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Islands in Europe: Top 10 Best Island Holidays in Europe to Visit

Europe is a traveler’s delight. It has a lot of different and diverse places to offer. You can expect to find beaches, mountains, cosmopolitan cities and even islands in Europe. The continent is vast, and even a small town in Europe is worth seeing. Thus, it is impossible to cover everything within a limited number of days.

So, if you have a limited number of days and still want to visit Europe, then you must plan to go to an island. There are best islands in Europe to visit which include the tropical Canary Islands to the Faroe Islands. The place offers a lot of different vibes. You can suit your mood and surf, swim or just party at one of the exotic islands in Europe.

The islands in Europe are different and unique because they are coupled with the food, history, and culture of this content. Each island has a spectacular coastline which lures more and more visitors every year.

Tip for visiting the best islands around Europe

If you enjoy water sports, then summer and spring are the best seasons to visit the islands. The water is much more lukewarm during the winter months, and it might get challenging to swim on the coastlines. Although, if you are looking to party and rejuvenate yourself, then you can visit the best islands in Europe at any time of the year.

Apart from that, if you are looking for relaxation, then it is a good idea to visit one island and not club other places with it. In this way, you will be able to seep in the vibe of the site and thoroughly explore a portion of Europe.

Clubbing a lot of places at once will make it a very hectic trip although it is a good idea to include the central city near the island in your itinerary if you are visiting Europe for the first time.


Islands in Europe: Top 10 Best Island Holidays in Europe to Visit

bonifacio cliff corsica island France

Corsica, France

Corsica is known for its mesmerizing beauty and coastline. The sun shines on the dramatic cliffs and coral reefs here. It is a good idea to visit the Calanche de Pianna Cliffs when in Corsica.

This cliff is made out of a stunning red granite. It is a delight to watch this beauty while clicking some great pictures of the cliff. The amazing part about this cliff is that it catches light from the sunlight, which makes it look even more beautiful.

It is a complete delight to drive on the mesmerizing yet stunning roads of Corsica. You can always rent fancy cars and explore the island.

Apart from that, the island also offers many different hiking trails for all the adventure lovers. It is a good idea to visit this place with your romantic partner, as the setting of this island will surely set a mood for you.

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Zakynthos Greece

Zakynthos, Greece

This island is located amidst the Ionian Sea and is one of the best islands of Europe. It is a beautiful island, which has several different beaches. This place is heaven for divers and snorkelers. Even beginners can try this activity here.

Several underwater caves are present on this island, and thus, divers can take advantage of them to see the marine life underwater. Your trip to Zakynthos can be filled with various adventures.

Explorers can also find out about the geological history of the area. The island also has two museums for the history buffs. One is the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, which has several different paintings from the Renaissance period.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Zakynthos, Greece.

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Capri island

Capri, Italy

Capri is a romantic and beautiful place. It is an ideal spot to take a stroll with your loved hand while taking a break in the middle to sip some wine.

It is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Europe from the Roman period. It is the ideal place actually to rejuvenate and relax from your hectic city life.

It has various stunning beaches with clear blue water. The island offers a lot of options to kick back in the sun. You can also choose to Gardens of Augustus, which is a botanical garden. It is a built-in terrace style, and the place overlooks the sea.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Capri, Italy.

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europe bucket list unusual places azores portugal

Azores, Portugal

They are the best islands in Europe. The Azores include nine islands collaboratively. They are all volcanic islands, which are located in the mid-Atlantic region of Europe.

The islands are so fascinating that the geography of the place will surely leave you intrigued. It is a great destination to plan a family trip.

You will find the amazing coastline here with pretty beaches and a view of green vegetation all around. Make sure to visit the Sete Cidades Caldera, which has two lovely lakes that resulted from a volcanic eruption.

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top day trips from santorini greece mykonos chora

Mykonos, Greece

It is a heaven on Earth as it contains a bright blue sea with beautiful white houses. This place has an entirely different feel to it.

You can laze back and click some social media-worthy pictures on this island. It is the perfect place to go and celebrate your honeymoon or even anniversary. It is known for hosting the best parties in Europe.

Apart from that, the island also has a rich culture and heritage that you can explore in the day time. You can visit the statue of Manto Mavrogenous.

She was a female warrior who is celebrated in Greece as she led the Greek Revolution in the 19th century against the Ottoman Empire. It contains various museums for history buffs as well. This one is one of the best islands in Europe.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Mykonos, Greece.


Hvar, Croatia

Hvar has it all from architecture, nature, and even climate. It is the ideal vacation spot. Time slows down near the beaches of Hvar. You can also indulge in some massages and body spa on this island.

Apart from that, it is a good idea to spend some peaceful time at the beach while seeping in the majestic view of nature.

The island also has some top-notch accommodations and resorts to stay in. Apart from that, Hvar has an excellent reputation for hosting some crazy and fun parties. The amalgamation of all of this makes it one of the best islands in Europe to visit.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Hvar, Croatia.

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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is genuinely an exotic island in Europe. It is worth traveling to this place as it is popularly called the party capital of Europe. If you are a party animal, then this is the place for you.

Make sure to plan a trip to Ibiza with your friends, as it will surely be fun with them. A trip to this island can only be described as fun.

Apart from that, Ibiza offers some great views and landscapes. It has some unquestionably stunning spots. You should explore the island on foot in the daytime if you are a nature lover. The water here is clear and blue.

The beaches are so impressive that you can choose to sit anywhere to enjoy the mesmerizing view. Visit the northern side of the island as it has the best scenery, which again makes this one the best island around Europe.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Ibiza, Spain.

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Iceland Northern Lights


Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of not only Europe but also, the world. There are a lot of Warm Islands in Europe but, this is a cold one, and it also lives up to its name.

Although every traveler knows about this place in case you are looking for a reason to visit this island, then it is undoubtedly the Northern lights.

To witness the beauty of Northern lights, you will have to visit this place in winter while to check the midnight sun, and you will have to visit during summer.

Apart from that, the area offers volcanoes, black beaches, ice caves, and even iceberg lagoon. These are things that you usually cannot witness in any other site.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Iceland.

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Malta Gozo Azure Window

Gozo, Malta

It is the second-largest island in Europe. It is sitting in an archipelago, which includes Malta as well. It contains a lot of different beaches as well as small towns. The place is filled with luxury beach resorts, which offer top-notch hospitality.

The tourists find several opportunities for fishing, diving, and even performing other water sports. Make sure to see the Azure Window when in Gozo.

The island is in the interior, and thus, there are fewer sightseeing buses and public transportation options available. It is undoubtedly the best island near Europe.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Gozo, Malta.

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Majorca Port de Soller Spai

Mallorca, Spain

It is one of the best islands in Europe. Travelers indulge in visiting the beaches and sipping on cocktails. However, there are a lot of other things to do on this island.

All the history lovers should visit the Alcudia Old Town, which was a walled city in the 14th century. Now, this town contains a lot of bars and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Mallorca, Spain.

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These were the list of 10 best islands in Europe to visit. Each has its unique element, and thus, you need to decide the kind of holiday you want, to book a trip to one of the islands.

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