Parisian New Years Eve of 2012 and The After Effect 3

Young and maybe stupid but always a little bit wiser one year after another… Maybe.

➳ Photographer: Evan Kristine

➳ Location: Ghent, Belgium

Website: Pretty, Wild World (this one)

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➳ The after effect of the Parisian New Years Eve of 2012

Ghent, Belgium – circa January of 2013, an eventful start of a new year. The summer before, my friend and I decided to travel together covering few cities in Europe, starting from Paris and ending our journey in Amsterdam (of course). We’re both travellers by heart and with the history we had, our friendship is odd – but we got along, nevertheless. He’s a great travel companion.

“Let’s go to Paris”, he said.

“Yes!”, I replied.

Both under the age of twenty-six, we abused the young discount fare of the intercontinental train between big cities and of we go. Young, wild and sometimes stupid. Sums up our generation, I thought. You only live once; I reminded myself.

“Let’s go CouchSurfing!” I suggested.

I was not broke but its the thrill that keeps a person alive and so we slept on strangers home. Why? Because why not. Absurd? I’d think so thirty years from now. But not when you are twenty-three.

Ghent was marvelous. It’s beauty beyond words. Ghent was a feast for the eyes. It is where the idea of roaming the world started – ironic enough, with a hang-over. It is a pretty, wild world indeed.

The Parisian New Years Eve comes with an after effect, it was an experience – alcohol the next day makes you realize the life you have. Maybe bad, maybe good. Nevertheless, wonderful memories are never forgotten. If ever you intend to visit this marvelous city, here are practical tips for visiting Paris.

Photo was taken using Diana Mini 35mm Toy Camera with Flash

Parisian New Years Eve of 2012 and The After Effect[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”20″ border_color=”#CDCDCD” animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” animate=”” ]WHAT IS PHOTOJOURNAL ALL ABOUT[/box_title]

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