on how to get the best prices and bookings in the city. The world is a huge place. We need to get off our asses and start visiting countries ….

  2. Thank you for such a detailed overview of this new hotel booking website. Despite the fact that it is a new website, it already stands out among its competitors. I plan a trip to Europe, and I will definitely use Nustay services. It is nice that you have also indicated a couple of tips how to save money during travelling.

  3. Nustay sounds amazing, they not only consider your preferences and personality to find the hotel that is a better match but also they give you a great discount. It sounds like a perfect deal.

  4. Thanks for this very informative article. It could really be very confusing trying to get a good hotel when going on a business or vacation trip. It is also good to know that nustay is willing to go through all the stress for you to get what suits you. Won’t mind giving nustay a try on my next planned vacation.

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  9. this sounds pretty cool. making a profile and giving you hotels based on your interested and budgets. its worth trying out after reading about it

  10. Very nice tip on Nustay, I hadn’t heard about it. The idea of personalized discount is really interesting and, as you showed, their rates are the best at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

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  12. Thanks for the complete review of Nustay and providing some tips and steps for registering as well providing comparison with other widely used booking sites. I love traveling to places to de-stess from work. It’s good that they are focused on the traveler’s personality and preference in finding a hotel with discounts.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this, Ashley! Hope you find your next hotel stay through Nustay with good deals 🙂

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