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Top 9 Ways on How to Travel the World for Free?

Are you looking for ways to travel the world for free? You’d be surprised to know that there is no secret to it as free travel nowadays is absolutely possible.

In this list, I’m going to tell you nine ways how to get your adventure started. However, be mindful that although I said “free” does not mean you’re not going to spend a single penny during your trip.

All tips I’ll mention in this post will provide you with ways to travel for free, but there are still some aspects you’ll have to pay for like plane tickets to get there, food, and anything you decide in between.

With all that said, it might be misleading to say that you’ll be traveling for free. Still, the whole intention of this post is beyond clickbait but actually provide you alternative ways to travel for free AND spend less money (meaning, you can travel longer).

How to Travel the World for Free


CouchSurfing has been serving budget travelers since 2004 and has successfully maintained its community for a good fifteen years already. I’ve been using CouchSurfing since 2009 and has attended a lot of its events in Vaasa, Helsinki, and Paris and has stayed at several hosts in France, Belgium, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

If you’re not familiar with this travel and social media platform, the whole idea of it is very basic and straightforward. You need a bed, I have a spare bed, you contacted me through the website if you can crash in my spare bed, I agreed, and two days later you’re knocking on my door.

In short, it is a way to find free accommodation all over the world from strangers.

CouchSurfing is one of the ways to travel the world for free and meet fellow likeminded people at the same time.


If you’re fond of farm life and agriculture – WWOOF or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a website where you can connect with organic farmers all over the world and find volunteering opportunities.

The way it works is very simple, you help them around their farm for an X amount of time per day in exchange for food and accommodation.

The best part about WWOOF is that apart from free travel, you also get the opportunity to learn about organic farming. Also, the jobs aren’t tough, and it is easy enough for almost anyone!


Now, if you’re an animal lover, you’d totally enjoy this. TrustedHouseSitters is one of the coolest ways to travel around the world for free, discover new destinations for a longer time, and have a nice free accommodation to stay at for a period of time.

The basic idea of TrustedHouseSitters is that when homeowners with pets decide to travel abroad for some time and can’t find anyone to petsit their animals for that long, they usually post an opportunity over at TrustedHousesitters’ website.

Travelers who are heading to their home location would then send an application, and once all is done-deal, the traveler would then house sit the homeowner’s home and petsit their animals at the same time for free.

This is basically an exchange of service situations, much like WWOOF, but without working at a farm and instead, you’ll be taking care of other people’s pets.


If you have special skills and have something to offer like, for example, teaching English, marketing, Webdesign, and etc. and would like to use these skills to find free travel all over the world. You should look into WorkAway.

WorkAway is much like WWOOF, it is an exchange of service. You basically would work or volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation. This is a really popular way to find opportunities abroad if you’re interested to learn some type of new skill.

Some of the popular gigs you’ll find from WorkAway are mostly hospitality-based (hostels, guesthouses, etc.), farming, building, teaching English, and helping out at family homes.

Workaway is one of the best ways to travel the world for free.

 english teaching

Teach English

Teaching English has been a popular way for travelers for many years now. This is perhaps not the best example of free travel, but it will surely help you travel the world for a long time without worrying about money.

If you’re a native English speaker, you’re in luck because there are a lot of apps and websites who constantly look for English teachers. However, if you’re not a native speaker, you can take a short English teaching course (TELF or IELTS), so you can teach English as a second language.

This is a very popular way to travel and earn money around Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and China as there’s an influx of demand in these countries when it comes to teaching English.


For adventure travelers, hitchhiking is one of the fun ways to travel around the world for free. The idea is simple, you find a highway, stand there with a sign telling drivers where you want to travel, and eventually, someone will stop and drive you there for free.

This is a popular mode of budget travelers transport in the USA and in Europe.

Build your own van

Building vans for a living has been a trend as of late, and people are swapping their homes to a home on wheels.

Building your own van is not exactly free as you’d need to invest both time and money for it, but the return is epic as you won’t pay for rent and home necessities anymore.

In the long run, your accommodation is free, and you get to move wherever and whenever you want!

Volunteer at hostels

When I was traveling around Europe on a budget, I’ve stayed mostly at hostels, and I’ve met a lot of fellow travelers who stay at the hostel for free, but in exchange, they have to work few hours a day for the hostel.

A lot of young travelers do this to save money and as well to stretch their travel budget so they can travel a bit longer.

In order to do this, you can inquire at hostels ahead of time and ask if they need volunteers. Some hostels might take you in right away while it might take some time for others.


There are tiny ways to travel the world for free unless you’re willing to do these work and service exchanges. You’d still need to pay money at some point, and you’ll certainly have to work for things to be “free.”

Nonetheless, travelers have been using the ways mentioned in these posts for years, and some have been endlessly traveling for many years now.

Sometimes we have to stop looking for free stuff and find ways to get it instead. I hope this post helped you!

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