Top 8 Things to do in Lofoten Islands (Norway)


Located in the Arctic Circle, there are many places to visit and things to do in Lofoten Islands you should explore if you decide to visit. Check this post out to learn more about it!

Vestvågøy, Austvågøy, Flakstadøy, and Moskenesøy are four main islands collectively known as Lofoten Islands, including several small islands located closely together and form the one mountain range from afar.

Several rocky islets cover these islands and indented by several fjords and inlets with 1005m long rock walls. There are also 1266m high alpine mountains with snow-capped, steep summits.

The cliffs in Lofoten are an ideal home to seabirds and other wildlife species. Some other attractions are migrating killer whales and other marine species for Lofoten sightseeing.

Tourism plays the leading role in the overall economy of the Lofoten Islands all year round. summer is the peak season as its secluded beaches, and fishing harbors attract kayakers, campers, and sightseers for different activities in Lofoten.

Some other popular things to do in Lofoten are skiing and catching northern lights in winter.

Lofoten is located in the Arctic Circle and still experiences one of the largest higher temperature changes in the world due to its latitude.

This Nordland archipelago in Norway receives warm summers and mild winters due to the Gulf Stream.

Unlike other northerly regions, the weather does not go much extreme here. In this Lofoten travel guide, we will uncover some of the best things to see in Lofoten.


Experiences and top things to do in Lofoten Islands



Largest town in Lofoten, Svolvaer lies on the southernmost coastline of Austvågøy. It is easily accessible by cruise ships and ferries from the mainland.

It is a major fishing port and the best tourist attraction in Lofoten, where many tourists start their adventure. Especially across the harbor with its several bars, cafes, and restaurants, Svolvaer is such a great place.

You should also visit the Lofoten War Museum to check out the collection of artifacts and uniforms in the era of World War II.

If you love climbing, this is another exciting things to do in Lofoten you will be rewarded with a view of a twin-peaked and unusual rock outcrop, Svolvær Goat, which can be seen from the town with serene views. It dares you to perform the well-known “Svolvær Goat leap.”

It also houses Magic Ice, where you can explore its lifestyle in ice sculptures, along with constantly changing the artwork in North Norwegian Artist’s Centre.

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A small fishing village, Kabelvåg, is located in Austvågøy Island, where you can learn the significance of fishing in the Lofoten Islands.

You may visit the Lofoten Museum, where you can see exhibits dated back to 1800s, collection of Nordic boats, history of fishing, and original cabins of fishermen in Lofoten.

You should also visit the Lofoten Aquarium, where you can learn about the marine life of the area, including sea creatures and fish.

Finally, you can end the trip at Vegan Church located north of Trondheim.

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It is accessible from a rocky and steep opening from the straits of Raftsund. It is one of the well-known excursions for the boat tour.

The snow-capped Higravtinder, as well as Trolltinder mountains, are towering atop the fjord rising above Trollfjord.

This mountain lake usually remains frozen and is spread over 3.2km. You can take a bus to Stokmarknes from Svolvor for a day trip and get back by express boat.

You can enjoy watching cruise ships sailing in the summer months.

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Å i Lofoten

Å (pronounced as ‘aw’ and refers to ‘stream’) is the most westerly point where all roads intersect. Along with its breathtaking views, the village on Moskenesøy Island houses the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum.

Some of its exhibits are stone oven bakery and working forge, traditional boats, an old home of a fisherman, and gift shops offering locally made items like cod liver oil produced at the museum.

Later on, you may head to the Lofoten Stockfish Museum devoted to the 1000-year-old and most popular export in Lofoten. It is made of cod, which spawns across the shallow waters in Lofoten.

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Lofotr Viking Museum

Located at Bøstad, the Lofotr Viking Museum lies on Vestvågøy Island. It is an excellent chieftain’s house standing 272 ft., which was rebuilt and dated back to around 500AD.

This is one of the most interesting, things to do in Lofoten. It offers great Viking exhibits as well as short films regarding chieftain’s lifestyle and his family, along with innovative tours and artifacts explored on the site in archaeological digs.

Later on, you may walk through the connected lake and see the samples of vessels used by Vikings.

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Røst Islands

Røst Islands

You can access these pristine islands only by boat. It is around 99 km from the mainland and houses a huge colony of seabirds to explore, including around 3 million puffins.

The high crags of the islands – Storfjell, Nykan, Stavøy, and Vedøy – are house to several rare species like lesser and greater storm petrels due to their remote locations.

The islands are inhabited by a quarter of the seabird population in Norway. It is still worth to explore Røstland by boat.

Built in the year 1887, Skomvær Lighthouse is worth visiting as it is the last Atlantic outpost in Lofoten.

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Also known as one of the most beautiful Lofoten landmarks and beautiful villages in Norway, Reine is a picture-perfect fishing village located on Moskenesøy.

It is a well-regarded tourist attraction that has always been a popular haunt for climbers and painters because of its exotic mountain views and the spectacular fjord.

It offers rewarding views from the high ground above a maelstrom, Moskenesstrømmen, described by Edgar Alan Poe and Jules Verne. It is the world’s one of the strongest whirlpools.

You can take a fantastic boat trip across the Moskenstraumen for close-up views of the maelstrom.

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Explore the Fishing Huts of Rorbuer

Be sure to stay in one of the iconic red fishing huts of Lofoten for a fantastic experience. It is perched high atop the tidal waters in several fishing villages of Lofoten.

Most of these sjøhus have been turned into homestays to explore the landmarks. It was built to offer overnight stay for the visitors and fishermen.

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