Top 8 BEST National Parks in Norway


Are you looking forward to exploring some of the best National Parks in Norway? Here is a list of some of the spectacular parks you can visit!

Norway is a place composed of spectacular and picturesque landscapes filled with unparalleled charm. It is a place that radiates serenity, has a small population, and is furnished with incredible natural resources.

For all the peace and nature lovers out there, this place is a fusion of immaculate surroundings and forests. One can get the best experience amongst the captivating mountains, enthralling rivers, and fantastic flora and fauna to explore.

Beauty gets a new definition through national parks. The conversation of the beautiful nature and its resources is best achieved through the national parks.

Norway National parks are the best place to explore all the beautiful elements of life and understand them intimately.

It is also home to some of the best national parks in the world, which are some must-visit places for travelers. With an affluence of nature’s marvels parade, here is a list of some of the fantastic national parks in Norway.

Top 8 BEST National Parks in Norway

Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park is situated in Vestland county, Norway, and was started by Queen Sonja on the 14th of May 2005. Folgefonna is the third largest ice- cap of Norway spread across an area of 168 kilometers. There are three main glaciers significant to this place and with a fantastic thickness that can reach up to 400 meters.

Folgefonna literally translates to a “mass of snow.” This place is filled with vibrant flora and fauna with a view of enchanting mountains, rivers, and landscapes.

In Folgefonna, tourists can go for a fantastic walk. Some of the recommended trails include the hike up Bondushdalen valley, the pilgrim’s way, and many other walks to the famous mountains and lakes of the region. After a long walk, there are particular self- service cabins where tourists can rest and enjoy amidst the beautiful milieu.

For an adventurous trip, this national park is one of the best in Norway. There is no such entry fee involved, although the price for one-day walk trips and accommodation is available online.

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Jotunheimen National Park
Bildet er tatt av Geir Ormseth fra Pixabay

Jotunheimen National Park

The name Jotunheimen means “The Giant’s home.” The name derived from the mythological Norwegian history. Jotunheimen is a magical place with spell bounding landscapes, mountains, and nature.

Jotunheimen National Park is home to about 250 mountain peaks, which are all almost 2000 meters high. Galdhopiggen, 2469 meters high, is also a primary source of attraction here.

Tourists get a mirage of opportunities to experience adventure tourism at its best through hiking, climbing, biking, and skiing. People can spend the night in the park in various cabins and logs and enjoy a bonfire in the night.

One can enjoy exploring the numerous species of animals and plants in the pristine wilderness. You can also enjoy horse- trekking and dog- sledding here. Jotunheimen is a paradise of snow, and hiking is one of the most coveted actives of this place. No such entry fee is applied here.

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Hardangervidda National Park
Annabel / CC BY-SA

Hardangervidda National Park

Spread across a land area of about 3422 square kilometers, Hardengervidda is the largest national park in Norway. It was established in the year 1981. It is one of the best and most famous National parks in Norway.

Hardangervidda National Park offers fantastic opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, trekking, and other recreational activities. It has broad trails for winter skiing and summer treks and hikes.

This enormous national park is spread across Telemark, Buskerud, and Hordaland counties in Norway. There is no such entrance fee to get inside the national park. Still, if you want to go fishing or hunting inside Hardengervidda, you need to buy official permits.

Most of the area here is privately owned. These permits for fishing and other activities can be purchased from tourist information offices, cabins, hotels, and lodges.

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 Åmotan Wasserfall, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella-Nationa lpark
via Wikimedia Commons|Spirobranchus

Dovrefjell- Sunndalsfjella National Park

This national park is equipped with a variety of landscapes, incredible natural and scenic beauty. The cultural heritage of this place is also prosperous and influential.

It has waterfalls, alpine forests, and even mountains and dry climate in the eastern part. Such a variation provides the tourist with many options to enjoy and discover the place of getting a lot of different experience.

The greatest asset of this place is the ecosystem, and people can catch the sight of some amazing creatures such as reindeers, arctic foxes, wolves, ravens, and golden eagles.

The place does not allow one to travel in a vehicle. People can go for walks and treks, but anything that might endanger or disturb the surroundings is prohibited.

camping at this place is allowed. One can set up a tent anywhere but needs to make sure that they thoroughly tidy up the site before they leave. Hunting and fishing are permitted if one has a license. No entry fee to the park is applied, and various necessities, amenities, and accommodation are available inside the park.

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Rago National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Fukejs

Rago National Park

Rago National Park was established on the 22nd of January 1971 and is spread across a land area or about 171 kilometers. It is one of the lesser-known Norway National Park, but that does not diminish its immense charm.

It is located at the border of Sweden in the north part of the country. This place is incredible for a trek or hikes with nature at its raw glory.

Numerous waterfalls, brooks, mountains, rugged terrain, and wildlife make this place perfect for a trip. Tourists usually visit here for a hike. People can set up camps here.

The hiking experience here is definitely one of the best. To access this place, people can come to their vehicles or even public transport. There is no entry fee involved in the whole procedure.

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Jostedalsbreen National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Holger Uwe Schmitt

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park’s main attraction is the Jostedalsbreen glacier, which occupies an extensive part of this park. This glacier is also disputedly the largest in mainland Europe. Like a majority of national parks, this park is also famous for its exclusive fauna and flora, vegetation, and wildlife.

Hiking is a common practice of this place, and people have a unique hiking experience here. Within a short span of distance, the difference between the climatic conditions is quite significant. People can altogether get a different hiking weather experience in a short-range.

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Rondane National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|melenama

Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park is one of the earliest national parks in Norway established in 1962 on the 21st of December. Rondeslottet is the highest peak of this region, with a height of about 2178 meters. It is a high mountain area. The climate of the place is moderate but has very little to no rain, so the place is relatively drier.

This park emerged after about ten years of planning to protect the animals, birds, and other creatures and vegetation of the region. In the year 2003, this park was expanded. Visitors to Rondane National Park are free to set up their camps and conduct hikes to various areas. Again, fishing and hunting can be practiced, but only with a legal license.

Also, there are numerous service cabins situated all around the park, which provides assistance to tourists. Skiing and hiking trails are also marked by the regulatory authorities and sometimes the hotels and other establishments in the area. No such entry fee is applied here.

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Femundsmarka National Park
via pxfuel

Femundsmarka National Park

If you are looking towards finding a raw, untouched beauty of nature, then Femundsmarka National Park is one such place. For canoeing and fishing, this place is perfect. It is selected as one of the three best hiking places in Norway. This place is best for people who want to feel oneness with nature. Away from the mundane chaos, this place is full of gorgeous lakes and valleys.

It is also one of the lesser-known places in Norway but is an excellent hub for adventure tourists. If someone is tired of their bustling work-life, they can take a break and enjoy a refreshing hike to this place. Nature at its best and most natural form is present here. Camping is available, and no entry fee is charged to enter this park.

Accommodation facilities can also be availed, and this place offers an amazing opportunity for couples to get in touch with nature and establish a better relationship with each other in this beautiful course.

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National parks are built with the sole purpose of conservation and protection of the natural elements like the glaciers, associated flora and fauna, lakes, and vegetation in mind.

Also, these are the best places to observe nature carefully without the involvement of any technical facilities. The cultural heritage or any site is its greatest asset, and national parks promote their longevity and flourishment.

Norway is a place that contains forty-seven national parks. All Norway National Parks are filled with infinite beauty and adventure, making them an excellent place for the tourists. All the nature enthusiasts highly endorse the national parks of Norway and regularly visit as the experience here is incomparable.

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