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Long Haul Flight Tips: How to Survive Long Flights in Economy

Taking a flight to a new destination should be very exciting. But the long trip can eventually drain the positive vibe. Even for experienced fliers, long haul flights are not something that you look forward to. This can bring bouts of boredom, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and agitation that escalates to stress while you are flying in the air.

Traveling on a plane in itself already poses a tremendous amount of strain on your body. It turns out that you can be comfortable if you follow a few long haul flight tips.

So, how do you stay comfortable despite spending several hours on a flight? Packing the right items is a plus to conquer the trip and keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

To survive your long haul flight, these are the items that you need to pack in your carry-on. While not guaranteed to make your flights more comfortable, they can at least make it bearable. Be sure to take note of each and consider our best tips to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Note: If you’re a traveling family and is wondering what would be the best item you can bring to survive long haul flights, you can bring a travel crib for your little one.


Here are more useful travel tips for you:

Long Haul Flight Tips: How to Survive Long Flights in Economy

comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothing

This might seem like an obvious tip, but a lot of flyers still overlook it. Eventually, this can impact how comfortable you are during flight. Don’t just wear any clothing during your flight – find your most comfortable outfit. As one of the most proven long haul flight tips and tricks, you can apply this on your next flight.

Consider wearing something that you’ve worn in a previous flight. This will enable you to gauge if your choice of outfit is as comfortable as it ought to be. Think about sitting and trying to sleep for 10 to 15 hours. Make sure that you wear something conducive to that.

If you have no idea what would be a great choice for a long flight, think of the “comfy chic” dress code. Choose pieces that are neutral and loose-fitting. This will help you stay cozy during your trip.

It is also recommended that you pack compression socks during your flight. Usually, your feet might swell during a long flight. Thus, wearing compression socks will reduce the risk of blood clots and prevent swelling.

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Bring a scarf with you to keep you snug and warm

A scarf is a multi-purpose item to have that makes it one of the most valuable items to pack for a long haul flight. The scarf can be used as a layering item for your clothing. You can also use it as a blanket when you need extra warmth. More often than not, you can experience cabin chills, especially during late-night flights.

When all else fails, the scarf can serve as an extra pillow – fold your scarf. As a bonus, the scarf can be used as a stylish accessory as part of your travel outfit. But during your flight, every little thing that can add to your comfort is a savior.

travel pillow

Bring a travel pillow

A good travel pillow can save the day! It is one of the best tricks on how to survive long flights in the economy. The best way to pass the time during a long haul flight is to catch up on sleep. If there is nothing else to do, then you might as well use that time to get some rest, so you are energized when you arrive at your destination.

A neck travel pillow can help you doze off much faster because it can keep you rested and comfortable. Choose a travel pillow that is made with memory foam. This helps to ensure that the pillow is soft enough and will conform to your shape (rather than the other way around). It might cost you a little more, but that investment can go a long way.

Learn more about the best travel pillows out there – read this post.

eye mask and ear plug

Bring an eye mask and earplugs

Aside from a good quality travel pillow, an eye mask and earplugs are also among your in-flight essentials. No long haul flight tips would be complete without recommending that you pack these essentials.

An eye mask helps you get to sleep even with the bright lights inside the cabin. Also, if the cabin is dimmed, some people might find it difficult to sleep when there is light. An eye mask will keep you from getting distracted by the lights so you can get your much-needed sleep.

Aside from an eye mask, it is also important to pack earplugs. Like you, other passengers on your flight are also doing their best on how to pass the time on a long flight. Make sure you are not disturbed on your sleep by these noises when you wear earplugs.

It is a great tool to eliminate the noise and help you go to sleep faster. Even the ambient noise inside the cabin can be distracting for most people.

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Best Travel Cable Organizer

Charge all your gadgets full

When you are on a long flight, you are always looking for fun things to do on a long flight. Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, or e-book readers are a savior! They can provide you with limitless entertainment in the form of e-books, movies, music, and games.

The worst thing that could happen is for you to run out of batteries on your device in the middle of your flight. With 6-8 hours left to waste until you land, you might be left to worry about what else you are going to do with the rest of your flight!

Make sure that all of your gadgets are fully charged right before you board your flight. If not, always carry an extra set of batteries or power bank. That way, you will be able to recharge your batteries so you can enjoy your in-flight entertainment without disruption.

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Inflight snacks

Take your snacks

There is nothing worse than feeling hungry during flight and having nothing to eat. When you are embarking on a 15+ hours flight, you need to be prepared with some snacks. Opt for light snacks so you can stay full without overfeeding.

The idea is to keep your tummy filled with the right amount of food and a healthy snack until your flight is over. Unless you have pre-booked your meal, it would be impractical to buy your food in-flight as they can be very expensive.


Bring your headphones

People usually listen to music, play games on your mobile device, or watch a movie, there are a lot of things you can do to stay occupied. The only problem is that it might be distracting to the people sitting next to you on the plane.

Bringing your headphones ensures that you won’t be able to be a distraction to other passengers. Some airlines provide headphones on your seat’s back pocket. The only problem is that most of these are low-quality headphones.

With low-quality headphones, it would be impossible to hear over the roaring engine or that child wailing behind you. Pack good quality headphones with noise-canceling capabilities. This is one way to ensure that you can make the most of the in-flight movies that you had prepared beforehand.


Bring a good book or your kindle

Is there any book/s that you had meant to catch up on? Reading a book is another way to stay occupied during your flight, or to keep your mind distracted for hours. For good measure, bring 2-3 books, so you have enough to choose from. Another option is to bring your Kindle or any e-book reader.

Stay hydrated

This is one of the most important long haul flight tips to keep in mind – always stay hydrated. You will notice that your skin and throat are drier than usual when you are inside the plane. The reason for this is because of the pressure inside the cabin. The longer your flight is, the more water you should be drinking.

Dehydration is a real threat when you are taking a long-haul flight. It is also the most common cause of jet lag. You must drink plenty of water during your flight. Ideally, you need to consume 8 ounces of water per hour that you are on a flight.

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Bring a face mist

A face mist is an essential beauty item to pack on your long haul trip. As mentioned above, the air inside the cabin can cause your skin to become extremely dry. As a result, your skin feels dehydrated and dull. A good face mist is what you need to revive your skin, giving it extra moisture. It is also a good trick, so you feel fresh all the time!

Reserve a good seat

This is when you should make good use of your frequent flyer miles if you have them. If not, book your flight ahead of time so you can get a discount. This will enable you to reserve a good seat – ideally one that has spacious legroom and in your preferred area (aisle or window seat). A lot of airlines offer perks to frequent flyers, such as the opportunity to book front cabin seats.

Do not under the difference that a good seat can make to survive long-haul flights. The slight inconvenience that you would normally bear on regular flights is magnified during long flights. But finding a good seat will help to ensure that you can be as comfortable as can be throughout the flight.

Walk around from time to time to stretch your legs

Sitting on your chair for several hours can make your legs feel numb. Make sure you get up out of your seat from time to time. Even going to the restroom is good to get your blood flowing, especially in your lower extremities. Aside from walking around, make sure to stretch your legs and back, too.

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