Löyly Helsinki – The Trendiest Eco-Friendly Sauna in Helsinki (Finland)


The latest addition to Helsinki's growing trend of making public sauna an urban culture, Löyly Helsinki is the latest gem in this infamous capital.

True, its name hints at what you’re in for: löyly is the Finnish word for steam made by water hitting hot wood or stone. But sauna is only a fraction of the experience at this burgeoning “urban oasis,” which is less than 2km away from Helsinki’s city center.

As one of several building projects in Helsinki’s Hernesaari district, Löyly aims to redefine the city’s old industrial district – and the typical sauna experience – for Finland’s rapidly growing tourist population.

Along those lines, Löyly represents a larger effort to make Finnish traditions more vibrant and relevant to the life of a rapidly globalizing country. You’ll notice this fusion of old and new in the building’s sleek wooden exterior, cleverly designed to maintain privacy while offering breathtaking views of the city and ocean.

The sauna‘s bathing policy also lends an update to this age-old practice. People of all genders sauna together, effectively dragging this pastime out of its males-only past. (This means you’ll have to wear a bathing suit while using the facilities.)

And it’s inspired the offerings you’ll find at Löyly’s self-service restaurant. Perfect after relaxing in the spa area, the restaurant mixes contemporary fusions with updates on Scandinavian classics.

Be sure to visit Löyly’s website before you plan a visit; both the sauna and the restaurant require prior reservations (except in the summertime, when you can dine without reserving a table). Whether you’d like to bring a significant other, the whole family, a large group, or just yourself, you’ll appreciate the chance to get a new lease on a time-honored experience.

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Address: Hernesaarenranta 4, 10050, Helsinki

Email:+358 9 6128 6550

Phone number: [email protected]

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