Ferry Travel Tips: How to Travel on a Ferry Between Zamboanga to Dumaguete (The Philippines)


Are you planning to travel between Zamboanga and Dumaguete? Read our ferry travel tips on how to do it!

If you are looking to travel between Dumaguete and Zamboanga, the only way to currently get between the two islands is by ferry. While the islands are only 177 km apart as the crow flies when you are looking on a map, the ferry trip is about 700 km because you have to go around many islands to get there. This Zamboanga to Dumaguete ferry trip will take about fourteen hours to get between the islands.

While this is a good part of your day, it is worth it if you are going to spend multiple days in the beautiful city of Dumaguete. In addition, there are four different ferry departures from Zamboanga to Dumaguete per day. This means you can choose the ferry that best suits your needs and your travel plans.


Ferry Travel Tips: How to Travel on a Ferry Between Zamboanga to Dumaguete (The Philippines)

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Zamboanga is a very urban city in the Philippines. It is the third-largest city in the Philippines by land mass and has the 6th largest population of any Filipino city. It was founded in 1635 and became a chartered city in 1936. It is known for its sardine production as 11 of the 12 Filipino sardine companies are located in Zamboanga. Also, they produce much of the World’s carrageenan and seaweed.

Zamboanga is also known for its beautiful beaches. One of the most notable beaches in the Pink Sand Beach of santa Cruz. It was voted one of the World’s 21 Best Beaches in 2018 by National Geographic and is a great tourist attraction to visit on your trip.

Dumaguete is a beautiful city located in the Central Visayas region. It is on an island north of Zamboanga towards the central region of the Philippines. Dumaguete is a very clean city, which is ideal if you are traveling from one of the larger cities in the Philippines that are known for their pollution. It became a city in 1948 and is voted one of the best places to retire in the Philippines.

Dumaguete is home to many malls, shops, and restaurants to give you plenty of things to do while you are on the island. If you want to get out in nature and see what the landscape has to offer, you can enjoy one of the many gardens, walking paths, parks, and palm groves that are in Dumaguete. 

Booking Your Ticket

When booking your ticket, you need to take into consideration the Zamboanga to Dumaguete ferry fare. The average Zamboanga to Dumaguete ferry fare is around $47. However, this varies based on the type of ticket you want to purchase. There are many different traveling options for you to choose from when selecting the right Zamboanga to Dumaguete ferry fare for you. The more expensive the fare, the nicer your trip will be.

If you are trying to save your money for the things to do in Dumaguete and do not care as much about travel luxuries than the cheaper Zamboanga to Dumaguete ferry fare will be right for you. It is important to book your tickets in advance to make sure you get a seat on the ferry of your choice for the best price. 

Zamboanga City


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