Top 10 BEST Lightest Carry On Luggage (2020)


Looking for the best lightest carry on luggage for your travels abroad? We have reviewed the top suitcases you might find interesting!

If you are planning to fly soon, you can save a lot of time and stress with lightweight cabin luggage. There is no need to wait at the baggage counter. You can even reduce the chance of getting your bag lost or stolen, and you can have everything in the overhead compartment.

Top 10 BEST Lightest Carry On Luggage Comparison Chart

Travelpro Platinum Magna 221 x 14 x 9 inchesYES4.2/5CHECK PRICES
Travelpro Crew 11 21" Expandable21 x 14 x 9 inchesYES4.3/5CHECK PRICES
Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Exp Spinner, Black, One Size9 x 14 x 22 inchesYES4.0/5CHECK PRICES
Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch One Size Spinner19 x 14.5 x 9.8 inchesYES4.3/5CHECK PRICES
Raden A22 Carry-on Luggage, Black Matte14 x 9 x 22 inchesYES2.8/5CHECK PRICES
Incase Eo Travel Hardshell Roller, Black, One Size23 x 15 x 8 inchesNO3.7/5CHECK PRICES
It luggage Megalite Fascia 21.5" Expandable Carry-On Spinner Luggage – eBags10.2 x 26.6 x 18.9 inchesYES5.0/5CHECK PRICES
: Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On Softside 20 inch Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels (20in, Black21" x 14" x 7"YES4.4/5CHECK PRICES
Sherpani Ultra Lightweight Carryon Luggage, Hardside Crushproof Suitcase22 x 9 x 14YES5.0/5CHECK PRICES
Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright 21.5, Black21.5 x 14.5 x 8 inchesNO4.2/5CHECK PRICES

A Travel Gear Guide: How to Choose The Lightest Carry On Luggage and What to Consider

Why you should get a carry on luggage?

Over the past few years, the airline industry has become even strict, and we all ended up traveling light. It means we have to reduce our luggage weight or start using a lightweight carry on luggage. Carryon luggage is the term airlines use for that luggage that you can place in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Especially on long flights, you might want something you carry in your luggage like toiletries, iPad, etc. You can have the flexibility of carrying everything within easy access. It is especially great if you have a long wait at the airport.

Do you need a carry on luggage?

You won’t want to spend an additional half while waiting for luggage after a long flight. You have to pick the lightest carry on luggage out of the overhead bin, and you are good to go. You can even walk around without dragging so many loads. Be it a side load, backpack, or lightweight 4 wheel suitcase, a carry on bag will make it easy to wander along at an effortless and faster pace.

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How to choose the best carry on luggage?


When buying the lightest carry on luggage for international travel, the ideal size is 22″, which is the maximum size for most international and domestic airlines. When it comes to expanding the lightest cabin luggage, flight attendants may claim it oversized.

So, it is best to depart when it is zipped up. Usually, the recommended dimension for lightweight cabin case is 9 x 14 x 22 inches, including handle and wheels.


Many travelers are used to going with four wheels. If you choose two-wheeled luggage, you will end up pulling, lugging, and tugging throughout the trip. This way, four-wheeled luggage offers excellent flexibility of pushing it upright while pulling it behind at the same time.

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There are two different options when choosing interiors for the best lightweight carry on luggage. There is a deep compartment in one type of backpack with an outer flap. The second one is a sandwich built where the suitcase is divided into two similar halves. It is up to your choice. In most hotels, luggage racks are made for one compartment. They are not wide enough that can hold both halves.


A carry on luggage will usually have a short handle on top and side one to lift and telescopic handle to both pull and push the luggage. Choose the bags with telescopic handles that are tall enough to pull luggage at cozy arm length when also contracting in the middle.


It is more of a personal choice. You need soft carry on luggage to squeeze in more room and enhance storage. They usually have an outer pocket to store papers. On the other side, hard carry on luggage has a more premium look, and it is sleeker. Be sure to have enough interior pockets.

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Different Types of Carry on Luggage

Hard Shell

There is a great demand for hardshell cases over the past couple of years. Hardshell cases can keep your contents safe and organized from the stress of traveling, and they usually come with four wheels, so they are easy to maneuver.

However, the problem with these cases is that they weigh more because of external material. They also use some more space due to wheels, and they also lack in packing capacity. So, two-wheel hardshell cases have a balance of packing storage and protection.

Hold all

The duffel bag or hold-all is the best bag for many of us. It provides an easy and simple solution to carry your gear for a few days on your long trip. They have a top tug handle and easy to adjust shoulder strap. They come handy when you are going to hop on tour.

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Underseat bags

For international travel, you may be flying with an airline to take an under-seat bag along with the main luggage. They are a bit smaller than standard luggage.

Trolley bags

These are known to be the best cabin bags and are lightweight. They also provide great value for money. It has telescopic handles to match the traveler’s height. They are not meant to stand up. So, you need to hold it up when waiting in the queue.

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Lightest Carry On Lugage

Lightest Carry On Luggage reviews and product descriptions

There are different styles of lightweight checked luggage to choose from, and it is overwhelming. It can be challenging to find the best suitcase on your own. So, you will learn about the lightest carryon luggage to choose from.

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2

It is a high-performance premium quality luggage designed with sturdy material and innovative design. So, it is the best choice for personal trips and business tourists.

It is expandable with self-aligning MagnaTrac wheels for 360o maneuverability whether you are departing or arriving and you can expand it up to 2 inches.

Travelpro Crew 11 21″ Expandable

This expandable spinner from TravelPro Crew is the best choice for professional flight crews for decades.

It features an additional USB port to charge up your USB-powered device from a charger pocket. It is made of ballistic nylon, which is scratch and stain resistant with DuraGuard coating.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Exp Spinner

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic is a reliable and elegant ultra light carry on luggage which spins or rolls on four wheels for 360° maneuverability.

It has CX technology to expand your bag around 25% when you need more packing space.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner

Samsonite is a leading brand with a range of spinner luggage that can easily deal with harshest travel elements.

It has scratch-proof textures with 100% lightest polycarbonate body to make your luggage look elegant always. It provides added capacity as it is easy to expand. It has TSA locks to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Raden A22 Carry-on Luggage

To make your journey stress-free and safer, go with Raden A22 carryon luggage with the most durable and lightest materials.

It has a polyester interior lining with mesh pockets on one side to store your small items. It has double zippered sides to fasten all contents securely even on bumping flights.

Incase Eo Travel Hardshell Roller

This hardshell roller from Incase Eo Travel features a polycarbonate front panel if you want added protection. It has a padded sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro and multiple organizer pockets.

It has a butterfly design on the tech compartment which opens flat for easy and quick airport security checks.

It luggage Megalite Fascia 21.5″

The Fascia 21.5″ 4-piece carry on luggage combines both functionality and style with ease. It has a premium 8-wheel system, which is easy to glide.

It has a wide body to provide a unique look and added capacity. It has a push-button ergonomic handle so you can move around with ease.

Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On Softside 20 inch

This carryon bag is made of Satin Polyester. It has 360-degree spinner wheels for superior maneuverability with tie tapes and fully lined interior to keep your contents organized well when you travel in style and based on reviews this is one of the lightest carryon luggage that you can carry in all your travel trips.

Sherpani Ultra Lightweight Carryon Luggage

Made from ultra weight material, crushproof shell, with expanding zippers and TSA approved lock 360 spinning wheels. It has a compact design to organize all your travel essentials in its separate pockets. It has a zippered compartment, which is even large for your laptop or tablet.

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright 21.5

This Samsonite lightweight carry on luggage expands for added convenience and storage. It has a side carry handles and padded top for comfortable lifting when it is fully packed. It has in-line, smooth skate wheels for easy mobility.

Lightest Carry On Lugage


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