5 Tips to Help You Reduce the Chances of Losing Your Luggage


Are you flying soon with your valuables and is afraid of losing your luggage? Check this post out on how to avoid this!

Traveling is stressful as it is, the last thing you want on your travels is to lose your luggage. Lost luggage leaves you feeling handicapped, after all, how will you survive on your journeys without clothes and other important things you specifically packed for it? While you can’t control the loss of luggage by an airline, you can protect yourself in case of lost luggage.

5 Tips to Help You Reduce the Chances of Losing Your Luggage

Travel insurance

Travel insurance does more than provide you with medical coverage on your holiday. As a Canadian traveling to another province or country, you want to protect your luggage with travel insurance Canada. The insurance plan will cover lost luggage, and you will be compensated for your loss, so there is no additional “salt to the wound” with you having to spend your own money to buy clothes and other essentials on your trip.

Microchip luggage tag

Most airlines lose luggage due to the luggage tag tearing off. You can avoid this by buying your own tag which has a microchip. Many brands offer such tags like Dynotags, which can be read and tagged by airlines. These are securely placed on your luggage, so they don’t tear-off easily, and your luggage gets to the destination it needs to, with you.

Another solution for ripped tags is to keep your itinerary in your luggage. Airlines can access it, in case of the tag tearing off, and know who the luggage belongs to and where to send it.

Check-in early

Getting to the airport early and checking-in your luggage ensures that your luggage is processed properly. There are many times that airline personnel may print the wrong tag due to numerous flights leaving at the same time. There is also the case of you just losing sight of your luggage and someone picking it up due to all the hustle and bustle.

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Write your information on the name tag

Most passengers ignore the name tag attached to their luggage. By ignore, we mean they don’t put in their name, address, and contact information. In case of lost luggage, the name tag can play a vital role in you getting your luggage back. Which is why you must fill the tag out.

Protect your luggage with a TSA-approved lock

Now, this may not protect your luggage from getting lost, but it can protect everything you have inside from being stolen, in case of lost luggage. There are some cases when lost luggage is returned, you want to make sure all your packed items are too. A TSA-approved lock will enable you to lock your luggage and keep the items inside safe.

Ensuring your luggage reaches your destination is part of traveling stress-free. While you can’t be certain that the luggage won’t be displaced by the airline, you can prepare for such occurrence on your end. This way if and when the luggage is recovered, it can reach you while on your trip. Otherwise, the insurance will have any additional expense you incur covered due to your lost luggage.

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His dream is to inspire and inform those who wish to travel by including his personal experiences and professional knowledge in each piece he writes.

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